Decor of the chest with their own hands - techniques and

Blue chest of drawers with bronze decor

Renovation of furniture - a common practice that does not require significant investment and allows you to implement creative author's ideas. This applies to chests of drawers - almost the most functional furniture. The decor of the dresser should be combined with the interior of the living room in which it is located. If you want to put the emphasis in the restrained pastel design, the revamped print and the vase-topped chest of drawers will be a good solution. Another thing if you need to create the perfect combination of color palette. Correctly decorated old chest of drawers will cope with any task.

  • a small grinding machine;
  • sandpaper or grinding sponge;
  • stencils;
  • putty knife;
  • an unnecessary toothbrush;
  • screwdriver;
  • a knife on wood;
  • several brushes, different in width and composition of nap (hard and soft), sponges;
  • painting tape;
  • acetone;
  • industrial film;
  • toothpicks.

Materials are needed:

  • volume paste or putty based on acrylic;
  • glue for wooden surfaces;
  • varnish for wood, stain or primer with paint of a certain color (for decoupage - three-layer napkins).

You will also need gloves and a respirator.

If this is an artistic idea, an acrylic paint of the right color will do. For those who want to modernize the old chest of drawers, a good option is to replace the furniture fittings: you can add new handles or mirror panels.


But for those who were not afraid of working with sandpaper, spatula and acrylic paint, a step-by-step painted restoration of the dresser was prepared. The process consists of several steps: removing the old coating of paint or varnish, careful scouring, checking for chips and other irregularities, local puttying defects, painting and final decoration of the chest.

Old chest of drawers

But first it is necessary to look for defects inside the chest. All broken bottoms, shelves and guides should be unscrewed with a screwdriver and measured. In accordance with the geometric parameters, you can buy new items or make them yourself. If you are closer to the second option, be prepared to acquire an additional arsenal of tools and knowledge in the field of thorough furniture repairs. Do not forget to make such a check before decorating the chest of drawers with your own hands.

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Also pay attention to the screws, handles and legs. If the fittings are not the same, with differences in shape and pattern, then most likely these elements are made by hand, and if some of them are damaged, the analog part is no longer available. In this case, it is better to replace the entire hardware.

Removal of the old layer of varnish

Cleaning and preparation of the product

Cleaning the surface is done carefully, so as not to damage the important decorative elements of the product. First clean the surface by wiping it with a soap solution. To remove dirt and dust from hard-to-reach places, use a toothbrush.

To free the surface of furniture from paint or varnish, you will need industrial film and acetone. Cover the last of the old chest of drawers, and to enhance the effect, cover the product with an industrial film. For lack of a film, you can use an oilcloth, cellophane and other improvised materials. Limit the flow of air and leave the furniture for one hour. After this time, a layer of varnish and paint lag behind the tree.

Sanding of the box

The dresser's decor begins with a construction spatula. Remove the lagged layer from the tree without damaging the surface. Remember that you need to remove all the paint.

Then follows the stage of skinning.

Шкурение комбо

Free from small elements of the decor surface is grinded by a machine. For the latter, it is important to choose the correct nozzle. With sandpaper or a grinding sponge, treat the area of ​​the protruding parts and small parts. Do not overdo it in skins so as not to damage the chest of drawers.

Cracks, chips, scratches and other defects are neatly covered with putty on wood. It is better to give preference to putty on a water basis. For restoration, putty is chosen according to color, and not the name of the wood. It should only go into the recesses, so again sketch the surface. If the traces remain in the structure of the tree, when staining the stain, spots will appear that can not be removed. Replace bottoms in drawers, skids and strengthen the frame.

Sculpting patterns


The choice of paint, its brand and color depends on how you see the future decor of the old chest. It can be a layer of stain, if the structure of the tree is smoothly scraped and looks good without paint. Stain is suitable for changing colors with preserving the texture of the tree. You can cover the whole surface with acrylic paint, and then the design of the old chest will be completely different.

Both stain and paints are applied evenly with brushes or roller. Work on time is the same: only the results on the fact of drying are different.

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Stages of work:

  • Choose a varnish, paint the right color and other materials.
  • Toning, staining or painting by brush, roller. You can use a rag.
  • Layer of varnish on the entire surface of the furniture. After drying, another layer or two. Can be replaced with a transparent primer.
  • Sculpting to remove the raised pile of the massif.
  • Finishing layers of varnish.
  • Wait until it dries completely.

Painted chest of drawers

Design solutions

The decor of the old bedside table or the decoration of the chest by the hands is determined by the style of the interior. You can use wallpaper, lace, choose a floral print, fabric upholstery of drawers, paint or put on the surface names, memorable dates. You can decorate the entire front panel with coffee beans, buttons, beads, beads and other elements. If this is a living room, it is better to use presentable panels of reserved color, but for bedroom or children you have complete freedom of choice. Do not go out of fashion decoupage techniques, English style, three-dimensional decor, as well as antique decor.

Pink chest with white patterns

The bedside tables are updated according to the same principle. But how to decorate a plastic chest of drawers? The best choice will be decoupage. The same work as above is carried out, with the exception of grinding. For plastic special paints of various colors and ground are provided.

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Как декорировать комод в технике декупаж? Это настоящее раздолье для фантазии. Decoupage подразумевает декорирование мебели с помощью специальных карт и трехслойных салфеток. Также нужно обзавестись акриловой краской белого цвета, клеем ПВА, ножницами, валиком и спонжем. Процесс начинается с нанесения краски валиком на всю поверхность комода. Далее приступайте к вырезанию нужных изображений. Для придания старинного вида после полного высыхания следует пройтись по изделию наждачной бумагой. Делать это нужно аккуратно, по линиям древесины.

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Apply PVA glue to all parts to glue them to the chest of drawers. With the same glue, grease the front side of the pictures, which will protect them from external influences. If these are flowers or ornate patterns, they can be extended by drawing lines and curls protruding to the surface of the nightstand.

Decoupage может выполняться и с помощью ткани. Это позволит украсить фасад в тон интерьера.

In the English style

But the design of the chest of drawers with their own hands is not limited to the idea of ​​decoupage. For the English style, the old product is ideal, even if it has noticeable defects. You will need four colors: white, red, blue and brown. The first three are acrylic paint, the last one is oil paint. Of the materials, also putty, spatula, toplaster, paint tape, nazhdachka, decorative nails, brushes and rollers.

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Decor of the chest with their own hands - techniques and master classes

From the dresser, the accessories are removed and the product is cleaned. After the surface is covered with an uneven layer of putty: the more careless, the better. Cover the dresser with white paint and mark with adhesive tape the areas for staining. Dilute the scarlet and blue colors. Spotting, which can appear in the process of staining, is only a plus. The worktop and sides are treated with sandpaper. The finished work is covered with topazurju (use a sponge for this). The ideal tone of the toplaze is "nut". After drive in the decorative furniture nails and install the accessories, darkened with oily brown paint.

Chest of drawers in English style

Under antiquity

But how to decorate a chest of drawers with your own hands, if it is too old-fashioned? Country and Provence lovers will appreciate the antique decor. This design is now popular, and for work you will need the following:

  • nazhdachka different granularity and rigidity;
  • sponge;
  • brush and screwdriver;
  • varnish-craquelure;
  • wax candle;
  • 2 colors of acrylic paint.

Chest of drawers

Remove the accessories, drawers and countertops of the chest. Sand the entire surface and wipe with a damp sponge. Apply the first coat of paint and leave to dry. The following abrasions will be intentional, and they are performed by sandpaper and a candle. After apply a different shade of paint (to your taste) and wipe with sponge those areas that were covered with wax: in these places the paint is erased. The finishing stage is the technique of decoupage or author's painting. Then everything is covered with craquelure.

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Volumetric decor

The decor of the curbstone under the TV by oneself, a cupboard, a cupboard or a chest of drawers. This technique is applicable to any furniture and does not require high costs. You will need stencils that are easily cut from cardboard. Still need a paint tape, sponges, brushes, spatula, any acrylic paint (more often used white and brown), volumetric paste or putty based on acrylic.

Look at the chests

The decor of the dresser in this style begins with the removal of the furniture and drawing out all the boxes. Stencils are fixed on the surface and covered with putty. Flatten with spatula and leave to dry the volumetric pattern. You can make furniture monochrome or highlight the created elements. If this separation, simply rub the convex parts with wax, in analogy with the previous method, and after coating with paint, wipe it off in wax areas. This is a good way to restore the old one or give a special charm to the new chest of drawers.

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