First-class motivation: 5 dizzying examples of garage

Garages with wooden gates

Everyone dreams of creating a garage space to his liking. But the most difficult thing is to begin to disassemble the complete chaos and accumulated a long pile of garbage. Today we have gathered for you amazing recommendations that will inspire you to transform the garage into an exceptional room.

1. The perfect place

The specialists of HartmanBaldwin Design / Build divided this room into two parts: one for cars, the other for the workshop. The owner of this house constantly works with old models of cars and it was important for him to have functional areas for performing certain tasks.

Workshop in the garage

Do not forget about the installation of the hydraulic system. In this regard, the floor had to be very strong, so the masters gave preference to polished concrete.

Interior of a stylish garage

2. Charming snack bar

The owners of this garage turned it into a full-scale cafe in the 1950s style. At the wall they put red vinyl booths, and the floor was painted in the color of a chessboard. Attracts attention to the amazing decor and delightful tables and chairs of the time. This is absolutely an unmatched place for parties.

Cafe in the garage

3. Wonderful office

This modern building serves as an administrative conference room for the firm Yountville (California, USA).

Library in the garage

Developers had to cut down this premise to convert it from a storage room to an office space. The ceiling was left untouched, an aluminum door was introduced, which is easily opened to fill the conference room with light.

Office in the garage

As a result of the work done, a modernized space has emerged, in which the company's offices and even a separate area are located perfectly for meetings and presentations.

Glass gates in the garage

4. Fantastic man cave

Take a look at this spotlessly designed garage. A simple and sharp design is perfectly combined with black wood and industrial lighting. The painted concrete floor adds a subtle touch of heat.

Wardrobes in the garage

Built-in racks allow you to save tons of different items without taking up valuable square meters.

Spacious wardrobe in the garage

On the shelves, you can even hide the table for ping-pong and air hockey. After all, how nice to take out for a day Bentley from the garage and arrange tournaments with your friends! And after the games enjoy the cool drinks that stand in the refrigerator of stainless steel.

Playing in the garage

5. Artist's Studio

This room was built in such a way that it could safely place the car and work on another masterpiece.

Garage with glass facade

High ceilings, large windows and white walls help fill this room with sunlight.

Garage with glass facade