Kitchen in provence style - 120 photos of unusual interior

It's nice when the kitchen is furnished very warmly and hospitably, from where you do not want to leave even after a delicious dinner. This is the value of the kitchen interior in the style of Provence. There is also a French charm, a provincial space and the attraction of home comfort.


All this is due to the fact that the style does not apply to the research of designers. It was formed in the south-east of France, in Provence, and almost in its original form came to the city's interiors.


Table of contents of the article:

  • The characteristic features of the interior in the style of Provence
  • Finishing of kitchen surfaces of Provencal style
  • Kitchen photo in Provence style

The characteristic features of the interior in the style of Provence

Although Provence is an area on the Mediterranean coast of France, this name conditionally designated remote provinces, and the style became provincial. But "provincial" here has a more positive connotation than when talking about people.


This opposition to urbanism, as the extreme manifestation of urban "stone jungle" with their depressive cold.

Provencal cuisine

Provence represents a harmony with nature, where a fragrant lavender field rocks a light breeze from the sea coast. And this spicy smell breaks into the open window of the kitchen in the style of Provence, where everything is furnished with cute little things carefully preserved by the hands of their ancestors.


He very easily combines modernity and antiquity, the desire for French elegance and simplicity of home comfort. This is a European version of the country style.


Provence is ideal for families where 3 generations peacefully coexist - children and grandmothers are equally pleasant.


Style is visually recognizable by the signs:

  • natural materials;
  • light shades and calm scales;
  • furniture "retro", a bit rough, but on graceful legs and with trim;
  • plain textiles "in flower";
  • many handmade items;
  • rooms are filled with light, an important role is given to lighting;
  • a lot of small items create a common harmony and a sense of hospitality.


The refinement and unpretentious look of the stylistics looks equally attractive in a private house and in urban kitchen conditions. Although in his homeland provincial style involves large and bright rooms, its elegant simplicity fits well into any yardage.

Provencal cuisine

Provence in the city apartment is most suitable in the nursery and in the kitchen. For example, a photo of the cuisine in the style of Provence.


Finishing of kitchen surfaces of Provencal style

In urban conditions, the Provencal style is used extremely rarely, rather, it is an adaptation to the modern design of interiors. In the south-east of France in the good old days, the walls were designed to be whitewashed on top of clay plaster, wood and masonry near the fireplace or other hearth.


Of the modern finishes, the most suitable materials are:

  • wallpaper for painting;
  • wooden panels;
  • light wallpaper with a small floral pattern;
  • painting over smooth plaster;
  • wallpaper for textiles;
  • "Wild stone";
  • ceramic tile;
  • brickwork;
  • decorative panels.


To decorate the walls of a small urban kitchen, you should not pick something expensive. Much more organic looks simple finishing of the budget segment. If the choice fell on the wallpaper, the figure is selected especially carefully. Unexpressed vertical stripes with a rare small flower are quite justified, and visually it "lifts" the ceiling. A small room on the north side of the house should be decorated exclusively in light colors - a photo of the cuisine in the style of Provence.


The ceiling in the provincial houses of the Mediterranean either plastered and whitened, or left exposed wooden beams of the ceilings. In the arrangement of modern urban kitchen imitation of these surfaces is used:

  • wooden panels;
  • whitewashing or painting with a whitewash imitation;
  • combined version - wooden panels along the perimeter and stretch ceiling with a matt canvas;
  • Wooden beams in the form of a décor over the painted ceiling paint.


The floor in Provence is exceptionally natural wooden. For urban residents in the kitchen and dining room are acceptable artificial materials with imitation wood. It is a moisture-resistant laminate and a parquet board with wood decor under matt varnish. The most practical options in a small kitchen in the style of Provence will be linoleum for wood, tile or granite.


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Kitchen furniture is often presented in catalogs in ready-made form. If the goal - to save a piece of furniture, inherited, it is important to select the right kit and update the existing one. The buffet, "antique", a sink and curbstones with a stone table top - a special chic for Provencal cuisine. It is desirable to complement the situation with antique things, white knitted tablecloths and embroidered napkins, an oilcloth is inappropriate.


Please note: Old furniture with carvings of manual work and fresh painting, as well as artificial "aging" of furniture - a find of modern designers for decorating Provencal cuisine. Handmade work and pieces of furniture made by oneself - an imprint of personality. A special aura or "soul" is another secret of the attraction of the Provence style.


Lighting plays a special role in the design of cuisine in the style of Provence.

Small Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas Dea39s Home I

The main task in creating such an interior is to create the feeling that there is a lot of light and fresh air in the kitchen, an illusion of space. The natural light should be as much as possible, tight dark curtains are inappropriate. Ceiling lamp in retro style, imitation of an old chandelier under candles, wooden design constructions with gaps instead of plafonds are also good.


Decorative elements make a special charm, any elegant thing is able to bring a special chic into the kitchen. The symbol of France is the Gallic cock, depicted on any subject, emphasizes belonging style. Wicker baskets, decorative forks, hanging garlands and onions hanging from the beams - the attributes of the kitchen in the style of country and Provence. Acceptable dishes are "in flower" and vases with flowers or dry lavender, dead from wild flowers and spikelets. Live flowers from the garden and fruits on a tray - elegant kitchen decor.


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Curtains in the kitchen in the style of Provence should not hide the light. Only simple and lightweight fabrics (such as cambric or coarse calico) are suitable for sewing curtains with ruffles and assemblies. The decoration of the window is given much importance, but it should not be fanciful and too noticeable. Any textile in the country style is suitable for additions to this style, for example, covers for chairs and stools with strings and ruffles.


The color scheme of the Provence style plays almost a decisive role. There are inappropriate bright colors, except in the form of separate accents. In favor - white, but it is warm milk or grayish shade, which emphasizes naturalness. On its background, it is possible to mix cold and warm tones of a certain shade:

  • lavender;
  • olive;
  • light gray;
  • sand;
  • blue;
  • thatched yellow;
  • azure;
  • brown;
  • peach;
  • light pink;
  • теракакота.

Kitchen in the style of Provence

Light shade is always chosen as the base color. The only exception is the kitchen on the south side, where excess light is required to be muted and "cooled". Suitable lavender, beige and olive shades, typical of the southern region of France.


You can draw inspiration for a long time, using them in other varieties of country - a photo of kitchens in the style of Provence.


Kitchen photo in Provence style



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Provencal cuisine


Provencal cuisine

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