Composite loft bed as ergonomic miracle for a small dwelling

Bed-loft: a unique workplace

There are no limits to the excellence of exclusive designer furniture! And you can see for yourself on the wonderful example of today's article, in which we will talk about the wonders of using transformable headsets! Designed by Dominiko Cityline, a composite two-story bed is a full-fledged transformer-set that is simply indispensable in your home if its space is limited by a small area. 

In it, each of the items is a uniquely designed independent composition. The first set consists of a computer desk, bookshelves and a chair, and from the top there is a small but comfortable bed. The second construction includes a cabinet for laundry, at the top of which, just like in the previous version, there is a place for sleeping.

Two-level bed with a wardrobe

Beds can be put both together and separately, depending on the preferences of the owners of the apartment and the location of furniture in the room. This multifunctional and at the same time compact modern furniture is best suited for small apartments, because it occupies very little space with great functionality. It is aimed primarily at adolescents, however, such functionality is quite possible for an adult, this will not affect the size of the design itself and will not take up more space. 

Its details are combined in such a way that harmoniously fit perfectly in any room. And every child, being in such a cozy environment, will feel safe in spite of how much free space remains around.

Two-level bed with work space