What does the art deco look like? (65 photos of the bohemian

First of all, the hallway in the Art Deco style is distinguished by the rigor of geometric lines and the richness of glossy surfaces. This hallway gives the impression of a luxurious boudoir. First appeared in France in 1925 and became popular in the 30-40's, this style was firmly entrenched first in painting, and then in the design of apartments and houses.

Luxury furniture for the hallway

The entrance hall in the country house is decorated in an art deco style. A bright, memorable interior is the choice of true connoisseurs of fashion.

Mirror wall in the hall

The mirror wall of the individual square elements is a real find for an art deco hallway.

Art deco style likes light shades in the interior. The entrance, decorated in white, is notable for correctly selected contrast decorative elements.

Art deco style likes light shades in the interior. The entrance, decorated in white, is notable for correctly selected contrast decorative elements.

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Entrance hall in the style of art deco: a combination of colors

When deciding on the color design of the hallway, it is necessary to start from the concept of design of the apartment as a whole, although combinations of different stylistic directions are increasingly encountered. Color spots are simply necessary to emphasize belonging to the style. It can be like a bright piece of furniture, pouf, boa, shelf, and wallpaper (1-2 walls as a color spot). To decorate the walls still more often use a monotonous wallpaper of low-key, deep colors, emphasizing the French chic, the foundational in this style. Most often, especially in small apartments, try to choose light wallpaper, vanilla colors, "champagne splashes" or "creme brulee", so well expanding the space and creating a feeling of comfort and slowness.

Sometimes there is the use of eclectic wallpaper with ornaments of African, Indian or Egyptian motifs, more often as decor.

Stylish entrance hall

The hallway is in the style of art deco, as an example of correctly selected lighting.

Spacious corridor

Art deco style can also be restrained and modest. Delicate colors of beige color - an excellent choice for decorating an apartment.

Recently, more and more often used vintage ornament in the form of stucco or special stickers superimposed on the wallpaper, emphasizing the luxury of the owner of the hallway.

Venetian plaster is perfect for decoration, the main thing is - do not overdo it when using it, especially for small squares, so as not to weight or reduce the space.

The use of stucco should be treated neatly, it is better to dilute the corners or the middle of the wall moderately, without completely filling it.

Large wardrobe in the hallway

Entrance hall wenge in the style of art deco fits perfectly into the interior of a small hallway.

Creative design of the hallway

Creative decoration of the hallway in the Art Deco style attracts creative people who like to stand out. Bright, memorable design in black and white colors with properly selected lighting.

What furniture is used?

Space is rarely overloaded with the use of antechambers. With small squares, they are replaced by functional closets, with mirror, glossy surfaces or interesting color solutions of the façade that fit well into the interior. To enhance the effect of open space, you can use the color of the facade in the tone that the wallpaper on the walls.

The closet will perfectly fit into the interior and the large hallway, dividing it into a dressing room and rest area.

If you can size, you can confine yourself to a beautiful armchair made of natural materials or a small sofa of bright colors with a velvet finish. And also a vintage or artificially aged shelf for shoes or a console for keys. At small sizes of cozy apartments it is possible to manage a beautiful chair with an unusual upholstery fabric or a bright ottoman, making it hollow, you can use it as a place for storing shoes.

Clear geometric forms of furniture are emphasized by an interesting design of the walls. A large mirrored wardrobe - an indispensable thing in the interior.

Clear geometric forms of furniture are emphasized by an interesting design of the walls. A large mirrored wardrobe - an indispensable thing in the interior.

Filling epoxy floors in the hallway

Self-leveling epoxy floors attract glossy gloss. The style of art deco is expressed in every detail.

Glossy anteroom

Glossy, reflective surfaces are what you need to decorate the hallway in the style of deco. Delicate beige and noble wenge are the most winning combination.

How are the floors and ceiling made out?

When choosing a floor, you can make a monochrome by repeating the color, copying wallpaper (light tone) in the gloss, thereby expanding the space. You can take a risk and make a dark matte floor, complementing it with carpets with animal print, if the size of the hallway (more often zebra) is allowed. Chess, zigzag or cubic ornaments made of different color blocks are often used. It is often used to combine a mosaic floor with a marble floor to divide the hallway into zones.

The choice of design in the first place depends on the height. At low ceilings, mirror or stretch glossy ceilings are used. If space allows, you can easily make complex step forms, including stucco for additional decoration of the room.

Gold finish in the hallway

Gold decoration - an interesting decorative element of art deco style. The hallway is light and spacious due to the choice of the right furniture.

Narrow Corridor

An unusual solution for the interior decoration of the hallway in the Art Deco style. Elegant sofa gray looks expensive and luxurious.

Room lighting

A special role in the hallway is lighting, which is necessary not only for convenience, but also for a key figure in the interior. Therefore, often, in addition to the luminaires built into the ceiling, a luxurious, emphasizing the status of the chandelier is used. Often it is crystal, sophisticated refined design with many individual details or in the form of candelabra with glass candles. An elegant decoration in the absence of a wide space instead of a chandelier can serve exquisite floor lamps with a beautiful lampshade or neat crystal / glass sconces. The effect of luxury can complement the complex lighting of the floor, niches, shelves or paintings.

An art deco style hallway

The style of art deco in the hallway is expressed as restrained as possible, even modestly. Pleasant for the look of the interior is also functional and practical.

Wooden Living Room Furniture

An example of the correct choice of furniture for the hallway in the style of deco.

Interior details

One of the main elements in decorating the hallway in the style of art deco are mirrors in beautiful, complex, somewhat intricate baguettes with the use of gold or silver, depending on the color solution of the hallway. Mirrors of unusual shapes, which are themselves an ornament, are very popular.

An additional decoration of the walls can serve as pictures with the image of wild animals or graphic ornaments, the color scheme of the opposite general concept, to become additional bright spots, balancing a calm and luxurious design.

Entrance hall in the studio

The hallway in the Art Deco style is fenced off from the bedroom by means of a decorative glass wall. Exquisite detail for a unique, stylish interior.

Marble floors in the hallway

Dark, dark decoration of the hallway in the style of art deco in the correct lighting plays new colors.

Interesting elements that revitalize the decor can be statues made of glass, iron, in the form of light and soaring dancers, which are popular for emphasizing the style of art deco, as well as outdoor clothes hangers for unusual design. Colored or velvet pillowcases for small pillows will serve as an excellent addition. The key place in the hallway can take an unusual large vase or umbrella stand.

To create a cozy anteroom and soften the straight lines of the wall, you can drape it with a curtain, selected by an unusual garter, creating smooth lines. It can serve as a door in front of the next room, and not carry a functional load, be an ornament.

Doors are better to choose in the tone of walls from natural noble materials. Perfectly fit into the interior of the door with glass stained glass, emphasizing the sophistication of space from the first minutes of staying in an apartment or house.

The project of a stylish hallway

Functional hallway in the style of art deco with echoes of high tech. A stylish design solution for decorating the entrance hall of a family country house in Venice.

Table in the hallway

Elegant table for the hallway in the style of art deco.

The main features of the art deco style. Video

Art deco style in the interior of the hallway