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Of all the ways to decorate the walls and the floor surface of the bathroom, there has been a long time and does not lose its relevance the layout of the tiles in the bathroom. And this is completely justified, since ceramic tiles are the most practical material, having high strength and moisture resistance. Many consider this option a relic of Soviet times and spend quite a lot of time looking for something special. But this opinion can completely change if one considers how wide the variety of modern tile models is, and what interesting combinations can be made with it. In this article, we give examples of the layout of tiles in the bathroom (photos of which will also be presented in this article) and provide recommendations for specialists in the design of the bathroom using this finishing material.

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Program for laying tiles in the bathroom

Bathroom design, tile layout in which should correspond to a certain stylistic direction, it is often difficult to think about inexperience in such matters to a person. In a quandary can put a rather small size of the bathroom. In this situation, many prefer the help of designers, although, in our time, a number of programs have been developed, both simpler and more complicated, which make it possible to compose a finished project in 3D format.

An example can serve as a program for laying tiles in the bathroom Ceramic 3D. This software allows quite quickly, within 15-20 minutes, to create a design of a premise of any configuration with laying tiles of any complexity. The program ViSoft Premium, which has a huge set of samples in its base, does not concede to it and, using them, automatically makes a layout in the specified area. This bath tile layout program allows you to take a photo of the finished sketch, and also calculates the amount of material.

However, it is worth considering that such software is paid. Most online stores provide a free opportunity to compose your project online. And this, too, should be taken advantage of, as the layout of tiles in the bathroom in the "online" mode can be no less effective.

You can implement the project yourself. To do this, it is necessary to make accurate measurements of the entire room, taking into account the slightest protrusions, niches, steps on the floor, the arrangement of mirrors, as well as the placement of communications and plumbing installations. It should be taken into account that different layout variants for walls and floors are possible, as well as many variants of colors and combinations of patterns.

Layout of tiles in the bathroom: photo decorations with general recommendations

The first thing to stop is the choice of the size and color of the tiles. A common division implies such sizes as standard, large and mosaic. The most applicable option for decades has been and remains square and rectangular tiles of medium size. Here it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room: if it is small - it is better to apply light colors. The layout of tiles in a small bathroom will look much more interesting if you use in its design a combination of the main light color, which should be dominant, with its darker shade (white and gray, blue and blue etc.). Such a technique will help visually expand the space, and with the addition of vertical bands, also give height. Tiles for a small room should not be large, perhaps even the design of the mosaic.

tile layout in a small bathroom, photo 8tile layout in a small bathroom, photo 9

Having a ready plan for laying out the tiles in the bathroom, and understanding how much material is needed, it is better to purchase it in reserve, taking into account possible damages during laying (approximately 15% more).

Laying tiles in different styles

One of the classic types of tile layout is reduced to the design of the upper part in light colors, and the bottom - in the dark, while this layout of the tiles in the bathroom (photo presented in the article) assumes the presence of a separation border. A more fashionable trend is the design of the flooring with a dark tile, to which a number of the same wall plate will be attached. Moreover, the matt tile for the floor is much better glossy as it does not slip and does not form on it with the time of rubbing.

горизонтальная tile layout in the bathroom, photo 10

The generally accepted rules for the layout of tiles in the bathroom are that the horizontal design of the tile can expand the space, but reduce the height, and the vertical, on the contrary. It is also necessary to take into account the color palette. Of course, if the tile is small and light tone, the seams on it will be quite clear and this principle will work, but if the tile is large and the seams are additionally treated with colored grout - the orientation of the styling will not play a role.

The layout of the tiles in the bathroom on the walls does not necessarily have to match the floor pattern. Often, the use of various options can be quite advantageous, making some diversity in the interior, as well as hide the shortcomings of a particular surface and adjacent corners.

Bathroom design: tile layout in various ways

Recently, quite a lot of ways of decorating tiles in the form of various patterns have been formed. Variants of tile layout in the bathroom, the examples of which are given in this article, can be the simplest, not requiring special skills, but there are those that do not cease to cause surprise. There are no specific recommendations on how to apply this or that method to design in any style, it all depends on the personal preferences of the owners.

Basic layout of tiles in the bathroom

This option is the simplest, existing for decades, when the tile is laid parallel to the walls of the seam in the seam. It is quite profitable for several reasons:

  • for styling suitable as a square tile, and rectangular, which gives room for imagination;
  • The process proceeds fairly quickly, due to its simplicity;
  • saving material with a minimum amount of trimming;
  • the ability to produce such works independently, without the involvement of specialists, which entails saving material costs.

To ensure that the interior of the bathroom does not look dull and does not resemble the bathrooms of "Soviet times", it is enough to choose a tile with a beautiful pattern and texture, which is not difficult in the modern market of finishing materials.

bathroom design tile layout, photo 11plan of tile layout in the bathroom, photo 12rules for laying tiles in the bathroom, photo 13

One of the subspecies is the layout of the square tile in the bathroom, suggesting a combination of white and black colors. This method is called "chess". He creates a rather interesting drawing. In this case, you can use other variations of the color palette, combining, for example, blue and yellow, red and white, etc.

правильная tile layout in the bathroom, photo 14examples of tile layout in bathroom photo, photo 15

Laying tiles in the bathroom "in the dressing"

This method is also called "uncontrolled", since it involves laying out, in which the seams are displaced relative to each other. As in the previous version, rectangular and square models are used, which are stacked in horizontal rows. The difference is that the seams of each successive row are in the middle of the tile of the previous one, which, in the end, is added to the original pattern resembling a brickwork. This scheme of layout of tiles in the bathroom is also quite simple, but here it is worth noting the use of two contrasting colors, and vertical design is categorically not acceptable, since the final result will look ridiculous. It is best for this pattern to choose a rectangular version of the tile.

program of tile layout in the bathroom, photo 16bathroom tile 3d layout program, photo 17

Rules for laying tiles in the bathroom diagonally

Since this method should not start newcomers, because it refers to a rather complex and relatively expendable. Here, absolute correctness of laying is necessary, so that all the seams are positioned at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor and 90 degrees relative to each other. In the process of carrying out work, it is necessary to carry out a lot of cutting, so the material must be purchased with a decent margin. But, then, this layout of the tiles in the bathroom (photo-catalog of the article contains similar examples) can help visually increase the space, hide the flaws of walls and uneven corners, besides, it looks rather original, giving the room depth and sharpness.

program for laying out tiles for baths, photo 18laying out tiles in the bathroom, photo 19

Modular tile layout in the bathroom

This kind refers to the most modern, and requires a painstaking work consisting of laying the tiles in the form of a clear or chaotic pattern. This will require tiles of different sizes (at least three), but with a homogeneous texture. The color of the elements can be very diverse. The process itself is quite creative and boils down to successfully combining different colors and sizes, laying out the original pattern. In the modern design of the bathroom interior, this technique is used quite often, since, practically, there are no standard solutions, which makes the design more individual.

tile in the bathroom, photo 20tile design in the bathroom online, photo 21tile layout in a combination bathroom, photo 22

Variants of tile layout in the bathroom: examples of a combination of different methods and color solutions

Having considered the basic rules of layout of tiles in the bathroom, it is worth paying attention to more interesting designs that can be found in modern bathrooms. One of those is the option of combining horizontal and vertical strips created with the help of two colors: the main one and its shade. In this case, the layout of the tiles in the bathroom with strips assumes their diverse location. Both vertical and horizontal bands can be from edge to edge, or do not reach one of them, the vertical strip may not reach the ceiling or floor, and the horizontal strip may be a separate fragment. The width of the bands can be any.

Magnificent in the bathroom and fragments, designed to focus on the background of a single-colored tile. Such areas can be lined with contrasting tiles or decorative (panels), for example, in the area of ​​a washbasin, heated towel rail, toilet bowl or shower. It should be noted that the tile layout in the bathroom with bright accent fragments is good for large rooms, in small bathrooms to such decorations you need to be treated with restraint so as not to make chaos.

tile layout in bathroom photo, photo 23laying tiles on the floor in the bathroom, photo 24

Another interesting way to design a bathroom is to use a picture of a "kaleidoscope" or "patchwork", which provides options for laying tiles in the bathroom with a combination of several colors. At the same time, their combination can be both ordered and chaotic. This method is good for creative natures, who prefer "creative disorder" and a cheerful environment, charging energy.

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black-and-white tile layout in the bathroom, photo 25calculation of bathroom tiles with layout, photo 26

In conclusion, I would like to say that there is no limit to human imagination. In this article, the main variants of the layout of the tiles in the bathroom, used in decorating the bathroom, were announced. Perhaps, they will be the impetus for new ideas and their implementation in the conditions of modern design.

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