White floor in the interior

White floor in the design of rooms

Do you think that white floors are impractical? Really. Caring for light surfaces is more difficult than for dark ones, besides, they quickly become worthless. Can a sane person dare to do this? But as you know, common sense is the worst enemy of creativity! A white floor in the interior of the apartment opens up an unlimited space for the birth of creative ideas! So do not be afraid and do it for your own pleasure.

The white floor is good because it:

  • is relevant for absolutely any interiors. The main thing is to choose the finishing materials;
  • can act as an effective accent or, on the contrary, serve as a background for darker or more vivid compositions;
  • multifaceted - the palette of the white contains cold and warm shades, which allows you to successfully integrate them into any color selection;
  • calmingly affects the psyche, gives peace and peace;
  • perfectly harmonizes with gentle, bright and deep shades. Supports the charm of the first, "cool" the ardor of the second and refresh the third;
  • Masking dust, allowing the hosts to meet the guests fully armed without prior preparation.

The downside of the coin is that by perfectly concealing the dust, the white floor shamelessly demonstrates the slightest dirt and chips. Any hair, not to mention stains, scratches and scales, fallen to the surface is clearly visible.

Dining area in bright colors Turquoise table opposite the sofa Brown furniture in the living room design Children's playpen in white color Black and white linens in the interior of the bedroom Unusual ceiling design in the living room

Such a floor makes you use a vacuum cleaner and a rag much more often than usual. But there will never be any reason to doubt its purity.

Interior styles and white floor

It is difficult to name an interior in which the white floor would be out of place. He with the same success gets along with both traditional and ultra-modern filling of space. On its background, significant details of the style acquire additional convexity.

Light children's room

In which styles is the white floor particularly popular?

  • Classics - the severity of dark furniture will emphasize the finish of a whitewashed parquet board, laminate or linoleum with a print for light wood. Softness and comfort will add a fluffy carpet in the same shades.
  • Provence - a charming composition of aged furniture and simple-minded accessories will complement the boardwalk with white paint dyed out from time.
  • Loft - matte white floor - filling, wooden, tiled will help to dispel the gloom of concrete and brick surfaces.
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Windows in the living room overlooking the garden The combination of chocolate and white in the design of the bedroom Living room with decorative fireplace White color in the design of the room for the boy TV on the black wall in the living room Spacious bathroom with window

  • Marine - in combination with ultramarine, white color is particularly bright and positive.
  • High-tech - a glossy coating will fill the room with light, create a spectacular contrast with any of the bright colors, will support the radiance of the glass and the gloss of chrome.
  • Minimalism - will be an excellent background for furniture of strict outlines and a minimal set of accessories. Visually increase the small room.
  • Scandinavian - will fill the space with reflected light, air, help to level out the dusk of cloudy days.

From what materials do?

The main rule of choosing finishing materials is their conformity to interior stylistics and the purpose of the room. White shades are present in all versions of floor coverings, but how to choose from the set of sentences the only true?

Black, green and white in the design of the living room Bright laminate in the design of the living room Living room in white with a large corner window Bathroom with light marble on the floor Room with panoramic windows White carpet in the nursery

The main types of materials for finishing the floor:

  • wood - a wooden covering or a parquet keep a heat and give sensation of a cosiness. They cause a desire to play on the floor with children, walk barefoot. Beneficial looks in the interior of the board of bleached oak, ash. The only disadvantage of such a coating is that the wooden composites eventually crack up and begin to creak. But if you maintain in the apartment a certain humidity can be avoided. Of course, provided that the technology of preliminary shrinkage of wood has not been violated;
  • tiles - practical, durable, waterproof material. It is represented by various sizes, shapes, textures and colors. Collections are completed with monophonic components, specimens with a pattern, decorative slats for framing the composition or delineating individual sections of the cover. Glossy options add to the room chic, gloss. They push the space. Matt, on the other hand, fills the room with comfort. The cold surface is a weighty argument in favor of abandoning tiles in the nursery and bedroom. However, even this problem is solved by installing a warm floor;
  • porcelain stoneware - acquires special strength in the production process. Fits like a tile, but in a seamless way. As a result, a smooth matte or glossy surface is formed-one-toned or with a divorce. Ceramic granite successfully simulates artificial marble, allowing you to save money;

Black interior items in the white living room Light floors in the kitchen with window Children's Eco-Style Small living room in a modern style White color in the design of the room The combination of white, red and black in the design

  • laminate - pressed laminate. Upper - decorative layer conveys a pattern of longitudinal slice of wood. Among the minuses of the laminate surface is a lowered moisture resistance and resistance to damage. The characteristics of the laminate vary according to the class;
  • Vinyl tiles are a water resistant material that can be easily mounted by hand. Not environmentally friendly, can fade with time;
  • Liquid - the solid surface of this floor is resistant to mechanical influences. Forms a flat, seamless plane. Provides ample opportunities for decoration;
  • cork - a warm cushioning ecological coating. It has excellent sound insulation properties;
  • carpet - a cozy and soft material. Excellent choice for a nursery, bedroom or living room. Due to its marquess, white carpet will require enhanced care. An interesting variant of soft flooring is carpet tiles and slats. Of these, you can lay out any patterns, and in case of damage to an individual element it is easy to replace.
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Olive, white and chocolate in the design of the living room White Bedroom White color at the base of the apartment design The hotel is in white color Living room and kitchen in bright colors White and shades of brown in the design of the kitchen

Variety of white shades

The versatility of white color is amazing. Incredible, but true - this achromatic "dissident" manifests itself in a variety of hypostases. The "association" of white shades merged:

  • snow-white;
  • lactic;
  • cream;
  • cotton;
  • ecru;
  • color of melted milk;
  • pearl;
  • ivory;
  • the color of honey dew;
  • almond.

White glossy floor Large hall with light floor Room decoration in bright colors Black armchair in a bright room Children's room with light-colored floors Two white armchairs opposite the TV set

Each of these shades is suitable for monochrome or contrast design.

White living room with a window in the floor

Combination with other colors

White perfectly interacts with all the representatives of the color circle, shades of gray and black.

We present the most popular combinations:

  • with black - classicmix. Suitable for a spacious hall, and for a small bathroom. If such a combination seems too fresh, add peppercorn as an additional color. A luxurious red, for example, will ideally fit into a black and white company;
  • with orange or yellow - the brightness of the "sunny" shades depends on the general mood of the room. Blurred tones will add to it elegance, rich - boiling joyous delight;
  • with purple - an excellent option for creative natures. Violet does not let the spark of creativity go on casting new ideas all the time. He unrecognizably changes the white interiors. Everything in them seems mysterious and unusual;

White floor in combination with red finishing materials and interior items White floor in combination with blue shades of finishing materials and interior items White-purple room Light green interior The combination of orange, red and white in the design of the living room Bright floor in the living room

  • with blue - this combination is perceived ambiguously. To some it seems too harsh and strict, others consider it bright and fresh. Everything depends on the specific shades of white and blue;
  • with green - adding green to the interior can cause a surge of turbulent energy or, conversely, immerse the inhabitants in a drowsy state. "Tablet" for vivacity and efficiency will be the color of lime, green grass, light green. For relaxation, shades of olive and other muted tones will suit;
  • with brown - such combinations are the most "delicious" and spectacular. They can be used in any room;
  • with gray - a classic combination, which can be lightly animated by accents of yellow, wine, turquoise.

Blue wallpaper in the interior

In the interior of rooms

White floor perfectly complements the finish of any shades - makes the delicate colors more vivid and neutralizes excessively saturated. His variations will be welcome guests in every corner of the house.

In the living room

Белый пол подчеркнет респектабельность главной комнаты в квартире. На белом полу даже объемная мебель будет выглядеть легче и изящнее. Выбор материала зависит от стилевого решения. В качестве напольного покрытия для классических интерьеров подойдет беленая доска, паркет, ламинат, виниловые панели. Белый оттенок пола дополнит композицию из лепнины на потолке и декоративном камине, белоснежных дверей и плинтусов. Современные помещения еще более стильными сделает наливной пол, керамогранит, плитка. Огни большой люстры, отраженной в глянце напольного покрытия, подарят помещению вдвое больше света и украсят его удивительными бликами. In the living room оформленной в экостиле или на даче предпочтителен пол из выбеленного дерева светлых пород.

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Living room in black and white colors with turquoise interior items Gray sofa in the living room White upholstered furniture in the living room Olive and white in the design of the living room White soft room in the hall with light floors Sofa in front of the TV

In the bedroom

The white color on the floor acts soothingly. Therefore, in the bedroom it will be very useful. It will make the room an ideal place for rest and solitude. The color can be supported by white decoration of walls and furniture. But do not decide the whole room in a monochrome key. Sterile whiteness is associated with the hospital ward. "Color" the interior with pastel textiles and accessories, and the room will turn into a cozy nest.

Light floors in the bedroom Bedroom in white and turquoise colors Bedroom in black and white shades Brick wall in the bedroom design Bedroom with two windows Brown pillows on a white bed

In the kitchen

White flooring in the kitchen should be waterproof. During the preparation and wash dishes, the floor will inevitably be attacked by water and greasy splashes. Such a coating, like tiles, porcelain tiles, linoleum, not only will not get wet from random drops, but will stand under the onslaught of cleaning agents and hard wool. And for the light-colored sex it is more than actual. The shade can be supported by a white apron in the work area or furniture facades. If the kitchen unit has legs, use only a hard cover. On linoleum and vinyl tiles there may be traces that will later turn into cracks.

White floors in the kitchen Light floors in the kitchen White floors in kitchen design Kitchen with white tiles floors Large kitchen with light floors Working surface of metal in the kitchen

Bathroom and a bathroom

In small rooms, the issue of the need for visual expansion of space is particularly acute. That is why so often for the bathroom and toilet is chosen white finish. And sex in this sense is no exception. In these rooms, as nowhere else, the sense of purity and freshness is important. The snow-white floor gives full confidence in the safety of the hygienic procedures. The best choice for a bathroom will be tile or granite. The advantage of the latter is that it does not have a chamfer. Therefore, when it is laid, seams are not formed, which are so difficult to clean. Persistence of ceramic granite to abrasive components is another plus of the material. The disadvantage is the excessive smoothness of the surface. To protect yourself choose a tile with a lowered slip index - matte, relief.

Bathroom with white floors Bathroom with white floors Bathroom with white marble floors Bathroom in blue and white colors White bathroom with window Zoning large bathroom

Do not be afraid to experiment by introducing white floors into the design of premises. This solution will make the decoration of your house vivid and unique.