With exceptional shelves, you can turn your garage into a

Shelves for glasses and glasses

Many will agree that the garage is a multi-purpose space. This statement has been proven many times in practice by the well-known architect-designer Ryan Hill, transforming such rooms into striking rooms.

Today we will get acquainted with one of his unusual works, the main feature of which was the use of secondary materials for the design of the bar-office. Do not miss!

Pipes and connectors of the necessary sizes were purchased at a hardware store. Details were attached to shelves and walls with zinc 1-inch screws.

Wall shelves for glasses and glasses

For wall finishing, instead of the standard drywall, the professional chose MDF boards, because they have a more stable surface.

Original wall lamp above the shelf

The shelves were made from recycled wood. Noble black color gave them a charming look and a bit of personality. In addition, thanks to such a dark hue, all the glass objects are very well distinguished. That's all - the bar is open! The hosts are always happy to see all the guests here.