How to make kitchen design in khrushchev modern

Kitchen design in Khrushchev

The inconveniences caused by the small kitchen space are familiar to many residents of Russia - close kitchens are a reminder of Soviet times and are often referred to as "Khrushchevs." Usually it is 5-6 sq. M. meters of space with low ceilings and irregular configuration. Such features make the kitchen design in Khrushchev problematic, however, professional designers do not frighten architectural "delights". Owners of such apartments often decide to make repairs with redevelopment, combining the kitchen with the next room or winning extra meters due to the reduction of the bathroom or the corridor. This decision is considered a radical measure, increasing the kitchen space almost twice. Result: spacious room, suitable for the owners. For those who are not ready for such changes, interior designers offer another way out - a visual increase in space. It is achieved through special design approaches and tricks.

Before you start repair and re-planning with your own hands, the actions should be coordinated with the management of architecture and town planning of your city. Otherwise, the owners of the apartment face a fine.

Kitchen with remodeling Those who decided to expand the kitchen, no longer have to take care of careful selection of the kitchen set and refrigerator, because now to an enlarged room will suit almost any furniture. If the dining area is moved beyond the "old" kitchen, then it is better to place it near the border (preferably at the window). Kitchen with cabinet Cabinets up to the ceiling in a small kitchen

Visual expansion of space

With a competent approach without re-planning, you can do without, enough to listen to the advice of experienced designers. In general, each such room needs to develop its own project, because the kitchens differ in the arrangement of windows, doors, the position of utility networks (plumbing, sockets). No less important are the requirements of the owners of the apartment, because the young couple and families with children requirements for the kitchen and dining area will be different.

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Comfortable kitchen with window In this case, it is quite possible to identify several general tips. Adhering to them, you can create a functional interior of a small kitchen.

  1. Appliances. It is now impossible to do without these devices. At the same time, placing them all on an area of ​​5 square meters is problematic. What should I do in this case? The plate can easily be replaced by a hob, and under it the washing or dishwasher is successfully located. Often use the oven? The stores offer a wide range of small ovens. They perform their work "perfectly", and can fit in the niche of the cabinet or on the brackets. The only thing that can cause difficulties - finding a place for a refrigerator, but this was found an alternative - horizontal refrigerated cabinets.
  2. Working surfaces. The design of small kitchens must necessarily take into account the functional features of the room. To save space, all surfaces need to be made working (window sill too). To achieve this, the window sill can be made wider than usual. Sometimes it is made of the same material as the countertop.
  3. Folding furniture. Want to save space in a small and cramped kitchen space? The best thing to do with this is folding furniture: a reclining dining table, a transforming table with hidden chairs.
  4. Door. How often is the door used in the kitchen? If not - you can safely get rid of it to save a few centimeters. If yes - the swing door leaf is better to be replaced on the coupe.

Kitchen 6 sq. M with wallpaper on the walls

Select a headset

The interior of the kitchen Khrushchev largely depends on the properly chosen furniture. Before buying a headset, you need to consider a few nuances, namely: whether the dining area will be located in the kitchen, and what kind of layout the headset is preferable.

Small appliances in the kitchen If you do not plan to make a dining table with chairs, then the buyer can only limit his choice of furniture with his own imagination and budget level. The design of the 5-meter kitchen can easily accommodate any kitchen set of medium size. If the area slightly exceeds this figure, then the design options become even greater. As for the types of planning, there are several. Take into account their features and benefits, and your kitchen will turn into a real pride.

  • U-shaped. Furniture in this case will be placed in the form of a letter P (in other words, it will occupy 3 walls of the room). Such design options for a small kitchen will allow you to store absolutely everything that the hostess can only need: storage systems and all the necessary household appliances (including a roomy refrigerator). The only thing that does not remain at all is the dining group, and there is enough free space for movement here for only one person. U-shaped kitchen
  • L-shaped (quite often referred to as angular). This layout somewhat reduces the number of cabinets and work surfaces, but this does not mean that it is less convenient. Choosing this design of a small kitchen, you can find a little space for the dining area. In addition, the workspace here is quite organic: a cutting table, a sink and a slab (working triangle) can be perfectly fitted into a L-shaped set. L-shaped kitchen - corner
  • Parallel (cabinets and equipment are exposed along two parallel walls). Use this planning should be very cautious, because it is suitable only for rooms, the shape of which is close to square. After the arrangement of furniture, there will be absolutely no room left, which means that the dining table will have to be abandoned (or taken to the dining room). At the same time, it is not a problem to arrange a "working triangle" with a plate. Parallel kitchen
  • One row. For a narrow standard five-story kitchen, the "one row" design is the best solution. It will allow you to place enough cabinets, arrange a small dining area and leave some space for free movement.
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Kitchen in one row

Color spectrum

Light colors should visually expand the space - with such a postulate, even those who are completely remote from design skills are familiar. However, this does not mean that the kitchen interior should consist entirely of white and beige. Such a color scheme can only inspire the idea of ​​a sterile hospital ward, and does not help to relax or relax in their native walls.

Olive apron in the kitchen with an arch

  1. Pastel shades. Beige, white, peach, pale cornflower blue, sand - any of these shades is able to act as the main for the design of the kitchen in the five-story building. Looks great furniture in these tones. If the facades of cabinets have a glossy surface, it will not only "push the boundaries", but also give a sense of solemnity (it is enough to look at the photos of professional projects).
  2. Brown. All shades of this color can be present in the materials of the finish (linoleum, wallpaper, parquet). They will bring warm notes to the room, make it more homely and cozy.
  3. Bright colors. Kitchen design for 5 sq.m. m is not worth completely depriving the color. Ultramarine, Bright Lime, Terracotta, Fuchsia will add room to the brightness and colors of life. However, it is better to use them in detail (this is the "apron" of the working area, the countertop or the facade of the refrigerator).

Variant of lamps in a small kitchen

Design Ideas

To name the most popular ideas of kitchen interior hardly probable, after all today thanks to a variety of furnish and furniture, everyone can issue apartment under own preferences. However, if we talk directly about design projects of the kitchen, experts recommend choosing a style with minimal details.

Tile for metal

The more indoors there will be various trifles (vases, paintings), the closer it will seem.

Roman curtains in the kitchen

High-tech, minimalismThese styles are one of the best solutions for the interior of a small kitchen. The laconicity and severity of the lines, the minimum number of colors, the union of plastic and chrome - all this will give the room functionality and elegance.
Art DecoThis option should be suitable for lovers of contrasting combinations and restrained luxury.
ProvenceПространство, оформленное в стиле нежного нарочито простого Provenceа, может заслуженно называться «домашним».
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Roomy box for dishes

Curtains for small kitchens

Important for the interior are curtains. For the kitchen of a small area, this detail plays an even more significant role. Heavy curtains of dark shades will not only not improve the appearance of the room, but, on the contrary, make it ridiculous. To prevent this, experts in the field of design are advised to use several features in the design.

Angular kitchen with Roman curtains and wallpaper with a similar ornament

  • The cloth. Choosing curtains is best from lightweight flying fabrics, which will bring into the room an element of something airy and weightless.
  • Colour. In a small room it is extremely important not to interfere with sunlight. Cope with this task will be light curtains (they only slightly soften the direct sunlight).
  • The size. Forget about the long curtains "on the floor" - they are able to "cut" the space, but do not open it. It is much better to use shorter curtains.
  • Jalousie. In vain the Khrushchev owners frantically dismiss this option - the blinds perfectly replace the curtains and save space in the room.

Wooden facades of the kitchen

Narrow long kitchen

Taking into account the advice and ideas of experts, you can create your own ideal kitchen space, even in a small room. Add a little creativity, and the kitchen will become a favorite place for your family and guests.

Kitchen style Loft

The idea of ​​storing pots

Large window in the kitchen

Cute kitchen decor