A stunning incarnation of modern classics in an interior

Interior of the living room in Scandinavian style

Modern interiors invariably differ in moderate laconism in decoration. And nowadays many people choose as their habitat a somewhat impersonal image, as if descended from the page.

However, even in the conditions of extremely simple design, there is always a way to realize creative imagination and realize your own unique design.

Dining area in the living room Corner sofa in the living room Living room in white TV on the wall in the living room

This interior demonstrates that white walls, like a clean sheet of paper, can be an ideal background for creating an entertaining design story with a non-trivial storyline.

The special refinement of the decor of this apartment is due to a careful selection of accessories that differ in the unity of form and color palette.

The rounded outlines of candlesticks, flowerpots and the bases of table lamps placed in different parts of the interior, ensure its integrity and meaningfulness. Dark parquet, living plants and textured textiles create a warm atmosphere in the living room and bedroom.

The kitchen is designed much more minimalist than living rooms. Its linear layout is determined by the compactness of the dimensions, which does not restrict the space due to the snow-white decor of the walls and furniture.

Bedroom in classic style Dining room in Scandinavian style Kitchen in Scandinavian style Kitchen in white color

This interior, like any other, must be viewed in the context of its external environment. In combination with the view from the window, which contains an open panorama of the streets of the ancient city, the aristocratic design is of special aesthetic value.

Window overlooking the city View from the window to the city

Decor items that fill a neutral interior can belong to different styles and color ranges. It is important to combine them so that they tell the story and cause involuntary associations with some way or an epoch. And then even the most modest dwelling will acquire its own unique character.