Amazing color solution for a small kitchen - expressive

Chic interior kitchen in white and red colors

Owners of this apartment have set designers not quite a trivial task. In a small kitchen area, only 13 "squares", they wanted to see just three zones: not only the kitchen, but also the living room and dining room. The proceeds came in a minimalist style.

In its framework, you can create a very unusual interior, while functional and comfortable, although the furniture and theof the constituent elements in it it is provided very little. The kitchen is decorated in white and red colors, and here you can not only cook, but also eat, gather together at the table, discuss something, sitting on a comfortable couch, and even watch TV.

Chic interior kitchen in white and red colors

A feature of the kitchen is the abundance of places where it is possible to store all kinds of adaptations and supplies of provisions. This is due to the way of life of the owners: the landlady prefers to stock up thoroughly with food, and not often go shopping. Therefore, the kitchen "settled" two refrigerators.

Cabinet for storing dishes Modern refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen

The base for the stylistic decision was the white color. Juicy red was chosen by the designer as an accent, optional. As a result, it turned out an impressive, elegant, but at the same time quite restrained cuisine. For the lower facades red is used, on top they are white, but the accent tone is also present in the niche. This decorative element turns into a kind of ribbon and "red thread" passes through the whole room, giving it integrity.

Chic interior kitchen in white and red colors

Sources of lighting, protected by insets of frosted glass, are on the ceiling. This is the main, working light, providing a comfortable work. But not the only one. On the perimeter of the room provides lighting, there is a floor lamp, repeating the shape of the hangers installed above the working area, as well as a ball-shaped chandelier. All these lighting fixtures allow you to vary the level of illumination and use separate ones, if necessary or at will.

Modern kitchen faucet

In this kitchen, geometric elements are widely used. Squares can be seen on the door (here they are made of glass), and on the floor covering there are marble figures. On the ceiling they are echoed by squares of light.

Chic interior kitchen in white and red colors

The design of the kitchen has its own zest. In the role of this are three-dimensional panels of a mosaic type resembling bubbles of foam. Above the working area they are painted white and play the role of an apron. The same bubbles, only already red, can be seen on the wall of the kitchen.

A bright three-dimensional panel of a mosaic type

There was a place for the sofa in which the bay window was transformed. The pillows thrown at him made the room more "homey", cozy and comfortable. Over the furniture there are places for storing things.

Chic interior kitchen in white and red colors

Near the sofa is located dinner Zone. The glass table, if necessary, moves apart and increases in size. The company is made up of chairs, the seats of which are made of white plastic. The same color and rolls: they became an alternative to the usual curtains over the sofa, so that they did not disturb the rest of the hosts and guests.

Шикарная dinner Zone