Purple cuisine: design features

Design of violet kitchen

Violet - one of the seven colors of the rainbow, referring to the "cold", resulting from the mixing of red and blue. It is relatively rare in nature, and in the interior - even rarer. So the design of the violet kitchen has every chance to become unique, even at minimal cost, simple execution.

  • suitable for people engaged in any creativity;
  • significantly raises creativity, not allowing to solve issues that require logical reflection;
  • symbolizes both passion and spirituality, individuality and a propensity for self-knowledge;
  • is considered the color of intuition, calmness, wisdom;
  • too bright - tires, light - improves sleep, calms;
  • best combined with yellow - this combination seems "warm";
  • visually removes, reduces, weight objects.

White-violet kitchen-island

Color has many shades, which allows you to decorate the interior, without resorting to additional contrasts, if so conceived by designers.

Variety of shades

There are up to 196 species of lilac shades. This is a very deep "mystical" color scheme, red and blue are present in different proportions, creating shades from soft-lilac, light-lavender to prune-purple, dark-eggplant. The energetic red intertwines with the calm blue. In the palettes of different designers, shades can differ in names.

Design of violet kitchen с обеденной зоной Fawalaki cuisine  Kitchen slivovito color  Kitchen design in black and lilac tones  Siren cuisine  Lilac-black kitchen with floral decor

Very popular are the following shades:

  • amethyst;
  • Italian plum;
  • wine is sparkling;
  • white-lilac;
  • charoite;
  • dark gray-violet;
  • cyclomene;
  • глициновый;
  • violet;
  • lilac dahlia;
  • patrician purple;
  • purpurnogo marmelade;
  • gentle fuchsia;
  • hyacinth;
  • гортензия;
  • indigo;
  • Gothic-grape;
  • wild aster and others.

Purple and white in kitchen design

Lavender creates coolness, detachment, helps to dream. Gentle fuchsia raises the mood, while slightly relaxing. Dark symbolizes power, rudeness, light - relaxes, soothes.

Purple kitchen in the style of a romantic Design of a small purple kitchen  Design of violet kitchen с окном  Design of a white and purple kitchen with a window  Design of violet kitchen со шкафом-купе  Design of a small purple kitchen with a window

Styles for a lilac kitchen

This mysterious color itself is very unusual, "festive." He does not tolerate anything superfluous. These tones are completely inappropriate in the interior of eco-style, country, ethnic. In the classical style, they are used with caution, applying only one shade of some kind.

The most suitable styles for purple kitchen design:

  • Victorian;
  • high tech;
  • avant-garde;
  • modern;
  • pop art;
  • fusion;
  • shibbi-chic;
  • Oriental;
  • constructivism;
  • Scandinavian;
  • futurism;
  • Provence.

Design of a spacious violet-white kitchen

Purple does not contribute to the thought processes associated with solving problems where clear logic is required. Therefore, if in one of the zones in the kitchen it is planned to make a working mini-cabinet, then the maximum light colors should be used there.

Design of violet kitchen со шкафом-купе Design sirenevoi kitchens  Design of white and purple kitchen  White and purple kitchen  Design of a small corner violet kitchen  Design of a small purple kitchen

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How to apply purple in design

Violet and its shades look better in the kitchens, the windows of which look to the south side, are well illuminated most of the day. Combine with white, gold, blue. Juicy solutions with orange color, turquoise, look bohemian, elegant. Less commonly used dirty green, blue-gray, yellow-brown, rosy-ohristy.

When designing the design should be determined: will the kitchen be completely lilac or in such tones will be represented exclusively by the kitchen set, and a couple of decorative elements on the walls? A third option is also possible: the set itself, like other furniture, will be neutral - gray, white, wood color. Violet, lupine, amaranth, purple, purple will be the walls, floor, ceiling, individual elements of the decor.

Stylish purple kitchen

Use as accent

The room, entirely made brightly lilac, will not be like everyone. In the event that this color is just a beautiful accent, it is preferable kitchen set of clear, regular shapes. Large brightly colored vertical surfaces should be a minimum number - part of the lockers can have glass doors, open shelves. Looks beautiful chrome, silver-colored headset.

Purple kitchen with elements of black and white

If the furniture is light, then the kitchen apron will be a "highlight" of the interior - a completely violet, textured wallboard "chessboard", glass with a picture of grapes, plum fruits, blackberries. It is interesting to see a dark-lilac wallpaper - a panorama of an evening city with lights, a mysterious blue-violet underwater world. Large 3D stickers on the space theme for the ceiling or doors look great. Window decoration in a bright room is made using single-color blinds or curtains. In a dark, cramped kitchenette, thin "flying", translucent fabrics are used - cotton, silk, organza, tulle.

Unusual design of purple kitchen Design of violet kitchen с подсветкой  Original design of purple kitchen  Light purple kitchen  Modern design of purple kitchen  Purple color in kitchen design

The original accent will be living plants with purple leaves, flowers - zebrin, royal begonia, izrezine, kislitsa, Tradescantia, violets.

We create optical illusions

If you want to visually expand the territory of the kitchen, change its shape, without demolishing the walls, apply various visual illusions.

Such an original move is carried out with the help of:

  • color - dark, light;
  • illumination - bright, scattered, local;
  • drawing - strips, large images, motley small ornaments;
  • mirror surfaces.

Corner violet kitchen design

Cold dark lilac will give the room, the windows of which look to the south or south-east side, cool, slightly reducing its area. The problem of excessively high ceilings is solved by coloring them in brown-violet, juicy colors of fuchsia.

A small "northern" kitchenette will become more spacious if the color solution is as light, gentle, "warm". Its low ceiling will be painted white, beige, shades of "lilac snow", "light iris" or become completely mirror. If the kitchen, dining room, living room, adjacent to them corridor, perform in a single color scheme, then the places will also seem much larger. The floors are better to do a little darker than the walls, the ceiling: this creates the effect of a stable footing, furniture. Horizontal flat or wavy strips will make the room longer, wider, ceilings - lower. Vertical vice versa - narrow the room, make the ceiling a little higher. Small decorative objects expand the space, instead of the three-dimensional furniture it is necessary to pick up a narrow set, a small corner sofa. Large stickers and prints are suitable for a large room.

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Siren cuisine Cozy violet kitchen  Design of violet kitchen с натяжными потолками  Stylish design of purple kitchen for an apartment  Design of violet kitchen для мужчин  Kitchen in white and purple tones

Built-in lamps on a multi-level ceiling make it higher. If the room needs to be expanded, the lower corners and walls are highlighted. To reduce the room only the top is illuminated, for expansion - one of the walls is obscured. Mirror, completely occupying the wall, increases the area of ​​the kitchen at times.

The effect is enhanced by using different curved mirrors, glass doors of furniture.

Purple kitchen with flower top Beautiful kitchen design in purple tones  Spacious violet-white kitchen  Design of violet kitchen с орхидеей  Purple kitchen with white table top  Purple kitchen with a white dining area

With what colors it is better to combine

What tones to use as additional selects the owner of the room, and preferably the hostess - women usually spend there more time. Color combinations should not annoy, "strain", cast melancholy. The design can also be monochrome - extremely lilac shades, most of the technique in this case is placed behind the closed doors of the cabinets, since the violet is too problematic to find.

Lilac blends well with:

  • blue, blue;
  • white, beige;
  • brown, ocher;
  • black, gray;
  • gold, light green.

The following are examples of the most popular color solutions in different stylistic variations.

Kitchen slivovito color

White-purple design

Monochrome set with facades of eggplant color against white brick walls in loft style. All horizontal planes are white-lavender tones. On the kitchen apron along all working surfaces - colorful prints featuring a bouquet of May lilac, lavender fields, a flower bed with irises. On a white fridge, elegant magnets in the form of blackberries, grapes, plums. All other household appliances are also chosen white, heating radiators - large, eggplant tones. The floor is white, the board is wooden, the ceiling is white, stretched, with imitation of the "carkelure" technique.

Kitchen of violet shade

Provence in this color also looks great. All the textiles will be gently violet, with a small floral ornament, furniture - pure white, artificially aged, a suite - with paneled doors. The floor is light, ceramic tiles, the walls are painted with a pale violet paint, on the windows light lilac curtains. Household machines are selected decorated "antique" - this design is now available from many well-known manufacturers. A simple porcelain dish is preferably white-lilac.

Design of violet kitchen в стиле модерн Design of a small purple kitchen с цветочными вставками  Kitchen in white and purple tones  Classic design of purple cuisine  Beautiful kitchen design in purple tones  Spacious violet-white kitchen

Black and purple design

Blueberry kitchen facades, black shiny household appliances, violet curtains with black "divorces." Such mystical design is preferably used in spacious rooms, with bright lighting at any time of the day. If the interior seems too gloomy, it is "diluted" with very light, pastel or any contrasting details in the decor.

Dishes - a bright fuchsia in white peas, pale amethyst draperies on furniture, a glass table of dark clover, black and white photos within the walls. Black glossy plafonds on long cords over the dining area, local LED lighting above the place where food is prepared. Black-and-white tiles or self-leveling floors with a 3D pattern, harmonizing with the same color kitchen apron.

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Purple kitchen with an unusual tone Glossy violet kitchen  Kitchen in black and purple tones  L-shaped purple kitchen  Stylish purple kitchen с черным фартуком  Purple color in the design of a small kitchen

In gray-violet color

For arrangement in the style of hi-tech, this tone design is ideal. Gray will be represented by steel chrome elements - lamps, extractor, furniture handles, steel pans, magnetic board with a set of knives in a prominent place. Blinds are also performed in gray or soft purple. On the floor there is a blue-gray tile or laminate, "in the theme" will be a richly lilac bar counter, next to - high chairs on metal legs with violet seats.

The facades of multifunctional furniture are also matched with metallic tones, tabletops are light purple, the ceiling is even lighter, gently violet, gray-blue.

Stylish purple kitchen с обеденной зоной Gray-violet kitchen  Design of a gray-purple kitchen  Design of a large gray-purple kitchen  Design of a small gray-purple kitchen  Design of a stylish gray-violet kitchen

Green and violet kitchen

This color scheme is suitable for style futurism. Green color, complex geometric forms - its indispensable attributes. Acid-green form the facades of the kitchen, roller blinds, which depict abstract green-lilac compositions, kitchen apron. All the horizontal surfaces are violet, on the walls, on the ceiling there is an abundance of neon lights. The floors are glossy, lupine. Lamps - strange, asymmetrical forms.

For minimalism, these combinations are also suitable. Of furniture - only the most necessary, clear geometric shapes. All kitchen machines are built-in, closed with doors. The dark filling floor, the ceiling is two or three tone lighter, matte lilac walls, kitchen doors from MDF and glass. Large panoramic windows, smooth roller blinds on them are also recognizable attribute of style.

Design of green and purple kitchen Design of a small green and purple kitchen  Siren cuisine с зеленым декором  Design of stylish green and purple kitchen  Unusual design of green and purple kitchen  Corner green-violet kitchen

Yellow-purple decoration

Light yellow table tops, orchid color facades, plastic furniture, solar tableware - a unique fusion style design. On the walls, liquid wallpaper - a soft gradient from lilac to yellow. In the basket on one of the shelves there were dummies of various vegetables, fruits, berries. Here there are yellow lemons, corn, zucchini, bananas, pears, juicy hues of eggplant, prunes, purple onion and cabbage. Lighting is chosen warm, curtains can have vertical yellow and blue-violet strips. Extractor and kitchen apron with contrast prints. If possible, household appliances are also selected in color. The chairs and the dinner table have golden legs and backs. On the windowsills can be placed brightly flowering plants - cacti of fantastic shapes, with yellow thorns and flowers.

Violet-yellow kitchen in Art Nouveau style Violet-yellow kitchen with dining area  Violet-yellow kitchen  Violet-yellow kitchen  Yellow-violet kitchen  Spacious yellow and purple kitchen

Modern design solutions with the use of violet there is a great variety. If you plan the kitchen yourself, if the influence of color is not entirely clear, it can be introduced gradually, starting with accessories, individual decor items, utensils, textile elements. Experts do not recommend the use of a large number of bright violet shades in the interior, if one of the members of the family suffers from alcoholism or is excessively mentally unstable. In this case only very light colors are used. But people with poor eyesight, various neuralgia, this color is very useful.