Wall-papers for a brick +75 photo in an interior

Wall-papers for a brick in an interior

Brick used in construction even in the days of Ancient Egypt. The material was little like modern analogues. From the clay, which fell into the clod, shaped blocks of approximately the same size were formed. First, a raw brick was used, which was dried in the sun and was afraid of moisture, so the building could not be called durable. Then, the building material began to be fired, which significantly increased its service life. The ruins of the famous Tower of Babel (one of the seven wonders of the world) are the remains of brickwork, fragments of which have retained their form to this day. Ancient Rus was introduced to the material by Byzantines. Each block in those days was made by hand, so it could build only wealthy people from it. The poor had to settle for more affordable timber and stone. Gradually, production became mechanized, and therefore product prices declined. Nowadays, brick is considered to be the most accessible and reliable material, which, unfortunately, does not withstand competition with foam, gas, and reinforced concrete. The latter provided an opportunity to build skyscrapers and "skyscrapers" in the cities. Brick masonry has always been an element of the exterior. In the interior, she was preferred to plaster and trim to hide the unsightly appearance of the walls. So it was until the industrial style or loft became popular in the US. This direction actively propagated the use of careless, as if "unfinished" elements and surfaces. Naked brick wall has become a fashionable accent in the design of the interior of the house or apartment. However, even here the natural material was replaced by its imitations. Artificial or decorative brick, which is lighter and cheaper than the original, is used everywhere in those apartments where the loft has to "squeeze" into the tight budget framework. Monumentality of such a coating is not different. For simpler interiors, we began to make wallpaper for a brick. On a thin surface, a masonry with all its natural defects and roughness is reliably shown.

  Bright mat in the living room  Interior with yellow sofas  Parquet in the living room  Locker against the wall

In addition, the range of materials is designed for use in different rooms. For example, wallpaper with a special coating will perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen or bathroom.

Decorative window in the living room

From natural bricks at any intensity of the heating system will "pull" the cold. This is inevitable for raw material, which is valued precisely for its unusual, natural appearance. With wallpaper, this problem does not arise at all.

Picture on the wall in the work area in the kitchen  Decorative fireplace in the bedroom  Mirrors on the wall in the living room  Black clock on a white wall  Table between chairs

Types of wallpapers

Regardless of the texture on the surface, the wallpaper is classified into types by type of material of execution:

  • Paper. The cheapest and "flimsy" wallpaper. They are quickly formed scuffed, so the operating period does not exceed 4-5 years. Do not recommend paper wallpaper pasting kitchens and bathrooms. They are completely untraceable for their microclimate. Suitable for halls, bedroom corridors and children's rooms. In the rest areas, the material is valued because of its undeniable environmental friendliness and safety.
  • Non-woven. The material is light and "breathes" after finishing. Flizelin does not swell when wet and does not shrink after drying. Unfortunately, like paper wallpapers, non-woven fabrics do not last long.
  • Acrylic. On the paper or non-woven base in the dot technique, foamed acrylic is applied. Its layer "breathes", and provides a long service life of the material.
  • Tissue. The finish looks spectacular and rich, but the textile will require constant care, as it collects dust. Do not combine wallpaper with kitchens.
  • Vinyl. Perhaps the most popular option in recent times. A layer of foamed vinyl is applied to the substrate. The market for finishing materials offers variants with a relief and smooth surface. The vinyl layer provides the wallpaper with a "long life". The material can be used in finishing the kitchen.
  • Metallized. The top layer of wallpaper is covered with a special kind of foil. The material looks elegant and expensive. Drawings from bricks simulate seldom, as vegetable designs are more effective on a similar surface.
  • Natural. Elegant option for luxury apartments. The material is classified as "not everyone can afford", but the cost pays off by the beauty of the coating. Usually they decorate only one accent zone. Due to the thickness of the rolls on the wall, the joints will be clearly visible. More often there are cork and bamboo wallpapers. The material is difficult to install. Exotic version will be wallpaper, woven from straw and cane in the technique of "mats."
  • Photo wall-papers. As a rule, on their surface there are pictures or panoramas, and not a repeating pattern. Actual variants simulating "old" walls, where the masonry is combined with crumbling plaster are actual. Photo wallpapers are highly detailed, and, accordingly, realistic depicted pictures.

Flizeline wallpaper for a brick in the interior

Of all the above types are the most popular vinyl wallpaper. They meet the quality standards and will please the eye more than one year.

Mirror with illumination on the wall  Original clock in the living room  Table and armchair in front of a decorative fireplace  Niche in the living room  Yellow armchair in black and white interior

Let's look at the styles in more detail

The first direction that comes to mind when mentioning brick wallpaper, of course loft. Noble, industrial style, which has become more elegant and elegant than its industrial predecessor. In the rooms, designed according to the canons of this direction, a brick wall is considered an indispensable element. The accent zone, which from the "uncouth" surface turned into an exquisite detail of the interior. If the brick is painted in gray, white or black, then its application is accepted and modern high-tech. The accented wall will favorably emphasize the chrome surfaces and the "gloss" of the room. The Scandinavian style, from which the northern "cold" blows, is also calm about such decisions. Again, the value is the color of the wallpaper, the choice is better to stop on white. Neo-Gothic and Gothic are distinguished by the gloominess of the interiors, which will be emphasized by surfaces with imitation of bricks in natural form: with sprinkled corners and "scars" of cement mortar. In minimalism, light wallpaper with a relief texture will dilute the monophonic decoration of the room, which may seem unnecessarily boring.

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Wall-papers for a brick in a Scandinavian style kitchen

Ethnic style, as you know, will endure everything, so the wallpaper under the brick will be in harmony with the unusual decor of the room.

Shelf on the wall above the couch  Ceiling fan  White furniture in the kitchen  Shelf above the bed  Built-in fixtures in the ceiling

Color Solutions

As for the color scheme, modern wallpaper can be made in almost any shade: from acid green to purple. Similar options are suitable for extravagant styles, where bright colors look appropriate. It is worth noting that such bright walls are combined with a minimum of decor, as the abundance of accents will negatively affect the perception of the interior. Natural variants with masonry of brown, white, gray or black colors are more actual. "Brick" wall is unusual in itself, so experiments with shades are best left for the rest of the decorative elements. Also, the material can be divided into two categories:

  • Imitating the "fresh" masonry;
  • The texture of the surface repeats the pattern of the aged wall.

Wallpaper with a texture under the old brick in the interior

Do not forget about the standard color scheme for rooms with different dimensions. In small ones, light colors are always used, and in large ones one can resort to dark ones.

Bedroom in loft style  Skin on the floor in the living room  Turquoise furniture in a light interior  Paintings on the floor in the living room  Room tree on the floor near the wall

Selection of texture and design

The material is divided into two types according to the invoice:

  • Smooth. No different from classic wallpaper;
  • Relief. With a hand on the surface, you can feel under the fingers "roughness" of the brick and groove in the joints, where the original must be cement cement.

Embossed wallpaper for a brick in the interior

Smooth wallpaper can be matte or glossy. "Lacquered" shine of the latter immediately gives an imitation, so consider this nuance when creating interiors in the loft style, which still gives preference to natural brick. Also on the wallpaper can be depicted elements of small and large fractions. Do not recommend using a material with small bricks in cramped rooms, such details will load space.

Living room in loft style  Beams in the interior of the dining room  Laminated wood in the living room  Kitchen with U-shaped layout  Low table by the couch

Design options in the interior

"Brick" wallpaper is very versatile. If you choose the right material for the substrate, then the coating can be used to finish any premises. A competently crafted effect produced by the surface of the wallpaper will become the main accent in the room. In this case, it does not matter whether they are walled up with walls or their small areas, niches, ledges.

Wallpaper with a brick pattern in the living-dining room Phone on the wall in the interior  Sofa from pallets in the living room  Mirror on the floor in the bedroom  Separation between kitchen and dining room  Bicycle in the interior

In the hall

In the hall обычно обоями под кирпич с имитацией рваных краев оклеивают стену у входной двери. Типовые помещения не отличаются большими габаритами, поэтому с фактурными, темными поверхностями не советуют перебарщивать. Можно оклеить светлым «кирпичом» одну из длинных стен коридора. Эффектным дополнением станет коллаж из черно-белых фотографий одинаковых размеров, которые вешают в ряд. Остальные стены отделывают светлой штукатуркой, однотонность и простота которой подчеркнет «кирпичный» акцент.

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Wall-papers for a brick in a hall Hanger in the form of a tree in the interior  Mirror above the table  Puffik at the door  Pictures with illumination in the corridor  Hanger on the wall in the hallway

In the living room

In the living room с помощью акцентной «кирпичной» стены можно выделить отдельную зону: читальный уголок или рабочее место. Актуально использование таких обоев в совмещенных комнатах, в качестве разграничения двух пространств. Ими обычно оклеивают гипсокартонные перегородки с декоративными нишами. Не забывайте о подсветке, которая сделает простую «кирпичную» стену эффектной зоной в комнате.

Wall-papers for a brick in a drawing room Orchid on the table  Living room with balcony  Multilevel ceiling in the interior  Modern interior of studio apartment  The partition between the living room and the dining room

In the kitchen

In the kitchen, usually a wallpaper "brick" form an apron or a wall, near which is the dining area. It should be taken into account that the natural "red" color does not excite the appetite, so it is better to use light shades. In the spacious kitchens, a stylish solution will be a dark wallpaper on the wall with windows that glued them around the edges. The openings are hung with monochrome curtains without drawings, which emphasize the sophistication and rigor of the interior.

Wall-papers for a brick in the kitchen Shelves on the wall in the work area  Dining table by the window  Decorative plates on the wall  Kitchen with a linear layout  Hood above the stove

In the bedroom

In the bedrooms, the accent wall is usually at the head of the bed. Exceptions may be spaces that are extended in length, in which the bed is placed in the far corner. The furnishings of the bedroom should be to rest, sleep, tranquility. In order not to disturb the harmony of the atmosphere, avoid using wallpapers that mimic a rough, dark brick. Soft, pastel shades of the material will help create a feeling of lightness of the interior. Bricks should also be neat, without obvious traces of "destruction." The latter is relevant only in styles that support the impression of exquisite antiquity. Their vivid example is Provence, but he prefers rough-painted white wood.

Wall-papers for a brick in a bedroom Mirror wardrobe in the interior  Bed of pallets  Tree on the wall  Painting on the headboard  Brick wall in the bedroom

In the children's room

Wall-paper for a brick often used for registration of teenage bedrooms. As a rule, at this age children (especially boys) crave brutal interiors with a challenge. Teenagers will appreciate the room in the Gothic style or ultramodern loft. The latter will cause persistent associations with the situation of fashionable cafes and music bars, which will become another "plus" in the style treasury. For girls recommend to choose a more romantic option, where the wallpaper will be painted in gentle colors: peach, pink, white.

Wall-papers for a brick in a nursery Table opposite the bed  Birdhouses on the wall  Pink curtains in the nursery  Poster on the wall  Skateboards above the bed


In modern styles, skilfully combine natural surfaces with the simplicity of the interior. In the perception of man over the past decade, the concept of "beautiful" has changed and turned upside down. Therefore, what was previously tried to hide and close, now show off as a vivid example of non-standard solutions that have become fashionable. Brick masonry was no exception. Previously, this material was considered "rough", for decoration used more beautiful and accurate wallpaper, plaster, paint, wood. Now the brick is so popular that those who do not have the opportunity to "cement" their walls literally, resort to its imitations. Note that the texture of the surface has the property of "pressing" on the room (except for white and gray only), so it is not worthwhile to cover all the room with such battles. The interior will look tasteless and ugly. Accent walls are ideal areas for bricks in rooms.

Wall for a brick in the living room  Bookshelves in the form of shelves along the wall  Motorcycle in the interior  Different types of wallpaper in the living room  The combination of a wooden ceiling and brick walls in the interior