Photo wallpapers 3d for walls - 60 photos of interesting

In the twenty-first century, interior designers learned to really brightly and unusually decorate the room. Wall-paper 3D for walls is a direct proof of that. You just look at the bright picture on such wallpaper: it seems that the image on it comes to life. Using 3d wallpapers, it's easy to make an accent wall and give a highlight to the room. Dekorin offers to see the following photos with 3D wallpapers.

3D wall-paper: features

3D wallpapers differ from conventional wallpapers in that they have an image that appears to be voluminous. So, the drawing for them is first processed using a computer (special shades are selected) and only after that it is printed. A huge plus of such wallpapers is the ability to print any drawing you like or even your family photo.

Typically, the image is printed on:

  • paper;
  • basis of non-woven;
  • vinyl sheet.

Choose on what to print the image, based on where the wallpaper will be pasted. So, for example, 3d wallpapers for a bedroom, a children's room and an office, it is best to print on paper. At the same time in the kitchen, bathroom and in the hallway it is better to use vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis. This is due to the fact that the above rooms have a high level of humidity and pollution, and this material excites them very well, in contrast to paper. It is also worth knowing that 3D wallpapers can be used not only for decorating walls, but also for:

  • interroom partitions:
  • ceiling;
  • cabinets;
  • surfaces from a mirror or glass.

3D wallpapers: types

Now the assortment on the market of materials for decoration is quite wide. So there are different types of 3D wallpaper:

Solid cloth. Acts as an independent image, which is often glued on one wall, partitions between rooms, doors etc.

Panoramic canvas. Create a scale effect, so they often glue not on one wall, but at all at once. So in the room you can achieve the effect of full presence. An excellent example will be 3d wallpaper with nature.

Fluorescent 3D wallpaper. This kind of wallpaper glows in the dark. So, they will be an excellent decoration of the ceiling in the bedroom: just glue the starry sky at it. LED 3D wallpapers. Probably the most unusual, because they come complete with a lighting system. Such wallpapers are not cheap. An example can be found in the photo below.

3D photo wallpapers for the kitchen: photos and examples

Beautiful 3D wallpapers can be used not only in the living room and bedroom, but also in the kitchen. However, it should be borne in mind that the working area of ​​the kitchen is best covered with tiles. But the rest of the walls can be decorated with wallpaper. Modern wall-papers are suitable for a kitchen of any size, which means that you can only choose the option you like. There are even 3D wall-papers that expand the space, which is especially important for small kitchens.

Choosing a drawing, you can be inspired by ideas, selected by Dekorin. So, for the kitchen, 3D wall-papers with the image of the city are good. They can decorate one of the walls of the room to create the feeling of a large window. You can see how it looks in the photo below. Also, the image of nature in the kitchen is winning and naturally looks. 3D wallpapers with nature will help to relax and relax all family members, gathered together for dinner. Well in the kitchen will look 3D wallpaper with a picture of flowers. They can decorate the accent wall, near which is the dining table.

In fact, there are a lot of options, and only you decide how to decorate the walls of the kitchen. So, for example, you can choose a picture of the kitchen: fruit, a cup of coffee, plates, a glass of wine etc.

Wall-papers 3d for the walls, photo 13d photo for kitchen photo, photo 2Wall-papers for wall in the kitchen, photo 3Wall-papers for kitchen wall photo 3d, photo 4Wall Mural 3d for a kitchen, photo 53d photo for kitchen photo, photo 6Wall-papers for wall to the kitchen, photo 7Wall-papers for kitchen wall Photo 3d, photo 8Wall Mural 3d for kitchen, photo 93d photo for kitchen photo, photo 10Wall-papers for wall to the kitchen, photo 11Wall-papers for kitchen wall photo 3d, photo 12

Photo wallpapers 3D in the living room

Well fit 3D wallpapers and into the living room. With their help, you can decorate the hall unusually to surprise your guests. In addition, a wide range of such wallpapers always allow you to choose the right option for the living room.

Choosing the pattern and color of the wallpaper, it is important to consider the overall style of the living room. For a small hall it is necessary to choose 3d wallpapers of light tones (beige, milky, light gray shades). It is worth paying attention to the fact that enough sunlight enters the room. So, if the windows go to the north side, it is better to choose warm shades, and on the contrary: in a room where there is enough sunlight, it's better to paste wallpaper of gray, blue and green tones. If your living room can boast of large sizes, then it does not matter what the picture will be depicted on the wallpaper.

Dekorin offers to see a few examples of decorating the living room with 3D wallpapers.

In this photo you can see 3D wallpapers that illustrate the view from the window to the pool. Being in such a room, you will have a feeling of complete presence, which can not but rejoice. And in this example, you can see how tastefully you can decorate the 3D hall with wallpaper with a picture of flowers. They harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the room and yet do not look too naked.

Wall-papers 3d flowers, photo 13Wall-papers 3d flowers photo, photo 143d wall-paper for flowers, photo 15Wall-papers 3d flowers, photo 16Wall Mural 3d photo, photo 173d wall-paper for flowers, photo 18

It's also a good idea to use stereoscopic 3d wallpapers in the interior of your living room. Such a beauty just will not go unnoticed. Below you can see a few examples.

stereoscopic 3d photos, photo 193d stereoscopic wall paper, photo 20stereoscopic 3d photos, photo 213d stereoscopic wall paper, photo 22stereoscopic 3d photos, photo 233d stereoscopic wall paper, photo 24stereoscopic 3d photos, photo 253d stereoscopic wall paper, photo 26stereoscopic 3d photos, photo 27

Of course, the classic of the living room is a fireplace. And it is not necessary to establish the present. Below you can see such 3d wallpapers with a fireplace, which will perfectly fit into the hall and give him comfort.

beautiful wall-papers 3d on a wall photo, photo 28Wall-paper expanding space 3d, photo 29Wall-papers 3D for a bedroom, photo 30Wall Mural 3d nature, photo 31

As you have seen, today there are enough beautiful 3D wall-papers on the wall in the living room.

Wall-papers 3d for a photo, photo 32Wall Mural 3d in the living room, photo 33Wall Mural 3d in the living room, photo 34Wall Mural 3d in the living room, photo 35Wall Mural 3d in the living room, photo 36Wall Mural 3d in the living room, photo 37Wall Mural 3d in the living room, photo 38Wall-papers for children 3d, photo 39fireplaces 3d, photo 40Wall-papers 3d window, photo 41Wall-papers 3d for a hall, photo 42Wall-papers 3d Town, photo 43Wall Mural 3d design, photo 443d photo wallpapers, photo 45Wall Mural 3d in the living room, photo 46

3D wall-paper for children: some interesting ideas

As we said earlier, the paper wallpaper is best for a children's room. There are also wallpaper with a washable surface, which is especially important for a children's room, but they are not as eco-friendly as 3d paper walls.

The choice of drawing should be approached with all responsibility, because it will affect the psyche of a young child. It is necessary to take into account the age of the child: so, up to two years, psychologists recommend to decorate the walls of the children's room in quiet tones. For the older child, the images of favorite heroes from cartoons are good: for girls - dolls, and for boys - typewriters.

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Of course, everything is individual and depends on the hobbies of a particular child. Design 3d wallpapers for a children's room is better coordinated with the child, if he is old enough to choose a picture. For the children's room is enough only one wall, decorated with 3D wallpaper. On the other walls you can paste neutral wallpaper, which is combined with the picture. So, in this photo you can see 3D wallpapers for a children's room with characters from the animated film "Ice Age". If a child likes this cartoon, he will feel in his own room, as if in a fairy tale.

Wall-papers for wall, photo 47Wall-papers for children 3d, photo 48Wall Mural 3d for children, photo 49Wall Mural 3d for children, photo 50Wall Mural 3d for children, photo 51wall-paper for a bedroom 3d photo, photo 52Wall Mural 3d view from a window, photo 53Wall-papers 3D for walls of a rose, photo 54Wall Mural 3d for city walls, photo 55

You can not use cartoon pictures, but paste wallpaper with a picture of real animals. In this example it's a kitten. All children love animals, so they like 3D wallpapers.

3d wallpapers wallpaper, photo 56

It's a wonderful idea to stick a wallpaper with a picture of the world map. So, the child will learn countries and continents in a playful form.

beautiful wallpaper 3d, photo 57

And here's an option for girls. The whole room is decorated in purple tones and 3D wallpapers are used to expand the space.

white wall-papers 3d, photo 58

But this way you can decorate the room for the boys. Blue tones prevail, as well as planes that boys like so much.

Do you want to make a true fairy tale for your child? Paste on all the walls in the children's room glowing 3D wallpaper. Just look how magical it looks. The child will just be delighted, especially in the dark!

Wall-papers 3d for a wall, photo 59

Dekorin believes that by viewing photos of beautiful 3D wallpapers on the wall, you chose the option you liked.