Decorative pvc panels

Decorative pvc panel

Modern interiors of living quarters, offices, shops are often decorated with decorative PVC panels. The reason for the popularity of this kind of finishing materials in their practicality, ease of installation, care. Beautiful veneer will fit into any style, does not become an exorbitant load on a limited budget.

Decorative panels in the interior

The variety of PVC panels is great: width, thickness, color, pattern. Panels for walls, ceilings and slopes, smooth, relief - a wide choice makes firstly confused inexperienced buyer.

The scope of the coating is practically unlimited: living rooms, rooms with high humidity, open terraces and verandas, exposed to low temperatures, shopping centers with high traffic. Panels are used for their intended purpose, they are made of various types of decor, they are used as a lining, formwork, inventive dacha find them "work" in the garden.

Black sofa in the living room  Armchairs around the table  Masks of the Moon  Semi-laminate  Wall-papers for a brick in a drawing room

Advantages and disadvantages

The consumer appreciated the many advantages of PVC panels, they include:

  • external aesthetics, the possibility of broad design use;
  • quick installation without preliminary preparation;
  • Defects of load-bearing structures are effectively masked;
  • can be faced with any substrate: wood, brick, concrete, surfaces in unheated rooms;
  • under plastic hide electrical wiring, other communications;
  • the panels have high heat and sound insulation properties, they protect well from noisy neighbors;
  • the material is moisture resistant, spores of fungi do not take root, it does not require special care. Dust, micro condensation due to low electrostatic properties do not accumulate;
  • in contrast to fiberboard and chipboard panels, combustion does not support, PVC material is self-extinguishing, its toxicity index is 1.5 times lower;
  • installation will be carried out by a beginner builder;
  • damaged parts of the finish are easy to replace;
  • the purchase of panels is not burdensome for the budget, they will last long.

Aesthetics - one of the advantages of panels in the interior

PVC panels have some negative properties that can be leveled, observing the rules of operation:

  • the finish does not tolerate the proximity of the heating devices. The material does not light up, but at high temperatures it can release toxic substances;
  • Do not expose the panel to strong mechanical influences, dents, deformations are possible;
  • it is better not to use plastic in a bedroom or a children's room, natural wood, a stone is still preferable;
  • low-quality material will eventually change color, if it is exposed to solar radiation, the presence of special additives in the composition of this effect levels.

Floor lamps in the living room  Sofa at the wall  Vases in the niche  TV on the wall  Room tree at the window

Types of panels

Classify varieties of panels, depending on their purpose: ceiling, for walls. The latter are more durable, not so flexible, better withstand mechanical loads. Their thickness is greater than that of the ceiling, the rigidity is due to the large percentage of polyvinyl chloride. Cut with a knife such a panel does not work, the stiffeners have from 1 mm.

When choosing a finishing material, pay attention to the size of the panels. To decorate the premises from the outside and inside, use a plastic lining 3 m long, 10-12.5 cm wide. Outwardly it resembles a wooden lining or polycarbonate. Fragments are connected with the help of the lock "polka" (narrow connection) or "european" (wider).

Wall panels in the interior

To decorate the room from the outside, where there are possible temperature changes, use a plastic lining PVC joints which are able to "play". The original form of the material persists longer, because the pigment is added to the pigment in the production process, rather than on top of the finished parts.

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Sheet panels are wider in width (80-203 cm). The length of sheets varies from 105 to 405 cm. The material most popular among consumers. Due to the special surface treatment the sheets are durable, withstand high mechanical loads. Fastened on liquid nails, the walls before the finishing works can not be leveled.

PVC panels with the greatest demand have a length of up to 3 m, a width of 25 or 50 cm. On the outside, painted, lacquered or thermo-coated. Seams on them are not noticeable.

Mirrors in the corridor

Sandwich panels - a separate category of coating, consisting of external and internal plastic parts, between which are polyurethane foam or polystyrene foam as a filler. The outer side, in turn, is also composed of several types of papers impregnated with formaldehyde, then compressed. This kind of plastic:

  • very durable;
  • not exposed to moisture;
  • It is popular for finishing doorways, slopes.

Windows on the whole wall in the interior

Surfaces with complex terrain, hard-to-reach places can also be covered with thin PVC sheet panels. They are plastic, easily cut, joined, glued directly to the surface without the preliminary creation of a frame. Mosaic panels are beautiful, easy to bend, do not allow moisture, do not burn.

Laminating the panels creates an additional protective layer on them, which prevents shocks and scratches. Lamination provides additional opportunities for decoration, as it very naturally imitates the bulk texture of a stone, a tree, pleasant to the touch.

Built-in lighting fixtures in the wall

Panels with a three-dimensional image are popular when decorating rooms with high humidity, are able to change the geometry and volume of rooms with a complex layout. The variety of graphic 3D images helps to avoid standard approaches, changing the space beyond recognition.

Dining table by the septum  Parquet on semi  Table and sofa in front of the TV  Panels in the headboard  Backlit bed

What to consider when choosing

The outlets offer PVC panels of Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian production. Externally, they are distinguished by color, degree of gloss, and size. Italian, Belgian manufacturers surprise with decorative variety, use new technologies to increase the strength of products, in catalogs there are panels with digital printing, for brick, slate, using stone crumbs, the effect of tile facing.

  • The first conditional classification of the material - it is used for wall or ceiling sheathing. If the panel lends itself to pressing with a finger, then, rather, it can be attributed to a group of ceiling. For walls it is better to buy more durable models. In addition, the ceilings usually have a length of 6 and 12 m, and the length of the wall is 2.7-3, or 6 m.
  • It is not worth chasing cheapness. Low cost indicates the use of poor quality raw materials, bad adhesives, varnish. Over time, the purchased product will lose its appearance, will start to allocate harmful components, which will provoke at least allergic reactions.
  • The technical characteristics of glossy and matte panels do not differ. Pay attention to the thickness of the outer wall, the thicker it is, the stronger the model. Harder specimens with more stiffeners are stronger. The quality of the panel is indicated by its thickness, weight, absence of external and internal deformations.
  • At purchase it is necessary to take an interest, in what temperature range it is recommended to operate the goods. Conventional panels withstand the differences of 20 degrees. Other types of well-established at a temperature of -40 to +115.
  • Acquire the necessary amount of material at once, so that it is from one batch, with a uniform coloring, a matching pattern. Neighboring panels should not subsequently differ in tint or deflection in one direction or another.
  • The panels, which are correctly stored and transported, are tightly and rigidly articulated.

Decoration of interior panels Laminate in the bedroom  LED Ceiling Light  Room trees in the living room  Bedroom in loft style  Closet in the living room

Texture and coloring of panels

There are many options for finishing the front surface of the products. The method of thermal printing makes it possible to obtain various images using a thermal transfer film that will not burn out under the influence of sunlight, impart original decorative properties to the lining.

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Offset panels are more durable, when they are manufactured, the first stage involves painting with ink using an offset printer, the second stage - coating the product with a protective layer of varnish with antistatic effect, giving resistance against scratches, chemicals. Offset printing blocks the allocation of odors, which positively affects people's health.

Panels for wood in the interior

In modern design, laminated PVC panels are indispensable. Thanks to the decorative film coating, the panel acquires additional protection from scratches and bumps, can have various interesting textures, is more elastic, resists high temperatures. Lamination panels makes them profitable in places with high traffic, houses where the walls are scratched by cats and dogs. Products do not crack in severe frost, they retain their appearance when extinguishing the wall of cigarettes.

Shelves with books in a niche  Tables at the table  Mirror tile in the bedroom  Chandeliers over the table  Panteline Minaret

Panels for brick

The leaf panels are rather realistic and represent brickwork. They decorate both the walls inside the room and outside. Fashionable imitation will transform the dwelling. Facade materials from polyvinylchloride will rejuvenate the appearance of the house, protect the walls from the damaging effects of precipitation and temperatures.

Panels for brick в интерьере

Panels for stone

Благодаря оптимальной сочетаемости пластиковые панели используют в помещениях различного назначения. «Каменную» стену можно встретить в квартире, офисе, кафе или кинотеатре. Panels for stone разнообразны по цветовой палитре, прекрасно подходят для того, чтобы создать стильную, уютную атмосферу, подчеркивающую вкус и достаток хозяина.

Panels for stone в интерьере

Panels for ceramic tiles

For interior decoration, where the level of humidity is increased, the right decision is the choice in favor of plastic. The material will be much cheaper than ceramics, not only the master can work with it. You can fix the panels on the wall with your own hands. Moisture-resistant compounds applied to the surface of products, as well as traditional tiles, will protect against mold and fungi. The number of possible design solutions can not be said.

Panels for ceramic tiles в интерьере

Features and installation methods

There are several ways of fixing PVC panels. For finishing the ceiling, only the wireframe method is used. This is due to the possibility to hide communications, to provide in the right places point or other embedded lighting sources.

As for the walls, then the material is better to paste, so the surface will be more durable. The plastic lasts longer if it is not subject to deflections in the cavities formed by the framework. When using the wireframe method, it is better to glue the plastic onto the previously fixed drywall.

Panel mounting

Variants of application of panels in an interior

Residential premises, which must "breathe" do not finish with plastic throughout the area. Full vapor tightness of the material is more likely to be useful in those rooms that are subject to high humidity and rapid contamination. Inside the apartment there is a kitchen, a bathroom, a hallway, beyond its walls there are loggias, slopes. On balconies and loggias PVC panels are harmoniously combined with window frames from related material.

Application of panels in the interior Table in the middle of the cabinet  Frames of the Moon  Paintings on the mast  Pillows on the couch  Stairs in the interior

In the living room

Completely seal walls with plastic panels is not worth it, in the living room it is better to combine with other materials. The plastic style of one of the walls will help to emphasize the style of the room. At the same time, various imitations are used: under a stone, a brick, a skin.

Visually increase the height of the room will help glossy, 3D panels on the ceiling. They are applicable when creating partitions in the living room, decoration of columns, arches.

Panels in the living room

The original design is created using tile panels with a wood pattern, different sizes, on several levels, at different angles. Built-in lighting will emphasize and enhance the effect.

Firewood in a niche  Lamps under the ceiling  Violoncello in the window  Sliding door between living room and dining room  Shelf above the TV

In the kitchen

The most traditional PVC paneling of working areas with kitchen equipment, in areas where there is a need for frequent wet cleaning. PVC replaces traditional tiles due to its availability, fast installation, design variability. Everyone can decorate the walls of the kitchen independently. This is another point of saving.

It is only necessary to remember that not all types of material have fire resistance in their characteristics. Plots near the fireplaces and the stove can be decorated with sheets of LSU with subsequent finishing.

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Panels in the kitchen

In the kitchen, your imagination can not be limited. Glossy and matte coatings are appropriate here, models with drawing and photo printing look good. For the apron, skins are very popular - panels with abstract patterns and ornaments. Fans of the classics will easily pick up monochrome options, those who want riot of colors - color ones.

Firewood under the fireplace  Clock in the dining room  White furniture in the kitchen  Pots with flowers on the window  Blue wall in white interior

In the bedroom

Heat and sound insulation to the quietest room in the house will provide PVC panels. Here the main thing is to choose models that meet modern sanitary, hygienic requirements.

Decorative panels in the bedroom

Plastic products make out the head of the bed. The youthful interior looks good white alcove. Quality panels for the color of the tree decorate the walls and ceiling of the bedroom of a country house. Noble look panels, used as a panel. The bedroom in the blue sea theme or the chocolate-creamy puff cake is topical, the minimalistic neutral shades and restrained classics are good. You can repeat even the coloring of paper wallpapers.

Vase with a dry flower on the floor  Suspended chandeliers above the bed  Work desk by the window  Ceiling fan  Light floor in the bedroom

In the hall

Dust, dirt, stains, which became the headache of the housewives in the hallway, are easily removed with a soft sponge. To minimize the risk of contamination, the lower part of the walls in the corridor is usually trimmed with darker panels, and light wallpaper is glued to the ceiling and top of the wall.

Panels in the hallway

A light ceiling of PVC panels with built-in dot lighting around the perimeter will push the walls of the narrow and dark room.

Mirror wardrobe in the interior  Zerkallo over comodom  Built-in ceiling lights  Zerkallo over comodom  Decorative cage under the ceiling

In the bathroom and toilet

The moisture resistance and resistance to changes in temperature of this type of finish makes it an advantageous element in the repair of the bathroom. The convenience of plastic is that even with an emergency, the problem is easily solved. To dismantle a part of the PVC wall and assemble it anew, as if nothing had happened, easily. What can not be said about ceramic tiles.

Panels in the bathroom

In the bathroom, the toilet most often use light shades of panels. The lack of communication in sight also makes the premises more light and spacious.

Mirror over the sink  The partition between the bathroom and the bathroom  Mosaic on the bath  Square sinks in the interior  Shower next to the bathroom

Care Tips

Not with any contamination is able to cope with warm water and a soft cloth. Dust and domestic dirt can easily be removed, but it will not be possible to wipe off specific impurities.

Do not touch the plastic surface with abrasives. They create microcracks, which can not be "healed". Various solvents and degreasers, chlorine, acetone are also contraindicated. The panel will lose its original look and color. From alkaline soap, the homogeneity of the paint can also suffer.

Picture in the living room

All PVC panels are made of the same material, but in terms of their characteristics, the care technologies can differ. It is necessary to carefully study the description of the detergent purchased, first check its effect on a small remote site.

If there are greasy spots on the plastic panel, traces from the marker, or the product is faded, you can try rubbing this place with a solution of ammonia (1:10). Large areas for cleaning are best entrusted to professionals from the cleaning company. At home use a dishwashing liquid or paste, from baking soda brewed with water.

The results of children's exercises with gouache are washed off with water, traces of a pencil with an eraser. Laminated surfaces will withstand treatment with a window cleaner, but only apply it to a rag. It is better to be prudent to stock up with a special detergent for plastic panels.

Bio fireplace in the interior


New technological and practical materials replace the usual decorative finish. Quality PVC panels are now found not only in offices, but also in a respectable city apartment, private house. The material is functional, ideal for decoration in a modern style of high-tech, looks decent. A key role is played by price. The owner of a private room or a tenant of an office with a large cross-country capacity will not have to seriously invest in repairs, trying to create a unique entourage.