Epochal solutions in a confined space: add the missing area

Small studio in light colors

We offer to learn how excellent ideas for small apartments are able to push the visual boundaries.

It is not necessary to make all the space in a small territory white, in order to add space to it. You can properly plan the rooms, and then the situation will not only be functional, but also cozy.

Please pay attention to the photo below. The main room of the dwelling is large enough, so its visual zoning on the living room and dining room will be reasonable. And the kitchen can be hidden behind a moving screen.

Dining area in a small studio Kitchen and dining area

The second part of the apartment is a bedroom and a study.

Cabinet in the brown palette

In the design of the lovely nest white, brown and beige colors are used, thanks to which the interior looks more chic. All design elements carry the maximum functional load, which makes a small studio comfortable and simultaneously beautiful.

Bedroom in brown tones Bedroom in brown tones