Small secrets of low-budget garage reconstruction - a

Living room in the garage

Kerrie L. Kelly

Kerrie Kelly, a designer from Sacramento, turned this once-cluttered garage into a fashionable living room suitable for a young family. After bringing order, the space was painted and acquired some spectacular bright pieces of furniture.

As a result, the elegant common living room, which proves that a good project may well be budgetary.

"The finished room turned out better than expected. This was confirmed by the family living here, who loved him with all her heart, "the author asserts.

We suggest to make sure of this ourselves. We do not doubt, such an amazing reconstruction of the garage will not leave you indifferent.

The original garage door is opened by pressing a button, filling the room with natural light. There is another entrance to the structure through the side opening, but the gate creates a better airflow.

Bright accents in the bright living room

Inspired by the elegant design of rural houses in Napa and Sonoma, located in the neighborhood, the designer chose a calm gray and white palette for the main color scheme of the room.

Creating an external appearance, she used the shades of Swiss Coffee 23, Chadwick 217 and Greyswood 3958-3 from Kelly Moore.

Bright accents in the bright living room

A complex gray with a white background set the tone of the room, and additional colors helped turn it into a truly family living room.

"There was also a need for playfulness, which would contain bright decor elements and some graphic structures, "- says Kerrie Kelly.

The biggest surprise in this project was the discovery of how easy it was to create horizontal stripes on the walls. The design team simply painted the wooden boards, and then nailed them to the surface.

A similar decorative wall decoration helps to expand the room, give him a sense of freedom and light.

Bright pictures on the wall

Создание великолепного жилого пространства для семьи не должно было стоить баснословных денег и требовало фантазии. Диван от Room & Board, люстра от Crate & Barrel и барные стулья от Wholesale Interiors сочетаются в этом недорогом и шикарном новом облике.

Book shelving in the living room

These modern bookcases were made from recycled wood and water pipes by the Kerrie Kelly Design Lab project. Open shelves allow the enclosed space to breathe and at the same time offer enough space for basic necessities.

Mirror over the fireplace in the living room

Kerrie Kelly says that the functional ideas of this garage were simple: "Eat, drink, play, enjoy. Repeat. "

About the secrets of this budget project for the reconstruction of parking in a chic living room readers of Small Interiors learned from Kristy Woodson Harvey and Beth Woodson.