Spice storage in the kitchen (30 ideas)

Where can we find a place to store everything and everything in its place? This question excruciates all housewives without exception, probably, since the kitchens appeared in the world. As a rule, people believe that to store a large number of items you need to have a lot of free space, but it's not. The key to convenient storage of numerous sachets and jars with different things is covered in their right organization. And for this, it may be quite enough ordinary box or shelf.

In this article we have collected for you 30 examples of convenient storage of spices in the kitchen, which do not take up much space, but allow you to quickly and easily find the seasoning needed for the dish being prepared. For convenience, we divided all these examples into 6 categories. So, let's go!

1. Spices in the niche

Kitchen apron with a niche for spices A small niche in kitchen design Narrow niche with lighting in kitchen design High niche with shelves for spices Storage of spices in the kitchen in a niche

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2. Jars of spices on the wall

Notice how the photo below is decorated with an apron in the kitchen with holders on it for jars of spices. Such a decision is considered very beneficial, since spices are always at arm's length when cooking. This location is perhaps the most convenient of all.

Simple shelves for spices Original shelf for spices in the kitchen Shelves for storing spices in the kitchen Wall Shelves for Spices Open shelf under the locker in the kitchen

3. Convenient box for spices

Box for spices and cutlery A box for storing spices in the kitchen Deep Spice Box Jars of spices in the kitchen box Homemade wooden spice box

4. Retractable mini-wardrobe for spices

Pull-out lockers in kitchen design Extendable shelf for spices in the kitchen Pull-out panel with shelves in the kitchen High retractable panel with spices Secret shelf for spices in the kitchen

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5. Using the locker doors

Nadvernaya shelf for spices Idea for storing spices in the kitchen Homemade shelves for spices on the door Shelves for kitchen cabinet doors Spice storage on the cabinet door

6. Beautiful shelves and shelving for the kitchen

Spice cabinet on kitchen wall Built-in shelves with sliding door Comfortable shelves for spices and other items in the kitchen Special organizer for spices The idea to save space in the kitchen

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