Drawings on the walls in the interior +75 photo

Drawings in the interior

Decorate the interior, make it unique can be through artistic painting on the walls. Thus, the exclusive design of the room, which creates a beautiful, cozy and unique atmosphere. Technician drawing drawings on walls or ceilings a lot. For this work, you can invite the artist or paint the surface yourself. Benefit in the sale of a variety of materials and aids that are used for artistic painting on the walls. Therefore, to create an interior design, only desire, a little imagination and creative skills are required.

Main types and methods of application

For the creative process will require interior paints, acrylic or water based, you can use gouache. A simple pencil is needed for drawing sketches and markings. In certain cases, a stencil is used for painting.

Drawings with paint in the interior

The most common ways of drawing a picture:

  • drawing with paint;
  • drawing a sketch with a pencil;
  • on the projection of slides;
  • creating a drawing with the help of a shadow;
  • technique of screen printing;
  • execution of relief images.

Tree with birds on the wall of the kitchen-dining room

Perhaps, only experienced artists, with well-developed spatial thinking, can immediately transfer the drawing to the wall with paint. If you do not have enough experience, it is better to first apply the image with a simple pencil, and then use the paints. With the help of the device for the projection of the slides, you can display any picture on the wall, circle its outlines and paint them with colors. Very unique technique of creating a painting on the shade. Under certain lighting, shadows of objects will fall on the wall, this may be a lace, a vase, a human figure, you can experiment here and find the most unexpected solutions. The shadow is surrounded by a pencil, and then filled with the selected shades. It is convenient and simple to use stencils in drawing. They can be purchased at the store or manufactured independently. Embossed images are created using gypsum mixtures.

City skyscrapers in the interior of the living room

Drawings with own hands

It's not so difficult to make your own art painting in the interior. Of course, one should not expect that such drawings in the interior will become masterpieces of fine art. But to create your own unique composition that will effectively transform the room and be a remarkable decoration of the house, of course it will. With the help of the slide projector, it is easy to display an image of any complexity, exactly circle its outlines, and after decorating the drawing with colors, any dilettante can. And even children can use stencils. And if you are good at possessing creative skills and good imagination, then with due diligence and attentiveness, you will achieve simply an impressive result.

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Drawings with own hands в интерьере

In the beginning it is necessary to determine the choice of the picture and its location. It is advisable to choose a wall in front of a window that is well lit. If there is not enough light in the selected place, you need to make additional lighting over it, for example, to install LED lights. To create an artistic composition you will need to buy paints, three brushes of different sizes and you can start creating.

Dandelions on the wall

Beginners are advised to use no more than three colors for the picture.

Even from three colors it is possible to create many shades. Therefore, do not rush to stockpile all the elements of the rainbow, it is better that the image turned out harmonious, and not ally. Using one black color, you can picture an incredibly effective abstraction or a monochrome composition in the style of a black and white photo. First of all, if necessary, a background is applied, it should be done on a slightly damp wall. After this, a sketch is drawn, which is subsequently drawn in colors. At the end, the painting is neatly opened with a clear varnish. So the pattern will be more durable and durable.

Heart over table

Selecting a composition or ornament plot

Before choosing the desired pattern, it is worth considering that realistic landscapes, portraits can not be performed by all, for such a complex multi-stage work it is better to invite the artist. Well, and to create an original spectacular design, decorate the room with ornaments or patterns with the help of a stencil, many can.

Sea plot in the interior

The artistic composition should be combined with the design style of the interior and approach the character of the room.

It should be borne in mind that drawings and patterns can significantly change the space of the room. The higher and more spacious the room, the more you can use the areas for painting. In rooms with low ceilings, visually raise the walls will allow drawings and ornaments located vertically. It is not necessary to paint the wall completely, you can beautifully decorate the corner of the room, decorate the door, window openings or partitions with patterns. If you can not decide on the choice of a picture, look at various artwork, this lesson will surely inspire and will allow you to borrow ideas you like.

Bench under the tree

Screen printing

This simple and convenient drawing technique will create a beautiful painting and feel like a real artist. On sale there are a lot of stencils of different size and thickness. The assortment allows you to select elements of exquisite patterns and details to create a composition. It is most convenient to work with self-adhesive templates. They are easy to fix, they fit snugly against the wall, which allows you to get a neat drawing.

Screen printing на стене в интерьере

By the way, if desired, it's easy to create an original stencil yourself. To do this, you need a cardboard or plastic folder for papers, on which the image is placed and cut out with a clerical knife. On the stencil attached to the surface, with a sponge or roller, paint is applied. After it dries, the pattern is removed and in its place remains a pattern, which if necessary can be corrected with a thin brush. It is also convenient to work with decorative rollers with protruding patterns that are printed using a paint on the wall.

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Birds above the fireplace  Shelves with dishes on the wall  Dinosaurs in the interior  Giraffes and elephants under a tree  Butterflies on the wall

3D images

To perform this work gypsum building mixtures, metal, rubber spatulas are used. On the placed sketch the plaster solution is applied in those areas where it is necessary to add volume. The process is reminiscent of the work of a sculptor, requires special care and patience. The solution should be prepared in small portions, as it quickly solidifies and becomes firm. After the volumetric composition dries, it can be additionally decorated with paints. In most cases, these images look complete and without the addition of paints.

Tree with candles  Castle and mountains  Apple tree on the wall  Birds on a branch  The Dragon

It is much easier to create volumetric drawings using thick stencils. To do this, the template must be firmly attached to the wall and filled with a solution of the cavity with a spatula. It is necessary to wait until the building mixture has dried, then you can remove the stencil. The resulting volumetric elements, if necessary, carefully corrected and decorated with paints.

3D images в интерьере

Painting on decorative plaster

Текстурные, фактурные штукатурки могут стать замечательной основой для создания художественной композиции. Подобное основание позволяет получить очень интересные визуальные эффекты и различные фактуры. Некоторые работы, выполненные на декоративной штукатурке, напоминают старинные фрески или завораживающие рельефные картины. При правильном сочетании типа поверхности и выбранного рисунка, можно получить необычайно живописное изображение, которое будет поражать своей реалистичностью. Painting on decorative plaster — это настоящее искусство, которое требует знания технологий, опыта и руки мастера. С такой работой могут справится только профессиональные художники. Но даже простой незамысловатый сюжет, выполненный своими руками на текстурной поверхности будет выглядеть особенно интересно.

Painting on decorative plaster в интерьере Sunflowers  Castle in the mountains with a waterfall  Arch in the city  Houses and road  Sakura on the shore

Artistic painting in the living room

The living room will perfectly look natural, urban and seascapes. For this room it is necessary to select neutral images in order to get a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The painting, furnishings and lighting in the room should be harmoniously combined with each other.

Artistic painting in the living room Alley near the sea  Ancient city with a pavement  Waterfall from the mountains  Boat on the sea  Ангелочки

In the bedroom

In this room it is important to organize a quiet environment, which has a rest. Therefore, for artistic composition, it is recommended to choose soft pastel shades. The figure itself can represent a bright cloudy sky, tender branches of sakura, lilacs, butterflies or birds of paradise. Some brave souls make out the bedroom with juicy images in the nude style. The main thing to adhere to a soft and warm color scale.

Artistic painting in the bedroom Interior with Venice on the wall  Sakura and capli  Painting on the headboard  Mountains and forest on the wall  Pigeons on a tree

In the kitchen

It is not recommended to place the elements of the painting near the plate, because the outgoing heat can spoil the artistic work. For the kitchen there are various still lifes, branches of trees with fruits, for example, olive, apple, grape, lemon. The room can also be decorated with Scandinavian patterns or ethnic ornaments.

Art painting in the kitchen Fruits and vegetables on the wall  Apron with a list  Watermill and trolley with vegetables on the wall  Balcony with flowers  Mountain landscape on the wall

In bathroom

Due to high humidity in the room should be used waterproof paints, acrylics are quite suitable. For the painting in the bathroom, the theme, connected with water, perfectly fits. For example, seascape landscapes, Roman baths, fountains, waterfalls, pearls in large shells and so on.

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Art painting in the bathroom Starry sky on the ceiling  Palm trees on the island  Sailboat offshore  Island in the ocean  Rock on the island

In the nursery

For younger children, you can depict fabulous landscapes with funny and favorite characters. In the design of the baby's room you need to use warm colors that will be pleasant for visual perception of the crumbs. Teenagers like fashion anime, colorful comics, sports or music. Before choosing a picture it will be useful to consult a child who tells about his preferences, fantasies and can submit an interesting idea for the future decorative painting in the nursery.

Art painting in the nursery Heroes from the cartoon Multiplayer  Fairy-tale oak on the wall  Герои из мультики Вини-Пух  Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends  Giraffe by the river

In the hall

Immediately stepping over the threshold of the house guests enter the hallway, on the basis of this, the first impression is created by the hosts. Therefore, the design of the corridor must be given due attention. Art painting on the walls or ceilings of the hallway should be done as high as possible. To do this, it is best to invite an artist who will be able to present his work in the best light with his work. In order to design the room yourself, it is recommended to choose simple drawings.

Art painting in the hallway Watch over the bench  Autumn landscape on the wall  Patterns from flowers  Drawings on the wall  Old street and shop

Wall painting in the interior of institutions

The artistic painting of the interior often becomes the hallmark of a prestigious institution, effectively emphasizing individuality.

Such a complex and expensive decoration is used for different rooms:

  1. children's institutions;
  2. bars, cafes, restaurants;
  3. the shops;
  4. night and sports clubs;
  5. offices and personal offices.

Wall painting in the interior of institutions  Singer  Cat under the tree  Athletes  Car and girl

In most cases, children's institutions have a modest budget for decorating premises. In this case, the artists perform stories, compositions and stylized drawings that do not require sophisticated technique to create a painting at a lower price.

Drawings on the walls in the kindergarten

Each bar has a certain theme, jazz, sports, country, which the master tries to emphasize decorative painting. For the decoration of cafes, canteens, optical illusions and bright modern drawings are popular, creating the effect of reverse perspective. While for painting expensive restaurants interiors, soft muted tones are more often used to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Wall painting in the bar

In shops, boutiques, beauty salons, decorative painting emphasizes the brand of the institution, the scope of activity, attracts visitors and distinguishes it among many similar places. In sports clubs, color design is directly related to motivation for physical pursuits. Nightclubs are mainly designed for young people, which is what the artists are guided by when choosing themes for decoration of walls. In such institutions for painting are often used luminous paints, optical illusions and drawings-chameleons. For offices and personal classrooms, classical themes and minimalist design are suitable.

Painting of the interior of the beauty salon  The girl on the wall  Decoration of the hall  Bright Columns  Interior of a hairdresser

For any institution it is very important to emphasize its uniqueness in order to stand out among other similar places. In this case, decorating the interior with artistic painting is the most effective option when creating an exclusive environment.