Non-standard solutions for a house project on a small plot

Beautiful house project on a small plot

House project on a small plot

Creative Studio RAS recently completed a project at home on a small site in Manhattan Beach, California, USA. This compact, but roomy and functional housing is a real challenge to small lands with serious limitations in space.

Such projects allow not only to create comfortable houses, but also to fill them with natural lighting, create a sense of openness.

Terrace near the house on a small plot

Open space

Interior of a house on a small plot

Spacious interior

The building is constructed with a wide use of windows and ventilation light wells. Due to them, the house feels a light ocean breeze and pleasant sun rays. Thanks to warm floors with heating and hydraulic heating system, you can live in this building all year round.

Tree in the interior of a small bedroom

Compact bedroom

Interior of a small bathroom

Small original shower room

The house, which used to stand on this place, was built in the distant 1927 year. Most recently, it was demolished, but its legacy was reflected in the new design in the form of a smoothly stucco molding, which is located in several parts of the building, and in contrast with her dark charred cedar.

In the patio area near the house there is an open fire and grill laconically arranged. The interior was decorated with walnut and concrete.

Corner sofa in the interior of the living room

Cozy living room

Limited space on the site does not necessarily have to be a problem. Correctly chosen proportions, original ideas and functional solutions with ease smooth out the lack of space.

Interior of a small sauna

Small comfortable sauna