The combination of wallpaper in the interior - 30 ideas

Decoration of the walls of the dwelling goes back to ancient times. In Europe, the walls were clogged with silk or leather, in the East they used paper. Centuries pass, technologies, materials change, and humanity still uses wallpaper in the interior. They allow you to hide the unevenness and defects of walls, improve the illumination of the room, even absorb sound. They can be used not only in living quarters, but in conditions of high humidity or temperature differences.

Fluffy wallpaper

Examples of a combination of wallpaper

Traditionally in our apartments the kitchen is not only a place for cooking, but also for its reception by the whole family. The working part of the kitchen needs to be pasted with reliable strong wallpaper, easy to wash. For the rest of the room, choose lighter shades, with a nice pattern, an appetite that boosts mood, fit wallpapers with the appropriate landscape or still life. The walls of the bathroom or toilet are not so often decorated with wallpaper because of the high humidity in these rooms, but here you can also place wallpaper with naturalistic images as an element of the interior, it is reasonable to combine them with glass walls because of their resistance to many factors.

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Pattern flowers A corridor is a place where pollution is not uncommon. Splashes from umbrellas, shoes, outerwear, bags falling on the walls are able to cause irreparable damage to the appearance of your walls. Choose strong, easy to clean materials with unobtrusive geometric or natural motifs of light or soft colors. Vinyl suits, they are beautiful, diverse and easily cleaned.

Wallpaper in black and white stripes In living spaces, the space for choosing a decor for your interior is certainly wider. In the bedrooms, children it is desirable to use wallpaper from natural materials, with good air exchange, not causing allergic reactions. Calm relaxing colors in the bedroom for adults and bright colors in the interior of the children's room for always cheerful cheerful state of your child. Paper wallpapers are ideal for this. Their decor is now very diverse due to the use of various drawing techniques, they have acquired a different texture, which looks profitable in the interior.

Photo wallpapers for the living room Living rooms, halls can be vinyl wallpaper, they also have several types, depending on the method of applying the top layer and the additional materials used: silkscreen, foamed, dense vinyl. Vinyl wallpaper does not let in air, which can cause the development of mold under them, but designers are happy to use them in the design of public and private premises. It is recommended to regularly ventilate rooms with walls covered with vinyl wallpaper. The color, texture, pattern, combination of different types of wallpaper in the living room interior is almost limited by your imagination and sense of proportion.

Wallpaper combination

Combining wallpapers

Why do we combine them?

  • so you can divide the room or apartment into different zones: the kitchen - for lunch, work; children's - on the gaming, recreation area, a place for classes for schoolchildren; One-room apartment - on a zone for reception of visitors and for rest of owners.
  • by combining different wallpapers you can adjust the visual dimensions of the rooms, remove the unevenness of the walls, other construction shortcomings.
  • you can focus on any object of your living space, whether it's a nice soft corner, an antique fireplace or just pictures of your family on the wall.
  • this is a very simple way to save on buying expensive wallpapers. You do not need to buy them for pasting the whole room, their leftovers are sold at a significant discount. Do not forget some important moments of decoration with a combination of wallpaper of different colors, textures, types when decorating rooms.

Walls with a cork finish

Effect of color on the size and shape of the room

Dimensions of a small room can be visually increased, using combinations of light wallpaper. A large room can be reduced by gluing darker saturated colors. If you make one wall dark, then it will be visually moved away, the shape of the room will be more oblong. Horizontal stripes will increase the width, and the vertical bars will make the room visually higher. Consider natural light.

Textile combination wallpapers

The rooms on the southern side are covered with a combination of dark or cold shades. If the room is on the north side, then stop at a warmer, you can have a pastel color scheme. When vertically combining, use wallpaper of the same thickness.

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Liquid wallpaper with painting

If you paste rolls of different thickness with this combination, the places of their joints will be very visible, it will not work out a single interior picture. It is advisable to buy products of one manufacturer, from one collection, one price category, in one store.

Living room with purple details

Colors, texture of wallpaper should be combined with the interior.

A variety of patterns on wallpaper in combination

The colors of the wallpaper must necessarily be repeated with individual elements of furniture or decor for a sense of integrity, completeness of the interior. Create contrasts, accents, but keep the overall style.

Bordeaux wallpaper

Checking the combination of wallpaper

Ask to deploy all the wallpaper you selected, make sure that the choice is correct. The compatibility of the wallpaper look at the special stands and check the article on the rolls, so that the shades exactly match.

Combination on the wall

Make only one wall bright in the room.

Combining with wallpaper of different colorsDo not overwhelm the interior with bright colors, the room will not be comfortable for living. The exception is the children's rooms, the rooms of teenagers, you can not worry about the excessive riot of colors, this is very like the younger generation, it corresponds to their temperament, life energy. Wallpapers are selected after buying furniture.

Air wallpaper for bedroom It is much easier to choose a cover for walls or ceiling under the color of furniture already available, than to update the furniture set. And not a combination of all elements of the interior design will nullify all your efforts. There are several proven design ways to combine different wallpapers: dividing the room vertically and horizontally; special allocation, design of niches and partitions; use of patchwork technique; the inclusion of panels, inserts.

Blue wallpapers Horizontal division traditionally involves the use of two types of wallpaper: the upper lighter with a monophonic or fine pattern, the lower the darker hue, the more pronounced pattern. The border of their connection is closed by a wallpaper tape or curb from various materials. This option is suitable for an interior solution in the classical style for a living room, office or corridor. You can use a lot of horizontal stripes of different colors, but only on one wall. This option will make your living room modern and stylish.

Bright living room Vertical combination assumes a uniform alternation of bands of different colors or patterns, accentuation on individual zones or objects. It can be a wall behind a sofa in the living room or a bed in the bedroom, stripes on either side of the fireplace, door or TV. Do not use excessively bright tones to avoid distracting attention from the subject. This option can be a reflection of any styles, depending on the color, texture, patterns used wallpaper. It can be used in almost any residential or public space, it will give each of them its own unique style and appearance.

Wallpaper of one ruler

Niches in a room from an inconvenient limiting building element can turn into an exquisite work of art. They can be transformed using a combination of contrasting wallpaper or imitating natural materials: stone, marble, Venetian plaster. The niche in the bedroom or living room after a well-chosen combination of wallpaper will be a real decoration of your home. The niche in the corridor can be made in the form of a cabinet, and its protruding corners should be pasted with more durable wallpaper, which will prolong the life of the repair, make interesting accents in the visual perception of the room.

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Luxury interior with wallpaper The inserts of wallpaper can be large and small, they are used in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens. The insert can either occupy the whole wall, be an element of the zoning of the room, so be a small piece of wallpaper placed above the table, a fireplace, behind a bed or a sofa. Often in such cases, using wallpaper in different colors, plots. Decorate the walls with small pieces of wallpaper in frames or made as Roman curtains or panels.

Wallpaper style Provence Pasting in the style of "patchwork", the use of small pieces of wallpaper in various colors. You can decorate living rooms and dining rooms in the style of country, Provence, retro, using soft colors and harmoniously combined drawings. In the children's room, on the contrary, the brightness and contrast of the wallpaper used is desirable.

Bold color combination for the living room

The combination of wallpaper colors in the interior

There are two main ways to combine wallpaper of different colors in the interior: simple - a combination of two colors and a complex - several colors and shades. Colors are divided into warm and cold, light and dark, combined and incongruous.

Close-up of wallpaper with molding in the middle of the wall If you cover the room with different light shades of pastel tones, you get an airy, lightweight, light interior. Invariably popular is the combination of black and white materials when creating a classic or high-tech interior. The combination of dark wallpaper is a more difficult task, try to avoid the pressing, heavy impression of design. It is good in this variant to combine dark brown, black, green, red shades. Used wallpaper gray or beige scale, varying with the color accents can be obtained as a bright modernist, and strict baroque.

Combination of brown with dark green Based on the basic color of your interior, you need to consider that:

  • red wallpapers are combined with brown, purple, shades of gray, golden and blue;
  • orange combined with caramel, brown, white, gray, greenish, do not combine with all shades of red;
  • yellow are muted by beige, brown, do not combine with red and pink;
  • brown, beige perfectly complement each other, combined with blue, gray, green, golden, not suitable for burgundy or red;
  • green combined with calm warm tones, and with wallpaper of bright colors;
  • blue blends with white, blue, gray, brown, burgundy, golden and silver, do not combine with green;
  • purple combined with gold, all shades of yellow and orange, beige and pink, not combined with red.
Multicolored wallpaperColored wallpaper in Scandinavian style

Consider these simple rules when creating your own, unique designer interiors and you are guaranteed an excellent result. It does not matter if he enters the top of the best design projects of the year, the main thing is that he brings you joy.