Wallpaper "city" in the interior: works of art on the walls

Photo wallpapers with the image of a night city

Photo wallpapers with city views turn an ordinary room into a work of art. The room acquires a unique chic and becomes a place of attraction for guests and household members. Not surprising. After all, their eyes open spectacular spectacle. Kinds of cozy European streets, sparkling in the night of skyscrapers, world-famous sights are so realistic! And pulls to step into the panel and stroll through the city of your dreams. To achieve such an effect is not easy. The image must necessarily be in harmony with the rest of the interior, otherwise it may look ludicrous, cheap and tasteless.

Photo wallpapers with 3D effect Wall-papers on the living-room wall Room in brown tones Wall-papers on a wall Wallpapers with the image of the city

What should I consider when choosing?

Today we are not limited in the choice of wallpaper. Do not like ready-made - do not worry! Order a panel with a favorite image of you. Select the shape, the size of the fabric and the backing material. Products made with the customer's wishes in mind allow creating a unique and harmonious interior. If you want, you can change the shades in the finished image, display it in a mirror. You can upload your photo and create an individual design. The realism of the image, as well as the richness of the colors of modern photo wallpapers is impressive. By this we owe the high-tech multi-color digital printing. During the application of the image, each pixel is carefully printed. The paints do not burn out, they retain their brightness and juiciness for many years.

Black and white bedroom with wall-paper city

When creating photo wallpapers, the following technologies are used:

  • UV-printing;
  • latex;
  • eco-solvent.

The first two are used for printing on vinyl and non-woven bases. The latter - for applying images on paper. The quality of wallpaper depends on the material of production.

Photo wallpapers with a tram Kitchen with black photo wallpapers Black upholstered furniture Black and white wallpaper with city and bridge Modern style in the design of the living room Bedroom in classic style with photo wallpapers

Varieties of wallpaper material

  1. Paper - the most affordable, have decorative, breathing properties. Cons - insufficient strength and durability.
  2. Vinyl - strong dense vinyl fabric with a variety of textures - plaster, gloss, flax, burlap, jacquard. The only negative is the high cost.
  3. Non-woven - not inferior in quality to vinyl. The absence of polyvinyl chloride in their composition makes them more environmentally friendly. Therefore, they can be safely used in the design of children's rooms.

Manufacturers offer wallpapers of various shapes and sizes. They may be:

  • square or rectangular - the size of the picture;
  • stretched into a narrow horizontal or vertical strip;
  • Widescreen - the whole wall.

Purchasing wallpaper on request, you can not be limited to a factory ruler of sizes. In a specialized company you will print images of any format. Panels consist of one or more fragments. The set can include 1, 2, 3, 8, 12 and even 16 panels. Their quantity determines the value of the product.

Choose a wallpaper-city based on the color scale

Already at the design development stage it is determined - in what tones the interior will be made. Wall-papers should be combined with furnish, furniture and a decor on shades and temperature of color.

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Living room with panoramic windows

Monochrome image

Black and white panorama will look especially impressive in combination with gentle warm shades. The serious nature of the image will soften the pastel shades on the rest of the walls. To brighten up the room, use bright accessories of yellow, red, light green, turquoise. From dark brown, dark blue, green shades it is better to refuse. They will divert attention from the semantic center, make the room gloomy and uncomfortable. Monochrome wallpaper-cities will harmoniously fit in the interior of the hallway, the office, the room of a teenage boy, a living room. They emphasize the eccentricity and boldness of thinking of the occupant.

Warm shades

Warm shades на фотообоях можно усилить или оттенить с помощью цвета основной отделки. Желтые краски заиграют по-новому в содружестве с зеленым, шоколадным, золотистым. Если на панно преобладает оранжевый цвет – смягчите его бежевыми, пастельными, карамельными, коричневыми тонами. Красная база станет еще выразительнее на белом, черном, серебристом фоне. Изображения в бежевых тонах прекрасно гармонируют с белым и бежевым. Яркость и выразительность интерьеру с бежевыми фотообоями придадут красные, желтые и бирюзовые оттенки. Теплый зеленый оттенок — цвет молодой травы отлично сочетается с небесно-голубым, светло-серым, бежевым, шоколадным. Изображение города на лазурном побережье гармонично впишется в интерьер с оттенками голубого, кораллового, песочного.

Beige armchair  Yellow pillows on the couch Brown wallpaper city Black sofa Green Chairs Photo city in the hall

Cold Gamma

Cold dark colors usually act as a base in the images of the night city, futuristic landscapes. It is a skyscrapers, bridges and sights with a spectacular backlight against the background of a dark blue or purple sky. For a dark blue panel, gray, dairy, white walls will serve as an excellent background. Purple landscape is favorably emphasized by purple, lavender, light pink and beige wallpaper.

Popular Plots

The theme of the wallpaper with the views of the city is different. They depict the crowded streets, places of worship, monuments of architecture.

Consider the most common options:

  1. Urban views - crowded streets, dynamic trails, high-rise buildings, stations, fountains, historical monuments, cathedrals.
  2. Panoramas of the night metropolis. Most often - it's flooded with night illumination of skyscrapers, bridges with an inconceivable number of light bulbs, streets with pouring light from the windows. These wallpapers will breathe into the interior of the spirit of ultramodernity, actual trends.
  3. Picturesque European streets. Lovely houses with ivy-covered walls, restaurants in the open air, well-kept gardens. In any room of the house such panels will create a pleasant and calm atmosphere.
  4. Religious sights - London's Big Ben, the Paris Eiffel Tower, the New York Statue of Liberty, the Roman Colosseum, Prague's chiming clock, Venetian canals, skyscrapers of Dubai.
  5. Seaside cities - the coast with spectacular hotels and a promenade.
  6. Futuristic stories are the cities of the future.
  7. Wallpaper of the city in the interior of rooms.

Baby for two girls

Urban landscapes are appropriate in any room. Despite the fact that they are often introduced into modern interiors, they can become a highlight in any style. The main thing to remember is the wallpaper of the city - not necessarily the panorama of the night city. This is also the sights, monuments of architecture. To properly choose a picture you need to determine the general mood of the room, understand what it lacks. The style of Hi Tech does not hurt the dynamics of fantastic skyscrapers of a huge metropolis. Provence will be added by the intimacy of pictures of quiet streets, cozy cafes, parks, Venetian gondolas. Marine style will revive the types of coastal resorts. The classic interior will make monumental images of park sculptures and historic buildings. Modernism will reassure restrained monochrome graphics. Each story carries a special energy. Some help to relax serenely, others fill with romanticism, the third with energy and determination. Decide - in what atmosphere you want to live and only after that choose photo wallpapers.

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Bicycle at the window

The nature of the image should correspond to the purpose of the room, its functionality. Not always in the bedroom will be appropriate, what enchantingly looks in the living room and vice versa. It would be strange to post a photo with a busy highway in the center of the city in the bedroom. Or in the kitchen hang wallpaper with the Tower of London.

Megapolis in the living room

The living room is a room with large dimensions, which are directly placed to use here wide-format paintings in the whole wall. This method takes the line, drawing the imagination into an unknown distance. Imagine how luxurious, how realistic are the urban plots that do not have boundaries. Their edges seem to dissolve at a time when the view is plunged deep into the picture. Thanks to the perspective, a complete sense of absence of the wall is created. It seems that it's worth taking a step and in the next moment you will already pass along the paved road in the direction of the mysterious arch or swim towards the lights of the city of your dreams. It is this effect that creates large-scale paintings.

Living room with photo wallpapers Living room with photo wallpapers город White upholstered furniture in the living room Black sofa Black and white living room Red pillows on a white corner couch

Nevertheless, in the living room, small variants will also get accustomed. They can be made in the form of a picture, placed inside niches, on ledges, used to highlight functional zones. For example, the types of night city above the desk will denote the business purpose of the allocated space.

Red and purple cushions on the couch

Bedroom in the "urban style"

The bedroom is an island of silence and tranquility. At least - ideally. Here, loud sounds and crazy races are out of place. Her atmosphere must be filled with a genteel, coziness and romance. Of course, everyone understands romance in their own way. For someone it's an evening in a club amidst sparkling fires. For someone - a leisurely walk through the flower garden. For someone, ride a bike through the night city. And yet, in a bedroom it is better to avoid dynamic subjects. Leave them for other rooms, and turn the sleeping room into an oasis of calm and complacency. Here it is worthwhile to place beautiful landscapes of city squares, images of houses with front gardens with scattered flowers, garden sculptures and fountains.

Black bed linen White and pink bed linen Bedroom in brown tones Turquoise pillows on a white bed Photo wallpapers in the bedroom Brown bedroom with wall-paper city

No less winning will look a metropolis falling asleep in the rays of a pink sunset or a sea surface washing the beaches of resort towns. For the bedroom, suitable for all those images, looking at which you want to slow down the run and immerse yourself in contemplation. Use for this room wall-paper of calm shades - beige, white, gentle-blue, pink. More bright colors are also allowed, but in a muted version.

The image should not be annoying, "crushing" the psyche, causing eye strain and interfering with relaxation.

Wall-papers with the image of skyscrapers

Appetizing wallpaper-cities for the kitchen

In the kitchen there are quite different city landscapes. The main thing is that they do not distract you from food. Of course, first of all it is recommended to pay attention to images of cafes, old buildings, parks. But how nice it is sometimes to drink a cup of coffee peering into the outlines of the Louvre, the hotels of Dubai, the Brooklyn Bridge, dreaming of travel. If the kitchen is made in bright colors, the wallpaper should be selected in low-key neutral tones. If the set and the finish are bright, bright canvases are more than appropriate. They will play the role of the main violin, will concentrate their attention on themselves, will become a worthy decoration of the interior. Support them with a pair of three accessories close in style and color, and they will become an integral component of the design.

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Wall Mural in the Kitchen Photo wallpapers in the kitchen Dining area in the kitchen Black and white wallpaper in the kitchen Kitchen in brown tones Kitchen in white tones

Please note that in the kitchen the wallpaper will interact with moisture, grease, smells from the cooking. Therefore, choose representatives that are easy to clean and not afraid of detergents. If the wallpaper act as an apron, then they should be protected with a glass panel.

The kitchen is black

City landscape in the hallway

"Cloth" hallway can be painted with a variety of "colors". The main thing is that the chosen story corresponds to the general style of decoration and the headset. Do not use dynamic options in small corridors, furnished. Apply the reception of the space expansion - paste wallpaper with perspective. They will help to visually increase the space and feel less constrained. It looks interesting to draw a doorway to the old city - like a fantastic portal to another country. Subjects can be emphasized in the decoration, lining the wall near the "exit" tiles in the form of a brick or natural stone. If the area allows, your choice is unlimited. The lights of the night cities are also relevant here, as in the living room. They are perfectly combined with white or silver furniture. Equally appropriate here will be city tracks with racing cars. Already at the output you will receive an energy charge for the whole day.

Black and white wallpaper in the hallway Hallway in brown tones Wallpaper city in the hallway Yellow chair Photo wallpapers with a bridge Room with panoramic window

To ensure that the photo wallpaper dominates the interior, the rest of the finish should be neutral. Wallpaper without texture drawings and print will be an ideal background for bright paintings, make them even more picturesque and expressive. In the hallway the image of the city can occupy the whole wall, be located between the wall panels and the ceiling, pass between the mirrors in a narrow strip, and be enclosed in a picture frame.

There are plenty of options for use. But do not forget, in the hallway the surfaces wear out and get dirty faster than in the room. Therefore, the wallpaper should be made of a durable and reliable material.

City in the children's room

Teenagers adore urban landscapes. The city's images in the room look extraordinary and very bold. And what is the most important for a teenager? Do not be banal and old-fashioned! Stand out, be brighter and more interesting than others. Such wallpaper for young people is a way of self-expression, the opportunity to impress friends, to be seen as the original. In the boy's room will perfectly fit the images of the night megacities, race tracks colored and black and white. For the girl's room, landscapes with seaside towns, sights of London, Paris, Prague will suit.

Photo wall-papers in a nursery


To wallpaper with cities for walls in the interior did not become superfluous adhere to the following rules:

  1. Do not use photo printing on furniture or order an image in the same subject matter as wallpaper.
  2. For other walls, choose a finish without a print. This will make the picture even more expressive, it will become an effective accent in the interior.
  3. Do not have wallpaper-cities in rooms with lots of furniture. There will be a sense of confusion and clutter.
  4. Choose wallpaper with perspective. It will visually expand the space. The boundaries of the room will move so far that it seems that they do not exist. This is especially true for small rooms, but it also looks amazing in spacious halls.
  5. Get quality materials so that the result does not turn into a complete disappointment with bubbles and oiled paint.


Wall-paper with the image of cities will turn your notion about design, will become a bright stroke not only indoors, but also in your life. Use them to visualize desires and believe - the fulfillment of a dream is just around the corner!