A good example of combining kitchen and living room in a

Living room with balcony

A married couple from Scandinavia lives in an apartment with a small area. The feeling of free space creates a living room and kitchen, which are a continuation of each other, mostly due to the same finish. But, at the same time each room works as a separate territory and is completely independent. This reception designers are widely used to increase the space of small-sized dwellings. A large role in this is played by the lack of additional partitions.

The apartment, where the family lives, is in the center of Stockholm, its area is forty-eight square meters. The biggest drawback of a typical room located on the fifth floor, the absence of sunlight, is always gloomy here. A lot of white, little furniture and windows without curtains, so the designers solved the problem. Flawless white, pleasant gray - the main colors of the hallway and living room. The floor, covered with parquet, creates a warm accent on the background of cold shades.

The apartment consists of one large room of unusual shape and bedroom. In non-standard and furnished living room with kitchen area. Furniture of dark color was placed along the walls, leaving a gap in which you can reach out to the right hand.

Corridor of unusual shape Bedroom in white color Bathroom in black and white Wooden dining table

From the large hallway you can get to the bedroom. To save space, the white cabinet was installed in a niche, the bed and table occupy the rest of the space.

Bedside table beside a large bed Kitchen in black and white

Scandinavian style is heterogeneous, it interspersed with elements of industrial design and ethnic decor. All items are selected taking into account the individuality of the owners (cabinet with a concrete countertop plane, carpet, gold candlesticks, composters). On the loggia set a sofa with soft pillows and a wooden box, replacing the table.

Painting on the wall above the sofa Decorative items on the shelf Rest area on the balcony Table lamp on the bedside table