Yellow color in the interior of the kitchen - 5 tips and 75

Yellow kitchen in the interior

The choice of the color scheme of the kitchen is an important issue in the interior design of this room. Some shades can oppress a person, others raise his mood, and still others provoke violent activity or aggression. Color "alphabet" has a much greater impact on the interior than it might seem at first glance. It is she who creates the atmosphere of the room, in which the arrangement of furniture only adds a touch of light to the overall picture. The so-called psychology of color has become a real science. It details the influence of gamma on the room, the person and his mood. Moreover, people with certain characters intuitively and subconsciously tend to choose only certain shades in order to create around themselves the most convenient and comfortable color "cocoon". If you learn to read, then you can tell a lot about the owner of an apartment or house only on the basis of the palette of individual rooms. In the kitchen combined with the dining room, the appetite of the household will depend on its color solution, even more so than from the culinary talents of the hostess. For example, in the "marble" blue, which stains on the sterile, white background of the wallpaper, it will be unpleasant to eat, and the meals will be held in a tense atmosphere of general despondency. All colors are classified into two large groups:

  • Brown;
  • Red;
  • Pink.

Interior with yellow kitchen

Yellow fits into contrasting compositions with tones of cold "temperature". In ancient China, this color has always been considered a symbol of holiness and nobility. It belonged exclusively to the emperors who dressed in yellow robes and lived in apartments of this shade. The most severe rulers imposed a ban on the use of sunlight by someone else. Violators were cruelly punished until they were deprived of life.

Table-island in the kitchen

In the spectral palette, yellow is the brightest and "glowing" component. For this reason, it looks effectively in the form of an accent on the background, and not vice versa. If you place small details on the solar canvas, which should strike the eye, they will be lost. Just drown, become discreet spots among the dazzling "yellowness" of the background. In different cultures, this color has been associated with the deities of love since ancient times. Aphrodite, Hathor, Oshun, Freya, Venus, Kama and Rati were depicted either in yellow robes or with attributes of sunny shades. But in Christian Europe in the era of the spread of fanaticism, this color became a symbol of Judas. The new meaning he acquired because of the monotonous clothes of the biblical traitor. Negative coloring was invariably associated with betrayal and deception. The remains of these beliefs are still met: yellow roses represent separation and sorrow.

Yellow chandeliers in white interior

As a result of research, scientists have been shown that the very first color that distinguishes the eyes of an infant is yellow.

Wooden ceiling with beams  White table and chairs in the kitchen  Turquoise apron in the yellow interior  Wicker chairs by the table  Kitchen with white furniture

Shades of yellow

Yellow does not always bring pleasant emotions. This color, like the others, has its intraspectral gradation. Dusty or dirty yellow shades will not bring anything except apathy, melancholy and melancholy. In the Old World, the walls of the hospitals for the mentally ill were painted in such colors, which clearly aggravated the ailments of the guests. But this gloomy variation has nothing to do with the bright, juicy yellowness, which is applied to the designer canvas of the interior. Among the most popular shades note:

  • Gold and its alloys. Noble metal brings a touch of luxury to the interior.
  • Color of the buttercup. It differs with bright saturation.
  • Straw.
  • Canary yellow. It was received, adding a droplet of faded greens.
  • Yellow-olive.
  • Mustard.
  • Color of lemonade. It differs in depth, which arises from the softness of the hue.
  • Dandelion. Juicy, active tone.
  • Pear
  • Color of raffia. Very calm, refers to pastel shades.
  • Citric. Close to the brightness of the heads of dandelions.
  • Meisovy.
  • Color freesia.
  • Amber.
  • Honey (linden, buckwheat, floral).
  • Шафрановый.
  • Sunny tone.
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Dark yellow interior color of the kitchen

This is only a small fraction of the entire palette of shades of yellow. Less popular are halftones with an admixture of green, marsh, peach, red, lilac.

The combination of a black apron and yellow furniture  Transparent chairs at a white table  Blinds on the window  Lamps on the ceiling  Ceramic tiles on the floor

Applying Color

Through studies it was proved that the yellow color in the children's room is not stained by the kids and is not painted. The reasons for this phenomenon have not yet been revealed, but the fact remains. Pastel shades of yellow are unobtrusive and easily perceived by a person. Bright colors contribute to activity, increased appetite and mood. Color is universal and suitable for any room. Yellow kitchen in the interior can be both a bright accent throughout the apartment, and a neutral-quiet place where you can relax from the atmosphere of other rooms.

Application of yellow color in the interior of the kitchen

Solar color too happens too much. It should be combined with "neighboring" shades of a warm spectrum and with cold tones. If you make a juicy positive in the kitchen, then it should only play on the accented areas. If more faded shades are used, they will perfectly cope with the role of the background, which will emphasize the "points of attention".

Pictures on the wall  Kitchen furniture with white and yellow facades  Yellow refrigerator in the kitchen  Wenge in the kitchen interior  The combination of gray walls and yellow furniture

Solar floor

Dandelion color on the floor will create the illusion of a summer glade right in the kitchen. Solid ceramic tiles fit well in strict, modern styles. "Spot" floor covering with a cheerful pattern or ornament is suitable for provence or eclecticism. Decoration of the floor or ceiling in shades of yellow - the original design way to unobtrusively revive the situation. And the headset and the walls should be different tones. Sex can only resonate with elements of decor or textiles. More calm and neutral shades of yellow flooring look good with wooden furniture.

Yellow floor in the kitchen  Locker on the wall  Chess floor in the interior  Arch between kitchen and living room  Decorative plates on the wall

Juicy walls

Yellow wall decoration will play in combination with a white kitchen set. A fresh wind will burst into the room, which will give the decoration the illusion of airiness. On such a positive background, the furnishing of the following shades will look good:

  • The black;
  • Brown;
  • Blue or blue;
  • Olive.

Yellow walls in the kitchen

Complex to perception is considered the combination of yellow with purple and red. Interior composition will acquire unnecessary aggression, and will visually put pressure on the household.

Backlit lockers on the wall White and blue furniture in the interior  Shelves with photos on the wall  Rug on the kitchen floor  Bright curtains on the window  Kitchen with violet-yellow walls

Apron and facades

In classic cuisine, single-colored juicy yellow is not used. This shade should be scattered in flowers, patterns and ornaments. He can only accompany other colors, but do not play solo parts. In modern styles, the situation has developed quite differently. The yellow apron is in harmony with the white set and the floor covering of light wood. Add bright accents in the decor: a lemon vase on the table, a honey-colored chandelier, original bottles for storing spices with amber tint. Yellow is not bad combined with a tree, but their combination does not act as a tandem, it must be a trio. Thirdly, an average option is chosen: not very brightly and not too calmly. Kitchen facades in yellow color will be in harmony with the gray countertop and the "steel" coating of the refrigerator. The most beautiful look is the darkened glass on the doors and the black decorative border, which echoes with the black-gray coating of the dining set.

Yellow apron in the kitchen

You can embody in your apartment original bold ideas from the "guru" of design. Some of them advise not to be afraid of experiments and to purchase kitchen facades made to order. Their tone scale will be a smooth transition from yellow to green. The ombre effect, as it is also called, sometimes creates incredibly colorful and elegant compositions.

Kitchen furniture with yellow facades  Steel refrigerator in the kitchen  The combination of white furniture and a yellow apron  Black cupboards on the wall  Kitchen apron with kiwi  White tiles on the floor

Furniture, textiles and decor

The glossy yellow coating of the furniture set emphasizes its lines and bends. The matte surface slightly calms the excessive color activity. Yellow monochrome curtains or a playful cage on the tablecloth will refresh the atmosphere. It will be interesting to combine a variant when textiles and decor echoes. Attention of guests will jump from amber curtains to lemon chairs, and from them to a juicy panel on the wall or a picture in yellow tones. But do not get carried away using a variety of shades of the same original color, although our "nail program" and can boast of their diversity. It is possible to experiment within 3-5 shades. The most harmonious are the interiors, where the rule of three colors is observed.

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Kitchen with yellow furniture Loft style interior  Lilac walls in the interior  Kitchen with a linear layout  Chandelier in the form of a dandelion above the table  Yellow curtain on the window

Best combination with yellow

The colors of the companions of the yellow mass, the main thing is to properly balance them, so that harmony prevails in the room. If it is a question of juicy, sunny shades, it is worth considering that they "press" on the decoration and overly actively dominate. They can not be used in excess. Calm colors (gold, amber, mustard) are used in large quantities without detriment to perception. Let's talk in more detail about the most successful combinations.

The combination of white, gray and yellow colors in the kitchen

Combination with white

The easiest and unobtrusive combination of colors. The main thing in such an interior, to find a balance between the components of the composition, so that they complement each other, and the decoration of the kitchen does not break up into separate zones. Yellow is beautifully played on a white background. And the latter should be more, since it is less active. Yellow kitchen facades and a bar stand in tone, combined with a white finish and light, gentle motifs in lace curtains, tablecloths. This combination welcomes patterns in which you can weave gray, black and even a little red on an apron or textile.

Yellow and white kitchen Parallel planning in the interior  Kitchen with two windows  Window in the ceiling  Colorful parquet in the kitchen  White and interior with a bright chandelier

Combination with gray

Gray is considered an ideal background for a playful yellow color of any shades. It harmoniously "calms" the excessive aggressiveness of lemon, dandelion or sunny tones. At the same time, gray shone more dull shades: mustard, saffron, pear. In the latter case, it is necessary to focus on the third participant of the composition. Gray-red decorated elements will become bright spots on the calm and peaceful interior picture. Put on the table a bright burgundy vase, choose an asphalt furniture set with wine handles and the same edging. Against the background of mustard walls, this composition will look unusual, but with taste. A stylish element in the interior will be a red refrigerator.

Yellow-gray kitchen Large window in the interior  Shelves on the wall  U-shaped layout in the kitchen  Interior with kitchen and dining area  Poster on the wall

Combination with black

Both colors in tandem look too aggressive. They have to be combined with other shades, against which they will calm down a bit: gray, white. Black-and-red details in this composition should be brought with great care. The last shade should be used minimum. Although the kitchen with a black-and-yellow suite and glossy surfaces looks very expensive and stylish. If you add more white background in the finish, then the plaque of severity will be reduced to none. In combination with black, yellow of any shade loses its ease and becomes serious.

Black and yellow kitchen Multilevel ceiling in the interior  Combined flooring in the kitchen  Black chandeliers in the interior  Yellow locker on a concrete wall  The combination of black and yellow furniture and white apron

Combination with blue and blue

The blue-yellow combination is ideal for decorating the kitchen in a marine style. Add a bit of whiteness and there will be a sensation, as if the surf beating outside the window, and the seagulls are winding over the quay. Juicy yellow in furnishings and decor "warms" the cold blue finish of walls and floor. Patterns in such an environment can look too intrusive and rude, even in spite of the elegance of the lines. For this reason, with ornaments it is worth to be more careful, or to exclude it altogether. Blue on dynamics goes almost level with yellow, therefore and in an interior them should be approximately fifty-fifty. Juicy, sunny chairs, celestial curtains and a countertop in the dining area combine with the background "leader" of the composition - white or gray.

Blue and yellow kitchen Clock in the form of a lifebuoy in the interior  Kitchen furniture with a yellow-blue facade  Working table with marble top  Shelves under the windowsill in the kitchen  Apron of blue tiles

Combination with pink and purple

In Europe, it is not customary to decorate kitchens in yellow-red and purple. There, these combinations are considered aggressive, but for an apartment with Chinese or Russian motives, this option is quite suitable. For greater similarity to our traditional painting, gold shades of yellow are used. Original looks a thin purple ligature or floral ornament on a saffron or mustard background. The composition will not press on the person and seem overwhelmed. In pairing with pink, yellow plays only if the shades are matched with the same color "activity". To a juicy lemon tone, the same bright color, almost fuchsia, will do. A gentle pink is combined with mustard, gold, saffron. In decoration, both of these colors are not recommended. They are best used in decorating and furniture. The background should be neutral: either dazzling white, or pastel shades with a bit of peach, gray, light green.

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Yellow-violet kitchen

Combination with green

Yellow-green kitchen is considered a bold, but popular option. Both colors are bright and like to stand out, so either they are used only in detail, or use more faded shades. Organic green prints look on a mustard or olive-yellow background. The floor covering can consist of a complex composition of two shades that will remind the spots of dandelions on the luscious green of the grass. Both colors should be played on a neutral background. To not be too "green", choose white or peach wallpaper. Do not forget to add houseplants and not only on the windowsills. Elegant stand in the corner or a separate open shelf will be suitable for placing pots with real greens, which will emphasize the freshness of the interior.

Yellow-green kitchen

In such an environment, large floral prints are especially harmonious. It can be chamomile, all the same dandelions, white roses or lotus. By the way, this color combination is suitable not only for the kitchen, but also for the bathroom.

Hood above the stove

Combination with brown and beige

Yellow looks good against the background of calm, pastel tones. The kitchen, in which the yellow and brown prevails, can look somewhat boring and depressing, to add freshness to the situation, add white or green. A couple of bright strokes are enough: a green apron or an airy white table-top, a tablecloth with a delicate ruffle. Beige wall decoration will be balanced by juicy lemon color in details or kitchen facades, apron. Harmonizes this background with mustard, olive color. In this case, you will have to select the third participant of the composition. In his role can perform black, gray, red and even blue. Beige furniture looks elegant and elegant against the background of yellow walls. Complement the composition with soft, monochrome curtains in the floor and a pair of green accents in the form of houseplants.

Tan-brown kitchen

Features of a small kitchen in sunlight

In small kitchens that are still in the old Khrushchev, yellow is used only in detail. White wallpaper on the walls, the same light ceiling with an amber or gold chandelier and a juicy kitchen set - that's a simple example of a composition for a tight room. To finish was not so boring, use the relief, texture wallpaper. Their drawing will be barely noticeable, but will add comfort. On the walls are attached open shelves of yellow flowers, which do not so heavily load the space, but cope with the functional task of storing kitchen trifles. On the windows hang light curtains with a white-lemon cage or a neat pattern along the edges in the same shades. It is permissible to use gray. Any light tones that visually increase a tiny space are welcome. Yellow in this case is used only as an accent, with its help white and sterile environment brings life and colors.

Small kitchen in yellow color


Many are afraid of yellow, as too active color. In fact, with proper use it will help create a juicy, optimistic atmosphere without excessive brightness. Now everyone is trying to design their house in an original and stylish way, so that it reflects the character of the owner and shows the presence of his delicate taste. Dull furniture from standard brown furniture along with the typical wall decoration are a thing of the past. In the design experiments prefer black, lilac, red, brown, blue. Yellow, blue and green are still afraid, perhaps because we have not previously taken so brightly to design a home. The color, thanks to a wide range of shades, is universal and will fit in almost any style: light provence, serious loft, motley fusion, cumbersome classics, luxurious modern and even elegant art deco. Only in a cozy, in a good "atmospheric" kitchen mistress will get inspiration for culinary feats, and home will often be collected by the whole family at the dinner table. Do not be afraid to cheer yourself up and let in your house summer colors that will warm up at any time of the year.