Kitchen design without cupboards - storage ideas, interior

Spacious kitchen with island without hanging cupboards

Designers often offer new ideas, guided by fashion trends, features of the room, the preferences of the tenants. The design of the kitchen without the top cabinets becomes extremely popular. The desire to throw off the template designs, fresh flow, the need to unload the interior?

Indeed, why load the work area with extra furniture. The main thing, that the kitchen corresponded to functional needs, was enough capacious, ergonomic. The absence of excess objects near the working surfaces will be an excellent indicator.

A small kitchen in white color with a pencil case and a bar counter

To some types of kitchens such an organizational model is simply necessary. Smooth loading, create a sense of spaciousness in small rooms. It is important to achieve the desired effect, the creation of additional clutter is categorically contraindicated. The stretched kitchen due to the lack of upper kitchen cabinets will visually be shorter. When the natural light is small, the rejection of hanging cabinets, combined with the decoration of the walls with light tones will add light, hide the gloom. Some interior styles against extra details, so the headset without the top modules is perfect.

Kitchen with window with wooden shelves instead of hanging cabinets

Pros and cons of rejecting the top cabinets

The decision to perform the kitchen interior without the top cabinets, like any other basic choice, has its positive, negative points.


  • Illumination of the room improves. The real receipt of more light turns out, the visual picture changes. Due to the normalization of lighting, the cooking process, the overall location in the kitchen becomes more comfortable.
  • An additional room volume is created. The absence of cumbersome constructions allows to impress the expansion of space: the walls seem to get a little higher, wider. There is a sense of spaciousness.
  • Improves hygiene. The above cabinets are more difficult to keep clean. It accumulates dust, fat deposits. Cleaning with chemicals can damage the appearance of furniture. The upper arrangement of the cabinets is also less accessible for maintaining order. When only more accessible surfaces remain above, the process is much simpler.
  • Substantial cost savings. When hinged structures are functionally involved, why should they be purchased? It is much easier to abandon unnecessary modules, facades, inserts, fittings that take a lot of money.
  • Security improves. Hinged cases, crowded with heavy objects can fall. The upper sections are problematic to use having a small growth. Auxiliary use of improvised means: a stool, a ladder carry an additional danger. Banal to stand on tiptoe, to be pulled upwards will bring a lot of inconveniences.
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Large kitchen without upper cabinets


  • Restricting the storage system. The kitchen usually has the feature of a lack of useful space. The top cabinets are really practical. Particularly noticeable in small kitchens. Due to the limited length, width, it is incredibly convenient to use the height. When this problem is actual, and it is not possible to solve it in another way, it is better to abandon this idea than to face the limitation of functionality and comfort.
  • Openness of space. On public display are the smallest drawbacks of finishing and cleaning. The kitchen will have to contain perfectly clean, otherwise the stains, fingerprints will remain visible. Top modules are able to hide, obscure imperfections.
  • Excessive clutter. Instead of hanging cabinets usually set shelves. They are visually somewhat easier, relieve the load of space. The contents of the shelves are incredibly quickly covered with dust. After the time has elapsed, it is also possible to overload the open shelves with unnecessary things.

Corner kitchen in red without upper cupboards above the work surface

Organization of space

The absence of top cabinets can significantly reduce the functionality of the kitchen space if it is inept to approach its organization.

The kitchen is small, the family is big, then the main difficulties arise. The solution of the problem is the drawing up of a detailed design of the kitchen, the manufacture of custom furniture, the transfer of part of the storage system. When planning space, consider the fullest possible area. The kitchen set must contain various devices that facilitate the storage, use of utensils. This is difficult to achieve by buying ready-made furniture. Rarely used items (large dishes, household appliances) it is desirable to place in other places (pantry, balcony).

Spacious white kitchen with built-in fridge

When the kitchen is large enough, things are much easier. A great solution - the installation of a separate cupboard, pencil case. The kitchen equipped with an island, a bar counter, initially has additional shelves, drawers. Options headset is desirable to choose angular, U-shaped.

Kitchen with concrete walls and a large wardrobe with a dining area

In the kitchen of any size, it is possible to use various methods of optimizing the work area. All sorts of railing structures will provide additional space for small items: dishes, household chemicals, spices. Thus, the efficiency of ergonomics is achieved.

It is worth remembering that the rails are not appropriate in every style.

Another option is the use of shelves. On the shelves it is desirable to place something aesthetic: dishes, accessories. The main thing to know is the extent, excessive overloading of space is extremely negative.

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Corner kitchen with shelves made of wood for storing dishes

Wall decoration

Clearing the space from the top tier of furniture, you should remember, the main attention will attract the walls. Therefore, an exceptionally ideal condition is allowed: smooth, without chipping, damage, always having a fresh, well-groomed appearance.

White kitchen

The main detail, attracting the attention of entering the kitchen - a piece of wall above the work surface, often called an apron. This element is designed to carry aesthetic pleasure, a practical task - to protect the wall from various contaminants. That is why it must be made of suitable finishing materials.

Loft style kitchen

The manufacture of the protective screen of the working area is best done from:

  • Ceramic tiles;
  • Tempered glass;
  • Polished metal elements;
  • Artificial stone;
  • Plastic surgery.

White corner kitchen

The most acceptable is the mosaic method, artwork. Thus, in addition to the necessary practical task, the question of optimizing the visual picture of the working area is solved. Decorative effect is additionally achieved by edging, backlighting, photo printing. It is advisable to raise the habitual zone of the apron somewhat higher.

Black kitchen

The walls that have freed themselves from bulky cabinets must also be decorated in accordance with the general style. It is advisable to use:

  • Art painting;
  • Photo;
  • Modular pictures;
  • Frescos;
  • Ampelnye plants.

Любой вариант даёт возможность проявить творческий потенциал, фантазию. Wall decoration доставит удовольствие, результат принесет многолетнюю радость. Kitchen with window

Lighting Features

Although there is more light in the one-tier kitchen, it is better to think about this issue in more detail. The best option for solving the issue of light will be a large window, minimally darkened with textiles. But this is not always enough. A long, narrow kitchen always suffers from a catastrophic lack of light.

Kitchen with balcony

The absence of upper cabinets entails an automatic rejection of the built-in lighting. Local illumination of the necessary zones will be provided by devices on a flexible drive, bracket, light panels, portable structures. The light is allowed to be very bright.

Kitchen with built-in fridge

It is necessary to take into account the possibility of manifesting the reflective abilities of neighboring glossy surfaces in order to avoid overwork of the eyes.

It is advisable to light the dining area separately. It is also acceptable to be content with the general lighting of a chandelier, a ceiling dot light. The absence of upper cabinets gives the possibility of choosing a chandelier at your discretion. Great for a large model, hanging elements. Here, only style restrictions are making adjustments. Black and white kitchen

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Style of kitchen without hanging cabinets

The optimal version of the design of the kitchen space without the upper cabinets is any style that supports a minimalistic orientation: minimalism, high-tech, modern, eco, modern, Japanese. Also, focusing on the area of ​​the premises, you can choose: Provence, eclectic, chalet, country.

Rustic style kitchen

Minimalism best imposes a single-tier model. Strictly observing the light monochrome color scheme we get a fresh, incredibly light kitchen. It is necessary to limit the location of objects on the working surface. Superbly fit linear, island version.

Hi-tech is also an unrivaled leader of this model. Built-in technology, well thought out storage systems, gloss, metallic luster, restrained colors, lack of unnecessary parts - an excellent solution.

Kitchen with island

Eco-style is a good option. Natural materials of execution, eye-pleasing color scheme, abundance of light, natural plants will give the room more airiness, lightness.

Narrow long kitchen

Strike out the existing stereotypes, abandon the upper cabinets, implementing the design of the kitchen, is not a fundamentally new solution. Many, trying to give freshness, lightness, trying to throw off the weight of the interior, act in a similar way.