Bahrain - the smallest arab state

"Where are you going?" In Bahrain? What is it and where?

Frequent questions asked by friends. Yes, I went to the country, the existence of which she herself had not suspected six months ago. A tiny dot on the map in the Persian Gulf, a visa on arrival for Russians, skyscrapers and white sand. Almost the emirates, only less, hotter and, as it turned out, more boring:

Modern architecture of Bahrain

Although, no. Nevertheless, I was interested in Bahrain. By profession I am an architect, but here the whole country is one big building by the latest technologies. The northern part of the island is especially active:

Northern part of the city

Some buildings look just enchanting, like, for example, this tower called United Tower:

United Tower in Bahrain

But I was told about this legendary building back in high school. The World Trade Center of Bahrain is a sample of modern architecture. Two towers are connected by bridges, on which are placed giant blades. The sea breeze blows here always, therefore propellers are capable to generate the electricity going to the towers themselves. Of course, the energy they produce is only a small percentage of all consumption, but the idea and execution are still excellent:

World Trade Center of Bahrain

Fifteen years ago, Bahrain did not look as technocratic a paradise as it is today. And then, and now the capital of the state was Manama. Today it is a gray, dirty, low city:

Gray, dirty, low city of Manama

Manama rigidly contrasts with skyscrapers, new buildings. Although these buildings have their own history, they look depressingly:


The narrow, dark streets:

Narrow streets of the city

Shabby walls of houses with decrepit balconies and old air conditioners, without which in this country can not survive in the heat:

Old architecture of the city

Today, Manama is inhabited mainly by emigrants - cheap labor from India and Pakistan. Basically, here come the brothers of the Muslim faith:


They come from families. While fathers work at construction sites, they have children. Some visitors open up tiny benches in the old Manama and trade things they have become accustomed to in their homeland:

Father with daughter

The children of these migrants, like flowers torn from the roots, have not yet found a new ground:


In Bahrain, everything is imported: both labor and almost all goods sold in the country. Nothing is produced here and almost nothing is grown. All that lies on the shelves is import:

Import from Dubai

We arrived in Bahrain at the height of the holy month of Ramadan. Without waiting for the sunset, at the first sounds of the evening prayer, everyone attacked the food:

Bahrain in the midst of the holy month of Ramadan

The goal with which we arrived in Bahrain was to find out how an Arab woman feels, dressing in everything black and covering her charms from head to toe. It was important to experience this on yourself:

Code of rules for the decoration of women

Ane Abaya did not like categorically. She subjected this traditional outfit to uncompromising criticism. To me, this garment seemed quite pleasant, like a long black dress. True, wearing this every day requires a certain skill, but, in general, beautiful:

Russian beauty in Arabic decoration

Girl in national Arabic clothes

However, it seems strange and illogical that Arab women are dressed in black, and men in white:

Men in national clothes

Especially in the summer, when the temperature in the shade is not below +45, and normal life begins only after sunset:

Beauty of sea scenery

In general, Bahrain is one continuous desert, which blossomed with its unexpected infrastructure only thanks to oil and gas. They were found here at the beginning of the last century. Since then, these two points still remain the title lines in the country's economy:

Bahrain is one solid desert

The southern part of the island is a huge industrial zone in the middle of a stony wasteland. But there is one interesting attraction here, it's called the tree of life. A lonely tree stands in the middle of the desert, and scientists are still wondering how the roots feed on it:

The stony wasteland of Bahrain

The country has beaches, both private, with hotels, and public. But we did not dare to try either one or the other. It was terribly roasted in a frying pan of July baking and boiled in a pot of bay:

Coastal line of the city

Rarely planted along the orphaned deserted sidewalks, even greenery did not save. She did not give any shadow:

Greens in Bahrain

Hand on heart, frankly: Bahrain - this is the country in which I'm unlikely to get together again. The first experience of acquaintance with the deserted Arab state was exhaustive. However, this country (by the way, along with Russia) is one of the most attractive for specialists. So if you are looking for a well-paid job, think about it. Perhaps Bahrain is for you:

The coast line in the city

Sincere gratitude in the organization of this trip of the company "BuddhaTour" and Alexey Minaev personally.