Stylish furniture from pinterest

We present you the 30 most interesting pieces of furniture this week, which were laid out on Pinterest! Some of them were made by themselves, others - are sold in stores for a lot of money, and still others are exclusive products from famous designers. Here we did not rely on the price, material, color or type of furniture, but simply chose for you the most original items that stand out in their style and inspire you to upgrade your home!

So, in the main trends of this week on Pinterest:

  • multifunctional furniture;
  • cozy furniture «from a fairy tale» (a bed in the form of a nest, a children's corner in the form of a doll's house etc.);
  • futuristic furniture;
  • wooden products of rough processing (stump seats, whole tree trunks etc.);
  • vintage furniture, etc.

We look and enjoy!

Let's start with multifunctional furniture:

Cot for the girl to grow The original wall shelf

Dining table with armchairs Convenient workplace solution Set of multifunctional furniture Folding tables for antiquity

In autumn, I want to surround myself with comfort! And it's pretty simple to do, using in the interior warm shades of wood, fabulous shapes and bright textiles.

Stylish armchair in wood and soft seats Wooden swing in the interior Cozy bed in the shape of a nest Stools with a soft seat

Furniture for home by own hands

Beautiful armchairs for the street Designer chair from Natanel Gluska Comfortable armchair Hush pod by Freyja Sewell

A little more furniture in a fantasy and futuristic style! Rejoice yourself and surprise the guests!

Baby seat of The Ball by Eero Aarnio Unusual coffee table Stylish chair in the form of a bubble Children's corner for a girl Coffee table from Zaha Hadid Back-up table with backlight

Coffee table for stylish interior Sofa bed in a futuristic style

For those who prefer more refined furniture, we present a few very stylish vintage products:

Coffee table Bermuda Pecan Sofa in the Danish style 50-h Beautiful and compact hallway furniture Chair from the designer Alexandre Caldas

And now it's time to introduce you to the top three!

Honorable 3rd place this week goes to the dinner set "Linger a Little Longer" or "Stay a little more" from designer Jay Watson. Do I need to say why?

Dining table by Jay Watson

The second place we give to the delightful hand-made couch. It's amazing how beautiful furniture can be made using the simplest materials and forms!

Outdoor furniture with own hands

Finally, the leader of this week is ... taratatam ... a simple desktop "One-High Table" from the studio EhoEho. It is because it is simple, interesting, convenient and environmentally friendly.