The miracles of the transformation of the bathroom

Bath on the legs near the window

It seems that it is difficult to radically change the face of a small room. But 8 examples of comfortable, stylish bathrooms of very small sizes will convince you that nothing is impossible!

Several decades ago, the main task of the construction was to provide as much of the population with their own housing. Therefore, for the sake of quantity, quality suffered.

Apartments were built small, and the premises for taking hygienic procedures were made so small that it was difficult to turn around in them.

But what to do, now it is necessary to put up with it somehow and in it to exist. Therefore - why shed tears and lament the resulting misunderstanding under the name of a small apartment? We must do it ourselves to live in it and rejoice!

Therefore, several examples of how you can decorate your bathroom with minimal financial costs, will come at an opportune moment.

The abundance of natural light, reflected in the mirrors, can make a small space much larger. Shelves for placing bath accessories, "drowned" in the wall, will save a lot of space. A cabinet under the sink, made of thin metal pipes, practically does not occupy a useful area.

Locker under the sink made of metal pipes in the bathroom

Bath on the old twisted legs can be an excellent option for small rooms. This design takes much less space than a traditional bath. And the floor, visible under it, creates the illusion of a bigger footage than there is in reality.

Bath on antique twisted legs

This narrow bathroom, converted from a pantry, proves that a tall style can exist in small spaces. Designers put the toilet and shower in the opposite ends of the room. A chic mirror hanging in the middle, visually widened the bathroom.

Narrow bathroom, converted from a pantry

This is the same room with a view from the opposite corner. The shower is specially made without a glass door and even without a curtain. Otherwise, the narrow space will be "cut" by the transverse planes and will appear even smaller. Wall hooks solve the problem of storing necessary things.

Narrow bathroom, converted from a pantry

Even such a tiny room does not seem like a haven for the Lilliputians, thanks to the vertical narrow lines of the window and the short shower curtain. A shell, "drowned" in a niche, does not take up any additional space.

Sink in a niche above the toilet

Large voluminous objects can "work" in a small space. A solid bath with dimensions selected strictly to the width of the room, looks great against the background of a window that is stretched to the height.

Large bath near the high window

On the opposite end of this bathroom is very comfortably located a washbasin with a mirror, in which are mounted 2 sconces. White on white, plus the weightless elegance of a frameless mirror create a feeling of large spatial volume.

Mirror with built-in sconce over washbasin

An unusual solution to visual expansion of the room: a wide strip of tile with Moroccan motifs under the mirror and sink. And the wall mount of the shell does not obscure the amazing beauty of the tile.

Tile with Moroccan motifs in the bathroom

Even in small rooms you can use dark tones. At the same time, the floor of a light shade does not allow to make a tiny space even smaller. Transparent shower curtain does not fix the sight, thus it does not allow to "cut" the volume of the room.

Bathroom in black and white

Semicircular shower cabins take up much less space than square showerheads, so they are ideal for small bathrooms. A classic narrow wooden cabinet allows you to place all the necessary hygiene items. And, finally, the traditional "magnifier" of space is a mirror with a sconce.

Semicircular shower in the bathroom