How to design the interior of the apartment and the bathroom

The design of the neoclassical style bathroom is becoming more and more relevant. Why the style of the neoclassic? This is a classic interior design, in which new details, features and materials are used. From the classics it differs in that the neoclassic looks more modern. The plus of this style is that it can be used both for large and presentable houses, and for small apartments. This design is for quiet people who are used to home and comfort. He creates real comfort in a house or apartment, it's nice to come to such a house after a hard day's work. This style combined all the necessary things so that a person could experiment with creating an interior and supplement it with new details.

A spacious country house hall

Neoclassicism in the hall of a country house. Luxurious, but not overloaded with trifles interior is attractive and unusual.

Cozy room

Guest room in neoclassic style in an apartment in New York.

Working corner in the bedroom

The office in the neoclassic style is interesting with a calm color scheme. Wenge and gentle violet color organically look in a single stylistic concept.

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Neoclassicism in the interior

Neoclassicism has long been a sign of good and restrained taste. This style meets the needs of not only fans of classical design, but also those who want to keep up with modern trends. Now he is one of the main leaders among different designs. Designers give special preference to this style. Not only because it is easy and fun to work with, but also because it is suitable for almost any room. Yes, and it differs from the usual classical interior.

Kitchen-living room

Kitchen-living room in neoclassical style with large panoramic windows is interesting for a properly constructed interior. The ceiling and walls are decorated with stucco.

The bathroom is decorated in neoclassic style. A large mirror, framed by a wide frame, makes the picture complete.

The bathroom is decorated in neoclassic style. A large mirror, framed by a wide frame, makes the picture complete.

It is characterized not only by new forms and decor elements, but also by the technology of creation. It was formed as something new in architecture and design, did not seek to be like others. But this does not exclude the presence of common features with other designs. It has elements of classic and modern. Just like modernity, the neo-classical uses modern and high-quality materials, new techniques in construction and construction. The new classic is different from the standard forms and content. It does not require as much material investment as an ordinary classic.

It does not use expensive wood, finishes and furniture. Here the emphasis is not on luxury. Neoclassicism tries to prove that the combination of the new and the old has its advantages.

Therefore, it combines aristocracy and modernity, complementing some elements with others.

Laconic interior of the hallway

The vestibule in neoclassicism style is not overloaded with personal details. Stylish, unobtrusive design is attractive and functional.

Luxurious living room furniture

The neo-classicist living room is decorated with luxurious lambrequins made from natural, dense fabric.

Main Features

Like any style, the neoclassic has its own specific features and forms. Here are the main features:

  1. Tone. As already mentioned, it is designed for quiet people who like large spaces and at the same time comfort and comfort. Naturally, in this design there should be warm tones that will transfer a person to the desired atmosphere.
  2. Antiquity. For neoclassics, some elements of antiquity are characteristic, namely, it is used in the creation of arches and columns. For this, a material such as gypsum board is used. Antiquity is used in the decoration of the room.
  3. Floor. For a floor use a wooden covering (parquet). What, if not a tree, conveys an atmosphere of comfort and coziness in the house.
  4. Walls. When decorating the walls are divided into fragments with the addition of decorative elements. For this, a material called polyurethane is used. It is great for creating a ceiling curb. It looks expensive and tasteful.
Corridor in style neoclassicism

Interior in the style of the neoclassic is decorated with exquisite stucco. Harmonious design emphasizes properly selected lighting.

Luxurious living room interior

The white interior design of the studio apartment is organized in accordance with the requirements of the neoclassical style.

An interesting solution for the neoclassic style living room - ceiling chandeliers and floor lamps with the same plafonds are matched in a fine line in fine line with the style.

An interesting solution for the neoclassic style living room - ceiling chandeliers and floor lamps with the same plafonds are matched in a fine line in fine line with the style.

Creating an apartment

In order to create a neoclassical style apartment, you need to think over a detailed layout of the apartment. This needs to be done to ensure that the design and furnishing of the apartment are unique, with its own characteristic elements. The center of the whole composition is mainly the living room. Then the designer starts working on creating zones. The main rule in creating such spaces is integrity. The whole interior should be as one. Sharp transitions from one zone to the other are unacceptable, so this layout should be paid special attention.

Spacious guest room

The gray-white interior of the living room in the Neoclassic style is notable for its simplicity.

Oversized studio apartment

The studio apartment is decorated in neoclassical style. The multi-storey ceilings are decorated with stucco.

The material is most often used marble, granite or parquet flooring. You can apply not only these materials, but also other types. The main thing is that when creating an interior, the main features remain. The room should not be overloaded with unnecessary details, especially furniture. It is best to turn again to antiquity and furniture in this style. Such furniture looks elegant, rich and modern. As for curtains, here designers are advised to turn to dense materials. It is best to rectangular shape. Dense materials do not look boring and give special features to the interior.

In lighting, the emphasis is on the fact that it should emphasize every detail of the neoclassical interior.

It is best not to use central, and lighting in the form of sconces or pendant lamps, which will be located at different heights. It is worth paying attention to the shades of cream color. Lighting should be chosen so that it completely fits the interior and does not overload it.

Bright living room

Style neoclassicism is close to the traditional, familiar classics. Smooth lines of furniture, a light curtain made of translucent fabric, proper lighting - everything you need for a living room with the neoclassic style.

Decorative fireplace

Decorative fireplace - an attractive element of the neoclassical living room.


Bathroom in the neoclassic style is characterized, like the whole style, with antique elements in the making. In this interior can combine the classic style and absolutely new forms in the interior. Designers emphasize the special attention to modesty in finishing and using natural materials when creating. Now the interior of the bathroom in this style has become more relevant. Why? Neoclassicism is characterized by minimalism, warm colors and simplicity. He does not have luxurious and fanciful decor elements, so the design is not overloaded with unnecessary details. For the bathroom used furniture made of granite and marble, which has no clear geometric shapes.

Luxurious bathroom

A luxurious neoclassic style bathroom in a country mansion in the west of Germany.

Noble decoration of the bathroom in the neoclassicism style is emphasized by properly selected furniture.

Noble decoration of the bathroom in the neoclassicism style is emphasized by properly selected furniture.

Bright bathroom

To arrange the bathroom used a light color scheme. In accordance with the style of the neoclassic, lighting and decorative decoration are selected.

Bedroom in neoclassic style. Video

Neoclassic style in interior design