We equip the room for the car: which gate to choose for the

Garage Doors Traditional swing door designs give way to modern models. Today, it is increasingly possible to meet rolling, lifting and turning, sectional. What is their difference? In the methods of opening, in the installation technology, in the heat-insulating properties. When choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the features of the place where the garage is installed, the dimensions and functional purpose of the room.

Opening mechanism

On this basis, they can be divided into several types. Sectional consist of fastened together elements, they can be opened, rising up or moving aside. In the lifting and turning plane it rises to the ceiling and is held in a horizontal position. Rolls are wound on the shaft at the opening.

Thermal insulation

If your garage is attached to a heated room, then buy insulated sashes to reduce heat loss. There is a different insulation, polyurethane foam for sectional, expanded polystyrene for lifting. They are more expensive by 30%. You can warm up later, after installation.

Opening method

They can be opened manually, as well as with the help of an automatic drive with one touch of the remote control button directly from the car. It can be equipped with an additional function of opening and turning on the light in the room. And the drive must stop the door if it encounters an obstacle and switches to manual mode when the electricity is turned off. If you initially stopped on the manual mode, then in the future you can install the drive device, for this you need to provide for it a place.