Glass partitions in the apartment: zoning ideas

The concept of open space is popular today for a number of reasons. The interior without walls seems bigger and freer. It does not accumulate odors, and light freely penetrates from windows to all corners. The only drawbacks of studio apartments can be considered the complexity of privacy and visual separation of one zone from another. In this case, glass partitions will come to your aid. They will preserve the integrity of the space, leaving you the opportunity to isolate yourself from the outside world at the right time. We present you the best ideas and examples of zoning rooms with sliding and static glass partitions.

Glass partitions for zoning space in the room

Is it safe to use glass partitions to zonate space in a room? Of course, if you throw a heavy object in them, they will break. But modern technology allows you to get a thick enough and durable glass, so that it meets all the safety criteria. In addition, the interior of the apartment is usually used partitions of translucent glass with a beautiful finish in the form of patterns, textures or frames. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will accidentally stumble and injure yourself about such a barrier.

Transparent glass partitions in the apartmentGlass partitions for zoning space in the roomGlass partitions in the apartment - studio apartment photo

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For greater confidence, you can choose a tempered or laminated glass (for example, triplex, which is well resists shocks and is used in the glazing of cars and facades). They are distinguished by high reliability, durability, shock resistance and relatively low weight, which makes the installation easier and safer.

How to use glass partitions in studio apartment

Partitions made of glass can be transparent and matt, have a relief or pattern on their surface. For the zoning of space in a small room, narrow dividers are usually used, fixed in one position.

Glass partition in the bathroomInterior partitions of glass in the bedroom and bathroom Glass partition in large bathroom with toilet

When it is necessary to visually separate one room from another in the studio apartment, install sliding glass partitions and doors. A few examples of this you can see on the following photos.

Glass sliding doors and partitions - photo in the apartmentBeautiful colored glass partitions in the apartment

An interesting way to use glass partitions is to install them in a niche or on a section of the room, allocated to a closet or a small dressing room. Also with their help today it is fashionable to separate the bathroom from the bedroom or the home office from the living room.

Glass sliding doors and partitions - photos in the bedroom Glass interroom partitions - zoning of the bathroom in the bedroom Zoning space with glass partitions - photo 2017 The glass partition in the apartment studio - living room and officeHome office behind glass partitions

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In addition to the zoning function of space, glass interior partitions can act as an original decorative element.

Decorative glass partitions - photo in the houseUnusual glass partitions in the design of the apartment

Below Dekorin invites you to enjoy 10 more photos of stylish studio apartments and just rooms with glass partitions.

Glass partitions in the apartment - 10 photos

Want to install in the apartment glass partitions? Then take the best ideas to your note!

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