Direct planning kitchens - ideas and interior tips

Straight Kitchen

The design of a direct kitchen consists in the planning of all the elements, in which they are located along the wall. This option may not seem convenient for the hostess, used, for example, to triangular layout, so in some cases, designers choose intermediate options with an island or peninsula. You can also have all the interior items along two walls, and the dining area will be in the center of the kitchen.

  1. Suitable for rooms of almost any size. In old houses, called "Khrushchevs", such a small space. This kind of layout will suit them better;
  2. A simple division of the kitchen into two functional parts: a place for cooking and a zone for eating;
  3. Unloaded from excess furniture and other items, thanks to which fresh air and sunlight freely flow;
  4. You can complete the kitchen 4 meters long, using any ideas to your taste. Now many install an additional bar counter, if there is free space;
  5. Headsets without any angles or made in the form of a letter P are much cheaper. Therefore, furniture for the arrangement will be much cheaper;
  6. The kitchen is easier to plan, just know the length of the wall and each element that you plan to install.
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Kitchen 4 meters Combined with living room


  1. This type of layout is used not only for small rooms, there may be a fairly large distance between the main objects, causing inconvenience for the hostess. For a day you can overcome a significant distance, moving between the sink, refrigerator, stove. As a result, cooking turns into hell, as the process becomes more lengthy and tedious. Usually for large kitchens such a problem is solved by installing a plate in the center of the room, in the immediate vicinity of the refrigerator and washing. As a result, the so-called island is formed.
  2. If the width of the room significantly differs from its length, the location of all the objects along the wall can significantly limit the dining area. If a kitchen design of 5 by 3 meters is chosen, it is recommended to place objects along the walls so that there remains a free part for comfortable placement of dining room furniture.
  3. The inconvenience caused by the hanging cabinets. If the floor furniture can be sufficiently wide, the hinged should be narrowed, which is much more convenient than with equal dimensions with cabinets or curbstones installed on the floor. Furniture should be chosen the right size, so as not to restrict access to the sink, the place of cutting food, refrigerator, etc.

Linear kitchen layout

Despite the above disadvantages, a direct kitchen can be an excellent option for a room with any overall dimensions. The main thing is to approach the planning responsibly, think carefully.

linear kitchen of 5 meters long

Remember, the minimum length of a straight kitchen should be 2.5 m. If the room is small, it is better to choose another way of placing kitchen furniture.

Kitchen set Striped kitchen

White kitchen

Washing location

Installation of furniture and other items begins in those places where there are already conclusions of engineering networks. In our case, it is necessary to place a sink where there are already pipes for connecting cold, hot water and draining the drains.

Sink at the wall

Usually the nozzles are located in the corner of the room, when installing a sink in this part, there may be a problem later: when washing the dishes, the hand will rest against the wall. As a solution to the problem, you can choose a sink with a large overall width, or leave a space between it and the wall, install a small countertop, on which you can temporarily put the dishes during washing.

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Bejeva cuisine

Light green kitchen

If you want to design a kitchen 3 meters in length, the sink can be moved to a different place. For example, it can be placed between the fridge and the stove. In case the length of the kitchen exceeds 3-4 meters, an intermediate pump will be required to transfer the washing from the connection point to the communications. If you plan to install a dishwasher or a washing machine, they should be located as close as possible to the water supply and drainage sockets.

Choosing furniture

All the lower cabinets that are planned to be placed along the wall should be at least 60 cm deep. They will be needed to store products that do not deteriorate without a refrigerator. Hinged cabinets should be much less than depth, so as not to cause inconvenience to the hostess. When choosing floor cabinets, consider the width of the kitchen and the size of the dining area. To ensure that the room does not become cramped, leave at least 1 meter of space between the dining table and the cupboard or stove.

Furniture for kitchen

Instead of hanging cabinets, you can give preference to high, the height of which is around 1 meter. So you can effectively use the space and visually increase the distance from floor to ceiling. In this way, you can get a one-piece design and hide the exhaust pipe.

Wardrobes in the direct kitchen

Another good variant of kitchen design 3 by 3 meters is to use two-tier cabinets. The topmost shelves are used to store things that are used most rarely.

Bunk Cabinets

A convenient option for placing the surface for cutting food is the space between the cooker and the sink. It is necessary to select a minimum of 50-80 cm for convenience. Save on the length of the slab by choosing the three-part option.

The idea of ​​a table for a small kitchen

To protect the refrigerator wall from splashing, dirt and heating (which can damage the device), and also get a place where you can place products, you should allocate space between the stove and the fridge. Such a "clearance" should be at least 20 cm.

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Washing by the fridge

Kitchen along the wall


In the case of a kitchen-living room with a sufficient area, you can make a direct layout with a peninsula or an island. So you can arrange a plate, table, bar. For convenience of use, between the peninsula and the rest of the kitchen set, leave a space of at least 100-120 cm wide. The bar counter can replace the dining table, in which case you need to select the appropriate chairs.


Island можно использовать для установки различных приборов, тостера, микроволновой печи, миксера и прочих. Он может являться довольно удобным местом расположения для мойки, благодаря чему приготовление пищи и мытье посуды после еды станут максимально комфортными.

Island с раковиной

If you use an island to install a slab, you should place a surface for cutting food next to it, and a hood above the stove. This version of the kitchen design is 3 meters long and is quite common in our country.

Island с вытяжкой


Which is better: a straight or corner kitchen?

Any unambiguous answer to such a question is difficult to give, because in many respects the choice of planning depends not only on the features of the kitchen, but also on the habits of the family. You can draw conclusions about the appropriateness of choosing a direct layout, rather than angular:

  • if it is necessary to equip a spacious lunch area or a small living room with a sofa;
  • if you plan to install the most necessary things, so as not to clutter up useful space;
  • this design looks strictly, neatly, objects occupy less space and this is noticeable visually;
  • if most of the products are stored in some other place, rather than in the kitchen, and the landlady does not plan to spend a lot of time on it.