6 spring trends for the house, which are worth trying in

Do you want to breathe the joyful spring mood into the interior? Then pay attention to the 6 popular trends that will help you stylishly transform your house this season!

1. Water color floral patterns

Forget about the lush floral patterns that adorn your grandmother's house: this spring in vogue exquisite floral fabrics with large patterns in the style of watercolor painting! Decorate the window with new curtains or throw a couple of pillows with such patterns on the sofa, and your house will instantly fill with an exciting spring charm!

Cushions in different styles Watercolor patterns in the interior Bed linen with a watercolor patternWatercolor wallpaper Curtains with watercolor patternsPatterns in watercolor style in the interior

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2. Large knitting

Крупные вязанные текстуры стали одними из фаворитов популярной выставки Maison & Objet, проходившей с 23 по 27 января в Париже. Обзаведитесь вязаным пуфиком, подушкой, абажуром или пледом, чтобы обновить дизайн интерьера с ноткой деревенского уюта и тепла!

Blue plaid for the living room Pillows and padded stilettosLarge viscous decor for homeKnitted padded stoolsKnitted items for home decoration Knitted bed cover

3. Metallic paint

In the article "13 trends in kitchen design that will be popular in 2015" we already wrote about the warm metallic colors this year: gold, bronze and copper. By spring, this trend has become even more noticeable, but only now has copper come to the fore. Do you like being in a trend? Then now is the time to include in your interior playful elements made of copper or covered with "copper" paint, for example, lamps, dishes or even wall art.

Dishes with metallic paint Copper-plated luminaire Copper lamps above the table Wall decor from metal Wall decor in copper color Copper decor in the interior Art with red and gold paint

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4. Romantic pastel

Soft pastel shades of red will help create in your home a relaxing and romantic atmosphere, so necessary for inspiration this spring! For a better effect, combine them with neutral gray or soft green hues that will help preserve freshness and prevent the interior from becoming too feminine.

Romantic pastel in the design of the living roomRomantic palette in the bedroomRomantic design of the living room in red and purple tones Pastel colors in the design of the living room Light pastel shades in the design of the living room

5. A splash of bright color on a neutral background

As a rule, when we hear the word "neutral", then the basic beige and brown tones immediately come to mind. However, this spring, the fashion is "new neutral" shades, such as soft gray, green, dark blue or even the color of "Marsala", announced by Pantone as the color of 2015.

In what way is it better to use these neutral tones? This is up to you, but we suggest you look at the next photo of the interiors, where they are nicely shaded with various bright accents.

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The combination of red, pink and gray in the bedroom Combination of pink and blue in the design of the living roomStylish combination of shades in the interior Green as a neutral color in the interior Marsala and white in the design of the living roomThe wall flashed in the interior

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6. Textured ceramics

Stunning pottery with textural patterns, as in the following photos, can add originality and unusualness to even the most simple and neutral interior! And how subtly she will emphasize the beauty of spring flowers ...

Vases from textured ceramics Lamp on ceramic stalk Stylish Textural Vases Matte vases with a texture pattern Sculptural vases for flowers and fruits Sculptural ceramic tableware

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