Finishing the facade with brick: types of materials and

The decoration of the facade with brick is the most popular solution for hundreds of years, especially among private houses. Facing bricks are available in a huge number of colors and patterns, many of which are not inferior to the aesthetic properties of the stone, while the laying of the brick is much easier and more convenient. In this article, we suggest that you look at various options for finishing the facade of a private house with a brick, and also consider modern alternatives: facade panels, artificial stone and tiles for bricks.

Finishing of the facade of a private house with brick and artificial stone

Facing bricks: features, masonry options and photo facades

Facing bricks are made of clay using various technologies (roasting, extrusion, hyperpressing), which improve its quality and aesthetic properties. The clinker brick, which is made of special clay with the subsequent baking, is of special demand at decoration of facades today. It does not rust and does not crumble, can withstand severe winds, rain, frost, fires and other phenomena, and also resists the appearance of mold and fungus.

Finishing of the facade with brick - photo of houses

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The main disadvantage of high-quality and durable brick is its high price. Therefore, when the strength of a critical role does not play (as, for example, when laying the socle), to reduce the cost of finishing the facade hollow brick with holes. It features less weight and good thermal insulation properties, which makes it an excellent choice for facing and warming the facade. A large selection of its shapes and sizes allows you to conveniently trim corners, windows and other complex areas of the building.

Facing brick - photo of different options and sizes Facing bricks for facade - options for finishing houses

One can not help but mention the aesthetic properties of brickwork. You can choose and beautifully combine different shades of brick on your facade, as well as use an unusual way of laying it. The following photos show you only some options for finishing the houses with facing brick for the facade.

Facing brick for the facade: show options for decoration and masonry Facing brick facade - interesting masonry options Facing the house with a brick - beautiful finish on the photo Also read: Choose beautiful colors for painting the facadeBrick masonry of facades - different versions on photos and diagrams Facing brick facade - photo combination of colors Finishing of the facade of a private house with facing brick Beautiful masonry - facing brick on the facade of the house

Finishing of facades with a stone for a brick

Artificial stone imitates a variety of materials and is very fond of using in finishing the facades and interiors for the following properties:

  1. Relatively low weight (which creates less stress on the building);
  2. Low price compared to natural stone and brick;
  3. Satisfactory strength and frost resistance due to low porosity.

Different manufacturers use different materials and technologies in the production of artificial stone for brick, including polyester resins, cement, clay, shale etc. In addition, you can find in the market as an artificial stone for brick, and brick veneer. The first simulates the shape of a conventional brick and is stacked in a similar way.Finishing of facades with a stone for a brick - варианты и модели

Masonry of artificial stone for brick

Vinir much thinner and more like a tile with one smooth side for easy attachment to the facade. Due to its lightness and low cost, it can be used on any wall without the need for additional reinforcement.Finishing a brick façade with an artificial stone

Wall decoration with brick veneer

The disadvantage of finishing the facades with a stone for a brick is a higher susceptibility of the material to damage in comparison with the facing brick. But if you choose not a veneer, but a full-scale imitation, then it will last you much longer.

Here are a few photos of houses with a facade facing the brick.

Facing the facade with brick made of artificial stoneFacing bricks made of artificial stone - photo of the facade Also read: Private houses in high-tech style - 25 stunning photosFinishing the facade for brick and stone - a photo of a private house Facing the facade of the house with a brick stone Facing a private house with artificial stone for brick Brickwork of facades made of stone

Finishing the facade of the house with panels for brick (8 photos)

Facade panels for brick can be made of plastic or cement. Depending on this, they differ in less or more weight, price, strength and ease of installation. However, any panel for brick will be much more convenient in work than other materials for finishing facades. With their application, you at times reduce the time and costs for the cladding of your private home. It's enough to look at their design to understand this.

Finishing of the facade with panels for brick - photo installation

In addition, the decoration of the facade with panels for a brick attracts wide decorative features. Facade panels can have a variety of colors, textures and design, for example with the effect of oxidation, antiquity etc.

Options for finishing the facade with panels for brick Facing brick facade - photo panels for decoration

Another 5 photos of private houses with a beautiful paneling under the brick:

Decorating the facade of the house with panels under the brick - photo Facing a single-storey house paneled with brickAlso read: Facing stone facade - 30 ideas with photoFinishing the facade of a private house with beautiful brick panelsFinishing the facade under the brick with panels Design of the facade of a private house - photo of a paneling for a brick

Clinker tiles for brick for facade cladding

Clinker tiles, like clinker bricks, are made of special clay with firing under high temperatures. As a result, it has an enviable strength and durability, which make it one of the most reliable materials for exterior decoration of houses.

As you will see on the last 7 photos in this article, it ...

  1. Available in all kinds of colors and textures:

Clinker tile for brick - finishes

2. Can be installed directly on walls, insulation, hinged or ventilated facade:

Installation of clinker tiles on cement Clinker tiles and insulation for facade decoration Photo of a hanging facade with clinker tiles

3. Excellent imitates the laying of the facing brick on the facades of the houses:

Finishing the facade of the building with clinker tiles for bricks Finishing of the facade with tiles for brick - photo of a private house One-storey private house with clinker tiles

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As you can see, the choice of materials for finishing the facade with brick is great and diverse. Choose the one that best suits your budget and goals, based on the following criteria:

  1. Requirements for strength and durability of the cladding;
  2. The weight of the material (it affects the need for strengthening the facade and the laboriousness of the work);
  3. Ecological and thermal insulation properties;
  4. Easy to install and repair in case of damage;
  5. Aesthetic and decorative features.