Knitted crafts for home

Do you have needles, a hook and you know how to use them? All relatives and friends are already in scarves and sweaters, but you want to tie something else? In this case, we offer you several knitted ideas for your home decor: rugs, pillows, kitchen towels, napkins, festive decor and much more!

Just like knitted clothing never goes out of fashion, so the presence of a knitted decor in the house will always be welcomed, as it is easily combined with any style (looking at our photos, you will see this!), Helps express your personality and makes the house much cozier . From the kitchen to the bedroom and from the ceiling to the floor - here you will find original knitted hand-made articles for each section of your home.

And most importantly - all these ideas are very easy to implement! We hope that you will find here enough inspiration to continue not to part with your favorite hobby.

Original knitted hand-made articles:

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