Kitchen design 5 sq.m. m. - compact solutions for a small

Small kitchen 5 sq.m. m - not an occasion to be upset. Any room can be made comfortable, respecting ergonomics and functional zoning. The compactness of the kitchen is, rather, the virtue than the lack.


A competent approach to the issue of equipping five square meters will allow you to place everything you need and create a cozy interior.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Functional zoning and arrangement of furniture in the kitchen 5 sq. M. m
  • In what ways can you increase the space in the kitchen?
  • Small kitchen design options
  • 70 photos of kitchen design 5 sq.m. m.

Functional zoning and arrangement of furniture in the kitchen 5 sq. M. m

In the condition of the minimum area, it is necessary to use every centimeter wisely. You can get out of the situation by re-planning an apartment. But these are all the same large-scale changes that require significant financial costs and additional permits for redevelopment from the relevant authorities.


Please note that redevelopment without a project or notification of state construction supervision in the future will bring many difficulties in the preparation of a technical passport, the sale of real estate, etc.

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Therefore, consider the option of organizing a kitchen space 5 square meters. m without major changes in the layout of the apartment.


In what ways can you increase the space in the kitchen?

  • The choice of the optimal arrangement of furniture.
  • Compliance with the rules of ergonomics.
  • Transfer of the dining area to the common room.
  • Design techniques for visual expansion of space - the use of light coatings for walls and furniture, reflective surfaces, a minimum of small details, etc.


For small kitchens, it is optimal to choose a linear scheme for arranging furniture: in one row there is a stove, a sink and a refrigerator. Between the sink and the gas stove there must be a minimum distance of 40 cm.


Do not place the appliance near a hob or oven. The linear scheme allows you to place a small dining area in a small area.


Kitchen interior 5 sq. M. m looks much more attractive with the L-shaped scheme of furniture arrangement. This method allows you to save precious space. Choosing a corner kitchen set, it is possible to install a sink or hob in the corner. Thus, the length of the working edge is automatically reduced by 60 cm.


If the layout of the apartment allows you to make a zone of food in another room, you can arrange furniture according to the U-shaped scheme. In this case there will be much more space for storing kitchen implements.


But using U-shaped kitchen, you must strictly follow the rules of ergonomics. In the floor stands it is better to abandon the swinging doors in favor of drawers.


Small kitchen design options

Competent kitchen design 5 sq.m. m must meet the following requirements:

Light shades of walls: from pastel to light beige. Dark colors have the property of visually reducing space, which must be avoided in small rooms.


The color of the facades of the furniture set should also not be dark. If we consider a combination of walls and facades, then the gradation of the color of furniture should be a few tones darker.


Avoid nuance or strong contrast in the ratio of the color tone of walls, furniture and curtains.


The height of the countertop of the kitchen set is determined on the basis of the growth of the hostess - 15 cm below the bent elbow. But the average value is 85 cm from the floor. The bottom of the wall cabinets is determined by the width of the apron 45-60 cm. This value is also individual, but the universal is 50 cm.

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Successful kitchen solutions 5 sq.m. m are presented in the photo. Pay attention to the color gamut, the combination of different surfaces and shapes. Using mirrors will also help visually increase the space.

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There are compact dining area solutions - retractable and folding countertops. There are a lot of options for the convenient design of a small kitchen. Observing the basic design rules, you can get the perfect result!

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