Flower shop design

Flower shop design

Ordinary grocery or household shops decorate with an additional decor, which stands out against the background of the products being sold, thereby setting the style for the whole interior. And what should the owners of flower shops or salons do, where the goods are the main decoration of the premises? In this situation, it is necessary to resort to a professional design project, where the stylistics of the store will play a major role. It will have to be based on the choice of a range of colors, decoration materials and additional decorations, which for the most part in parallel will also perform some useful functions. The design of a flower shop can be invented and implemented independently. Typically, these shops have a small area, where it is easier to implement the project. About how to properly decorate and zadekorirovat a small oasis in a huge urban desert, we'll talk further.

Special features of the shop decoration

When you design a flower shop, consider a number of nuances that are directly related to the specifics of the product:

  • Special lighting. Since plants are very sensitive to light, it must be distributed correctly. For those flowers that love the sun, they arrange a place at the window or compensate it with artificial light bulbs. Tropical exotics, which prefer a shadow, put in secluded corners.
  • Zoning and planning. Plants should be grouped and located in separate zones. Living room flowers in one place, and cut off components for future bouquets - in another. With strict taxonomy, it will be easier for customers to understand the abundance of goods.
  • Finishing. If the finance allows, then the floral interior is better to cover with natural materials. First, a similar solution will be combined with filling the store. Secondly, the natural finish always looks expensive and stylish.
  • Palette. It is difficult to choose the right scale, if the store looks like a mixture of color spots.
  • Showcase. There are a lot of flower shops in any city. To attract customers into your own, you need to distinguish it among others with the help of an originally designed showcase and advertising from the outside.
  • Any experienced florist will say that without a special equipment that will provide the right level of humidity and temperature, no flower shop can do. In winter, the flowers will have to be warmed, and in the hot summer they will be hidden in special refrigerators (we are talking about cut ones).
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Decoration of a flower shop

You should also decide on the "scale" of the store and the intended target audience, which will be targeted to trade. This is useful when choosing a style. With regard to specialization, there are three types of outlets: a small shop, a medium-sized shop (pavilion), a salon or a boutique.

Shelves with flowers Brick wall in the interior  Bouquets on the counter  Black chandeliers in a bright interior  Shelves along the wall  Floodlights on the ceiling

Stylistic directions

When choosing a store style, restrictions are imposed only by its specificity. You always need to focus on the customer. Among the popular destinations are the following styles:

  • For the conservative public, use austere art deco or modern. In the color palette apply brown and its warm shades (sparkling nut, gold, beige), white, black. For finishing choose wood and ceramic tiles. In general, the interior looks solid, elegant and expensive.
  • Modern shops decorate in high-tech or eco-style. In the first case, plastic, glass and metal are used for decoration, and in the color palette, a "trio" of gray, white and black is preferred. Against this background, flowers will stand out. For eco-style use only natural materials and the same decor. Original "bouquets" from branches, real dry trees, cones, spruce needles, phytostenes from moss or stone rock gardens will look original.
  • If the flower shop is designed for VIP-buyers, then it is made in luxurious classic directions or a luxurious loft. In the first case, use the style of Empire, Baroque, Rococo, where the tree prevails in decoration, and in the decoration - floral ornaments. For the loft, the room is decorated with brick or masonry, with open communication systems, with original lamps. The color scheme is maintained in brown-black tones.
  • Eclectic is suitable for shops that daily accept a large stream of diverse buyers. The direction is a mixture of styles, where sometimes there are unusual combinations and original compositions.
  • Provence. The sweetest and graceful of the line of village lines. The style is simple in execution: the interior can be filled with a warm, cozy "grandmother's" decor. Additionally decorate the room with fluttering butterflies and bees. Instead of boring plastic pots, handmade vases are used. Unusual will look like supplies for flowers in the form of tiny bikes, painted in white.
  • Shebbie chic. The style is characterized by a soft, light design. Distantly it resembles a mixture of Provence and classics. In the color palette, preference is given to white, pink, peach and other pastel shades.
  • Vintage. Brick walls are decorated with picturesque panoramas. The accent element of the interior will be a bird cage hanging from the ceiling. Decorate the shop with old utensils (bowls, pots, vases) and woven baskets.
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Flower shop in Art Nouveau style

Of course, the interior can be decorated in other stylistic decisions: ethnic, Scandinavian, colonial directions, Biedermeier, pop art, avant-garde, minimalism.

Clock on the wall  Chandeliers with candles in the interior  Branches on the walls  A bench near the wall  Pots on the shelves

Lighting system

When selecting lighting fixtures, first of all pay attention to the spectral composition of the bulbs. Preference is given to the blue, red or orange range, which is ideal for plants. Remember that in winter, when the sun will not be enough, it will have to be compensated with artificial lighting, so it should reach the farthest corners of the shop, so that no one of its green inhabitants felt deprived. As an option, they acquire special phytolamps, which are specially designed for heating of tender plants. Also devices should have minimal infrared radiation, that is, do not "heat" the air. With the help of decorative illumination necessarily emphasize the most successful, accentual bouquets and compositions. This solution is necessary not for plants, but for the interior of the store. The storefront is additionally equipped with LED-backlighting.

Floral shop lighting

In large greenhouses use sodium slugs. They give a lot of red spectral glow, but they have poor color rendition. Instruments perfectly stimulate the flowering of plants and the development of the root system, help to adapt in new conditions. Balance the spectral composition with mercury lamps.

Niches in the wall Cabinets along the wall  Cells under the ceiling  Vases on the table  Paintings on the wall  Boxes on the floor

Color spectrum

Flowers in themselves have a powerful energy, and due to the bright colors they make the necessary variety in the palette. To fill the store in the store even brighter, you should choose neutral tones for the background. For this, black, gray, white, brown, dark purple, rich blue and pastel shades are suitable. To add a store charm, use silver and gold. The first variant approaches to minimalism, hi-tech and modern style. Gold will look appropriate in the classical direction, rococo, baroque and empire. Bronze and brass are in harmony with retro, steampunk or vintage style.

Flower shop in light colors Hearts under the ceiling  Wheelbarrow in the interior  Mirror on the wall  Orchids on the shelves  Table of pallets in the interior

Selection of finishing materials

In the finishing materials preference is given to natural options. So it was conceived by nature itself: the flowers look best against the background of the landscape, and in the room their beauty is shaded by stone and wood. For floor finishing, it is preferable to choose a strong material. It can be ceramic tile, stone or brick. The latter is suitable for ethnic design in Spanish or Italian style. If the store is budgetary and you need to save, then choose a linoleum with a natural pattern. The ceiling is plastered, painted, covered with plasterboard. In more expensive versions use a stretch cloth. Walls are trimmed with an array of wood, its imitation in the form of tiles or panels, stone or brick masonry, PVC. The choice of material depends on the style. It is best to take root in a flower shop natural stone and brick, which at the same time can be a problem if the winters are harsh, and the heating in the room leaves much to be desired.

Tree in flower shop decoration A bench by the window  Lantern on the floor  Chandelier above the counter  Vase on the column  Built-in ceiling lights

The necessary equipment and its location

The standard furniture set of the flower shop includes racks, shelves, storefronts and counter. However, the expectation of bouquets for customers can also be brightened up by equipping the room with a small corner sofa and a coffee table. This solution is not suitable for tiny shops, but it is easy to incarnate in interiors with an average area. As for special equipment, this set includes the following units:

  • Refrigeration unit. There are two- and one-chamber devices. If the budget is limited, it is better to choose the first, although the second more roomy (up to 500-600 roses).
  • Air conditioning. It is vital for a flower shop, because it is with its help that you can create a temperature that is comfortable for plants.
  • Heat curtain. A special unit that generates a "wall" from the airflow. It is located at the entrance door. The device prevents the penetration of air from the street into the room and vice versa, supporting the store's independence from climatic conditions in the external environment.
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Equipment in the interior of a flower shop

As for the shelving, they are chosen according to the principle of roominess. In this regard, the optimal solution is considered to be "hills" and "pyramids". The first are installed near the walls, and the latter are designed for a central location.

Shelves with flowers вдоль стен  Cells on the stand  TV on the wall  Shelves on the partition  Wall-papers on a wall

We pay special attention to the display case and the facade

Showcase is the main advertising tool of the store. It is not necessary to completely force it with pots and vases with all sorts of flowers and compositions. You should choose only the best or rare from the range and present these products as a tempting offer. The original solution for "light" styles (cheek chic, provence, rustic, ethnica) will be the location of the picturesque composition of hovering leaves and decorated flower pots in which flowers are placed. Supplement the design of dishes, wooden boxes, wicker baskets, wrought trunks. In more rigorous styles, it is recommended to create an unobtrusive perspective with the help of mirrors, which decorate the walls. They will multiply the range and fascinate buyers. It is obligatory to add colors to accompanying colors, if any. For example, when florists are in parallel engaged in packing gifts, samples of the best gift boxes are displayed on the display. And, of course, a sign. The name of the store, the font that it is written, must correspond to the general stylistic concept.

Flower shop front

If climatic conditions permit, then the display case is decorated with fresh flowers, the branches of which stretch out into the street through a glass window on top. Some store owners go further and create from the colors "clothes" for mannequins that are put on the threshold.

Clasp with a cart  Vases at the entrance  Lantern in the form of a flower in the shop  Flowers under a canopy  Shrubs near the entrance


The flower shop creates a mood for its customers. Previously, researchers mistakenly believed that bouquets in humans are associated exclusively with holidays, and hence positive emotions. And it turned out that the very kind of plants has a beneficial effect on the mood, causing an involuntary and sincere smile. Therefore, the bouquets try to locate in the most prominent places in restaurants, cafes, and hotels. The flower shop trades to some extent with pleasant emotions, as if it deals with domestic magic, so its design should emphasize the beauty of filling in order to enhance the positive effect. And happy and satisfied customers will automatically switch to the list of regular customers.