Marking the wallpaper. common signs

In each country there are their wallpaper manufacturers who have different experiences, their own unique history, as well as their own principles, traditions and secrets of making these wall coverings. Naturally, some companies in different parts of the world manage to do their business much more successfully than others do. The reason for this may be different:

  • огромный опыт (например, ведущая британская фирма Sanderson функционирует с 1860 года, Morris & Co — с 1861-го),
  • diligent search for innovations (for example, the German studio Archtects Paper can offer you stone, magnetic, LED and other original wallpaper models),
  • the focus on achieving the highest quality products (you can fully trust products certified by ISO 9001),
  • cooperation with large commercial enterprises (for example, Muraspec produces wallpaper for marine ships, and de Gournay wallpaper adorns the walls of the Plaza Hotel in New York)
  • constant expansion of assortment types (SIRPI, Elitis, Phillip Jeffries, Maya Romanoff),

or another.

But whatever this reason is, the indicator of the real success of the manufacturer is clearly defined - this is international recognition. Just imagine: in the world there are such wallpaper brands, like Marburg (Germany), Eijffinger (Netherlands), etc., whose products are exported to more than 80 countries!

To firms whose products enjoy similar demand from foreign buyers, it was not necessary to translate product descriptions into dozens of languages, common international symbols. Below you will find explanations for these obscure icons, which are sure to be useful to anyone who wants to become a dealer or simply the owner of prestigious wallpaper from abroad.Marking the wallpaper. Common signs

Marking the wallpaper. Common signs