Interior design of the bedroom in wenge color (59 beautiful

A natural tree, especially valuable tropical species, will decorate and ennoble any house. Therefore, bedroom interiors in wenge color are so popular among people who want to give their home an original and unique look.

Luxury bedroom suite

The interior design of the bedroom in wenge color is unique and unique. The right decision for connoisseurs of low-key classics.

Cozy bedroom

The rich color of the wenge in the bedroom is exquisitely combined with the light wooden decoration of the walls.

Bedroom furniture in the Wenge style is notable for its noble simplicity and discreet chic.

Bedroom furniture in the Wenge style is notable for its noble simplicity and discreet chic.

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Interior features in Wenge color

The origin of the term "color wenge" is due to the wood of the African tree with the same name. The plant from the family of legumes grows up to 20 m in height and has a diameter of up to 1 m. This tropical tree has one interesting feature - the core of the trunk is much lighter than the rest of the array. Because of this difference in color, and also an unusual, very beautiful texture, furniture of such coloring and decor elements became very popular.

Noble color and luxurious structure made sleeping sets and other furnishing items made of wenge wood popular among aristocrats and connoisseurs of strict beauty in the interior. A high price puts this exotic natural material in a row with furniture and luxury items that are not available to everyone.

Noble interior

Wenge furniture in modern design harmoniously combines with a carpet with high pile and other decorative details of bright red color.

Luxury bedroom

Color wenge in properly selected lighting will play with new colors.

Nevertheless, an increasing number of people with an average level of prosperity want to have modern and stylish furniture. The Wenge bedroom is very popular among those who prefer modern laconic style in the design of their house. To meet the demand, manufacturers have established production of products, not only imitating interiors in Wenge style, but also quite appropriate for the quality of furniture from this tropical tree. For this, wood of other species is used, on which veneer veneer is pasted.

To create more affordable furniture, take a chipboard (chipboard), which is topped with veneer from natural walnut, beech or oak. The structure of this wood and hardness resemble natural wenge, especially oak. And the corresponding color is obtained by staining with high-quality dyes.

Of the materials imitating rare African wood, not only furniture is made. In the Wenge style, finishing panels, decor elements, cornice, stand for floor lamps and table lamps, chandeliers are created. Note that the imitation is performed so qualitatively that only the high-class cabinetmaker can see the difference.

Stylish bedroom

The strictness and restraint of the style is fully devoted to the use of a Wenge for a bedroom.

Big room

The wenge bed perfectly looks with a monochromatic snow-white linen.

Secrets of color

Given that the wenge tree is expensive and rare, its use in decorating rooms requires a special approach to the selection of flowers. According to most designers, contrast colors should be used with this color. They favorably emphasize the structure of the material and the depth of its color.

The colors with which, in the opinion of stylists, it is recommended to combine the color of wenge:

  • white;
  • Ivory;
  • light gray.

Also, different shades of white, including yellowish and others look beautiful in the interior. In a room decorated in the colors of this exotic wood, it is recommended to use wallpaper and window curtains of this shade.

In itself, the color of the African tree described by us is rich and pronounced. Therefore, to create a balanced visual composition, designers are advised to select more muted textures and shades. Do not use in the interior of artificial materials with characteristic colors, for example, plastic bright colors (yellow, green, blue and red).

Note that for rooms whose interiors are created using Wenge color, it is recommended to use bright lighting. Light will favorably emphasize the structure of the tree and its noble tone.

Light room

Correctly placed light will accentuate the structure of the tree from which the walls and furniture of the Wenge are decorated.

stylish bedroom interior

Bedroom Wenge in the style of minimalism. The wenge bed and bedside tables are a single unit.

Bright accents in the interior

Bedroom furniture wenge looks elegant and stylish. Brilliant, noble color wenge looks favorably in a snow-white room.

Color wenge in the bedroom

Calm, noble color and a specific texture of this valuable wood are used for decoration of premises in the ultra-modern minimalist style. The color of the wenge gives the room a special depth, fills it with exotic charm.

By the way, psychologists noted that bedrooms, whose furniture is dominated by dark, calm colors, have a beneficial effect on people. They sleep better and harder, eyes rest, looking at the color of the wenge in the interior.

This is primarily due to the pleasant, warm color of the wenge wood. The palette of shades is quite extensive - from a rich brown and chocolate to maroon.

Cozy room

In the center of the design composition is a wenge bed with a high headboard. An excellent solution for any modern bedroom.

Bedroom wenge

The color of wenge is harmoniously combined with the color of natural light oak. A good combination is often found when it comes to bedroom furniture.

Thanks to such properties, bedroom sets made in this style are very interesting. Apparent simplicity of performance, underscored straight lines make furniture universal. Thanks to her dressing table or wenge bed will fit into the style of high-tech, ultramodern or even classic.

But the Wenge itself has already become a style in the decoration of premises. This manner of decoration provides for conciseness, simplicity and straightforwardness in design. The bedside table in this style will be practical and comfortable, and the dressing table is just such that only the items needed in the women's boudoir and nothing superfluous are placed on it.

Designers do not recommend using in the bedroom, decorated in the color of the exotic plant described, products made of wood of other breeds, even such "close in spirit", like oak.

The versatile wood creates a dissonance that destroys the commonality of the style.

Light room

The bedroom set is made in wenge color. The huge closet is space-saving and takes up a minimum of space thanks to its L-shape.

Bedroom in Wenge style

Bedroom Wenge in the style of modern minimalism in an ordinary apartment in Paris.

Children's bedroom in wenge colors

Despite the seeming "adulthood" of the material described by us, it can safely be used in the design of a child's bedroom. Warm colors and calm color will have a beneficial effect on the child, as if lulling him. Bedroom Wenge will help him grow calm and balanced.

A cot made in this style looks strictly and neatly. Bright bedding for the child will look very beautiful on it, contrasting with the rich color of the wood.

And not only a cot, but in general any Wenge furniture for children, and even a cornice, looks very beautiful and modern. Growing up in such an aesthetic environment, the child will learn to understand the beautiful and appreciate the good environment.

But not only this is good furniture from the wood we describe. Note that the wenge veneer has a high strength and is resistant to shocks and other damages. For an active child, at a certain age, trying everything for strength, such a cot or bedside table by the bed will be just right.

Spacious children's room

Color wenge is ideal for decorating a children's room for both the boy and the girl.

Children's room for girls

Saturated wenge will taste to any young aesthetic. Children's room wenge - a functional and practical solution.

Children's room for the boy

Children's room for a teenager boy in wenge color.

Elements of decor

The color of the wenge in the interior gives the dwelling special charm and luxury. But not only furniture from valuable wood or its high-quality imitation contributes to this. The bedroom will be decorated with a cornice made in this style. It will be very expressive look milk and white curtains made of natural fabric, for example, from linen or bleached cloth.

Perfectly complement the interiors of the Wenge floor. Thanks to the rich color of this African wood and its structure, this coating will give the room an aristocratic style. On such a floor, a carpet of natural wool of light gray color or a qualitatively manufactured imitation of polar bear skin will look great.

Cozy room

One of the most important elements of the interior of the bedroom is a bed, so its design, bedding, pillows and blankets play a huge role in the whole picture.

Correct interior wenge

The wenge bed looks exquisitely with snow-white linen.

Also, the interiors of the bedrooms will be complemented by various kinds of small items made of wenge wood or its imitation. This can be a stand of floor lamps or stands for table lamps, bookshelves. These seemingly minor details will become a useful and beautiful addition in the interior of the bedroom.

We hope that the above information will help our readers to better understand the secrets of this beautiful and expensive wood from the very heart of tropical Africa, which has become a symbol of taste and prosperity in the modern interior.

Original decor of the room

The bedroom in the Art Deco style is decorated in wenge color. A stylish solution for a small living space.

Bedroom wenge does not like excesses, so decorative elements should be a minimum.

Bedroom wenge does not like excesses, so decorative elements should be a minimum.

How to get the color of wenge yourself. Video

Color wenge in the interior design of the bedroom