5 ways to transform the decoration of the apartments

Bright pillows in the interior of the bedroom

The architect and designer Kyle Schuneman (Kyle Shuneman) has been developing a creative and unusual decor for his clients for a long time.

In 2012, he released his first book, Cool Design for Small Spaces, in which he collected fresh, interesting and extraordinary tips for transforming the decoration. She gained massive popularity among numerous homeowners and decorators, which attracted close attention and public interest.

Today we will bring to your attention five exclusive recommendations from a talented master who can fill the apartment with incredible charm and sophistication:

1. Bring natural elements to the dwelling

One of the first things an expert advises clients is to buy a plant or fresh flowers. In his unmatched masterpiece, he used a collection of glass vials from the CB2 brand, which were decorated with marvelous purple dahlias.

Indoor plants and green spaces give the apartment an incredible charm and aesthetic appeal.

Bright curtains in the dining room

2. Your home must have a history

This bedroom was designed and implemented specifically for a young man living in a historic building in Los Angeles. The designer used the warm textured wood and multi-layered textures to give the space an incredible charm and elegance.

The designer used in the interior a series of old tennis rackets, to which he presented a new life in the form of mirrors. The collection creates a graphic pattern on the wall above the bed. Round edges of accessories soften the rigid and angular outlines of the headboard. These interior items moreover, give the room an authentic appearance.

Mirror rackets on the wall in the bedroom

3. Use for decoration of the apartment unusual decorative elements

In the following example, to engineer the buffet in the kitchen, the engineer picked up an oblong mirror panel.

It not only transforms the space of the apartments remarkably, but it also helps the housewife to better see all hard-to-reach bottles and jars.

Buffet with mirror panel in the kitchen

4. Use your personal belongings and objects for decoration

In this apartment in the attic, the specialist applied guitars and drums to the owner of the apartment, which is a musician. These accessories and decorative elements brought into the atmosphere unusual house originality and authenticity.

The designer chose low club furniture for the furnishing of the apartments, which allows creating an intimate recreation area in the living room. A pair of wicker coconut chairs softens the strict and industrial appearance of the salon, sustained in warm woody tones.

Guitars on the wall in the living room

5. Use in the development of creative decoration with vintage furniture items and accessories

This amazing chair with a wooden frame was bought by the master for a small price on the flea market, and he found the original metal wall decoration in the commission shop. In combination, these elements look extremely harmonious and unusual.

Cozy reading corner

Master Kyle Schuneman recognizes that a good design, regardless of the size of the space, boils down to personal taste. He develops interesting and unusual masterpieces that strike the imagination of customers with their authenticity and non-standard approach.

Designer Kyle Schuneman

We presented to our readers excellent advice and recommendations from the talented master Kyle Schuneman, which will allow you not only to visually increase living space, but also to fill the atmosphere with incredible charm and serenity.

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