Creative ideas for a small kitchen - an impressive selection

Boxes for small items

Properly organized space for small things - the guarantee of space saving

A lot of apartments in our country have one common drawback - small kitchens. Often the architecture of the room even more complicates the task of its design, and a small area is added low ceilings, elongated shape and other features. Fortunately, with these shortcomings, modern designers and furniture manufacturers are ready to work competently, and a lot of ready-made solutions come to the aid of those who want to make their kitchen cozy and comfortable. Practicality and beauty in this case can be combined, and this is easy to verify.

One of the important moments in creating a roomy headset is the use of angular space. Retractable structures look from the facade classically, but at the same time give full access to the desired zone. The cabinets of the upper part of the set often open vertically upwards, which also helps to save space for movement.

To create the desired visual effect, the conciseness of the decor is a priority, since smooth surfaces and a homogeneous texture of materials do not "eat up" the room volumes, and make the furniture care more simple. Accessories for such arrangement of the basic items of the furniture kit are not cheap, but the price in this case is better to be reduced due to the material and complexity of the facades, choosing the practicality and comfort of a well thought out kitchen structure.

Original corner drawers

Visually the facades can look absolutely classic, but behind them are very interesting solutions

Upper mezzanine with vertical door

If the upper level of the cabinets has doors that open vertically, then a lot of space is released in the room

Extendable corner shelves

The angular space should be used with maximum efficiency in a small kitchen