Laminate on the wall in the interior - a creative solution

TV at the wall opposite the couch

When creating a unique design, sometimes you can use the usual details in unusual places. In this article we will talk about laminate. The fact that the artificial plaque is a decent and relatively cheap replacement for natural parquet flooring as a flooring - no doubt. But the laminate on the wall in the interior looks no worse. Unusual application of the coating will make the home elegant and cozy at the same time. At the same time, it can be used in any part of the building - from the corridor to the balcony.

  • Ease of installation. A laminate board can be stacked by a beginner. Of course, you'll have to use the finishing on a vertical surface, but it's possible, the main thing is to choose the correct method of fastening, the lining.
  • Relatively low material cost. Artificial outdoor (in this case, wall) coating is much cheaper than a natural timber for cladding.
  • Strength to mechanical damage. Dosochki originally designed for use as a floor covering. They can walk, they can withstand falling objects and scratches. Considering the fact that the laminate is finished with a vertical surface - the likelihood of such manipulations is minimized.
  • Soundproofing. The solid plane of the dosoks is an excellent way to protect the room from unnecessary noise from the street, the next room or apartment.
  • Distinctive qualities. The panels are thermo-, moisture-, shock-resistant, and will be appropriate, practically, in any room. You will learn about the additional properties of the laminate at the stage of purchase.
  • Big choice. Color, pattern, texture price - everything is selected for every taste and purse. White, black, orange or natural shade - the choice is yours. Coverage perfectly fits in any interior.
  • Beautiful and original. Decorating with laminate of unusual planes - a fashionable design. This is not just a beautiful element, but also a good method of zoning space or "playing" visual effects. For example, a narrow room can be expanded with vertical lines, and a low ceiling made higher - horizontal.
  • It does not require special care. During cleaning, it is sufficient to wipe the dirty panel with a slightly damp cloth. Artificial parquet board does not attract dust, so wipe it only if necessary.

Floor lamps near the bed


Negative factors are an order of magnitude smaller, but the drawbacks should be considered before designing the premises:

  • It is sensitive before the raised moisture, differences of temperature. Significant temperature jumps, constant contact with water, high air humidity are the main "enemies" of the laminate. The product can quickly deteriorate. One intense contact with water will result in swelling. Unfortunately, the joints from water penetration manifest themselves noticeably, without gaining the former structure.
  • Surface preparation. When you plan to glue the laminate directly on the plane - it must first be aligned. Surface preparation involves the cost of extra time, money and effort.
  • Not suitable for finishing all the walls in the room. In a huge room with a high ceiling, the effect of a wooden beam, you can decorate one of the walls or ceiling. Complex lining of surfaces is not an option - too "nalyapisto." All the same, you have to level, paint or wallpaper the other walls.
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White floor and the walls under the tree in the interior

Ways of installation

There are two main options for attaching a specific coating to the wall and ceiling. Starting from the conditions, it is necessary to choose the most suitable:

  • with the help of special glue. Such installation requires preliminary preparation: the plane should be cleaned, leveled with putty or plasterboard, if it is uneven. The subsequent action is applying the top layer of plaster ("finish") and primer. When the surface is perfectly flat - it is primed, applied glue, put the boards on the principle of tiling. The difference is that the panels have special grooves connecting the elements, so the wall should be perfectly flat (checked by level);
  • with the application of a crate. Obreshteka - a special design of racks and beams, which is used in the construction and repair of premises. It is pre-mounted on the surface. Then the planks are laid out in order. The lower (unseen) layer of each element is fastened with small screws to the beams. This method does not provide for preliminary equalization and is considered sufficiently reliable. The void between the wall and the decorative element may be left for additional ventilation or filled with a special fiber, thereby providing sound insulation and thermal insulation.

Painting on the wall by the armchair and sofa

Prepare the plane for "gluing" should be pre-installed gypsum cardboard on a special frame. So the panels will fit perfectly.

Skin on the floor in the bedroom

Where and how can I decorate

Where it is appropriate to use such a design technique. If you choose the right material and do not overdo it with quantity - this design can become an element of every room in your monastery. And if you make the main accent in the interior on the lining "under the tree" - get the design of all the rooms in one style. This method creates additional space. So, let's start with the "indicative" room - the living room.

Sofa opposite the aquarium and TV

Wall laminate in the living room

If you plan to finish using a laminate, remember - the color of the board should be selected according to the shades of the overall composition. It can be mounted horizontally, vertically, combining these two positions or diagonally. It all depends on the idea of ​​the designer. Also worth considering the area. If the ceiling is high - horizontal lines will be an excellent option for decorating the wood paneling of the living room. So visually the place will appear wider. Vertical lines are the best option for a small room (a typical high-rise building). They visually "lift" the ceiling above.

Interior with light furniture and walls under a tree

If the method of installing the laminate - the use of a crate, you can put a plasma TV or an artificial fireplace in your free space. Since the devices are flat enough, they will look built-in. To complement the interior can be illuminated, shelves or figure mirrors.

It is not necessary to make a major overhaul of the room. The use of laminate in the living room can "refresh" the interior. It is enough to choose a free site, where such design will look most profitable.

The combination of light and dark tones in the interior

On the wall of the hallway

Hallway guests see first. That is why the design of the room should be given special attention. A narrow and long hallway can be laid out with horizontal lines of the laminate. This will expand it. It is better to make a covering on the floor and walls the same or in one tone. It is advisable to invest the strips in a single direction - let the wall strips become a "continuation" of the floor.

Considering the fact that it is often dirty there, the cladding with artificial flooring is a good option for the hallway. The board is quickly wiped with a napkin, which is very practical.

A banquet at the door in the hallway

In the kitchen

Using a laminate, you can replace the kitchen apron, which is usually laid out with tiles. While this option is practical, the finish looks very stylish. Wooden laconic style gives extra comfort to the kitchen. Actually, this design will be for several decades, and "remove" such an apron is easier than tiled. This type of design will be cheaper - all because of the relatively low cost of material and services for installing laminate. Care for such a surface is also simple, but the wooden apron looks more elegant. Needless to say that this kind of design solution is a good way to expand the area? Panels "under" a tree create a complete texture, their seams are not visible. Tile also forms a cell - also a kind of pattern that can "steal" space. Choose the color of the laminate in the tone of the kitchen furniture.

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TV in the kitchen opposite the table

In the bedroom

The bedroom can also become stylish, if you add it to the design using a laminate. It is best to apply this on the site at the head of the bed. It is desirable to choose a board for decoration so that it corresponds to the color and texture of the furniture. Then you get the effect of a single headset without taking up space. This will become the main accent in the bedroom - a place where all design decisions should be restrained. The ceiling can be trimmed with planks along with the wall - as if it visually surrounds the space around the bed, thereby further emphasizing it.

Decorative fireplace and pictures on the wall opposite the bed

Balcony or loggia with laminate

This application of finishing raw materials is most appropriate - especially since there are not many options for balconies. It's pretty practical. But only if the balcony or loggia are insulated with glazing. Otherwise, the raw material can be susceptible to moisture, temperature changes, which quickly leads to its uselessness. Doschki will become the basic finishing material, and also which can be applied by equipping the shelves on the balcony.

The combination of white walls and wood on the loggia

Lay a laminate of the same color can be on the floor, wall and ceiling - it will look quite original, especially if it contrasts with the side walls (for example, dark laminate - white walls on the sides). So the space of the balcony / loggia will expand further. If the room is combined with the room, the laminate floor is not just a detail of the finish, but a way to insulate it further and to soundproof it. And the code of the plaque in the room and on the loggia are the same - the effect of a single space is created.

A table with a computer and a chair on the balcony

Important nuances

How to choose a laminate? The assortment in each building shop allows us to "roam" - that is, to acquire facing raw materials to your liking and financial possibilities. When choosing such a material for cladding, remember:

  • The floor covering is designed for a heavy load, as well as for minor mechanical damage that the walls do not undergo. Therefore, do not be afraid if the product is low quality at a low price. Its main characteristic in this case is not wear resistance, but a beautiful texture. Therefore, you can safely buy the cheapest option, if it will fit well into the interior;
  • The lock system is the main criterion on which the choice of the fixing method depends. Consider the features of your walls before buying a cover. With the method of fastening you need to determine in advance - a selection of laminate - the process is simple if you compare it with the alignment of walls;
  • the main task of wall wooden panels is to create a unique design that will give owners or guests comfort, aesthetic pleasure, a sense of comfort. How to achieve all this? It is necessary to correctly zonate the room by picking the board under the color of furniture or in tune with the already existing style. Of course, if the interior is created "from scratch", the first one can choose artificial parquet, then everything else. If it is bright, for example, of a dark color or with a pronounced pattern - all the rest of the design should be neutral, very discreet tone.
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Painting and a mirror on the walls in the dining room


If you are determined to apply such a non-standard solution when decorating a room - space will acquire an original look. Wooden lining will give a sense of comfort in your home. Remember the basic rules of this design:

  • Planks can only be laid on a solid surface. If a very thick layer of plaster is applied from the bottom - a variant with planks is unlikely to be appropriate. Especially if you plan to plant a laminate on the glue. The whole design can simply collapse. Pay special attention to this moment in order to protect yourself from additional costs for new repairs;
  • such design is not practical if the humidity of the room is too high. If you are tuned to make a cladding in the kitchen or in the bathroom - take care of ventilating the room, for example, by installing a good hood. The steam that collects at the top can have a negative effect on the dosage, which will lead to the destruction of their structure;
  • avoid strong fixation. During the "sticking" of small pieces, make the seam elastic. This will allow them to move freely when their linear dimensions change (the elements may slightly shrink or swell).

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