Mini kitchens as a necessary step to flawless functionality

Functionally organized kitchenette

A completely new level of small space organization will be demonstrated by mini-kitchens that can create a comfortable working area in a few square meters of the square. For the first time such systems were created by Western engineers, now Russian designers willingly develop similar projects.

Functionally organized kitchenette с подсветкой

Each such set is a demonstration of ergonomics and technology, but not minimalism. In addition to the necessary washing, a stove and a refrigerator, there is usually a mass of built-in appliances, and here you can fit a food processor, a toaster, a coffee maker, a microwave oven, and even a bar, a water filter, a complex system for growing fresh greens.

Functionally organized linear mini-kitchen

That is, speech in no case is about simplifying the technical or furniture block. Due to ultramodern "clever" developments, the space is calculated to a millimeter, and due to this, as well as very specific complicated hardware, one array is created, capable of giving its owner maximum comfort.

Functionally organized linear mini-kitchen

Often, these products look very unusual, dynamic or even futuristic, with cosmic grace and visual complexity. In some cases, their appearance is extremely unusual, and only in the operation of various nuances are conspicuous. Such a kitchen can occupy a small section of the wall, a corner or be located in the middle of the room, and have functional details on all 360 degrees of orientation.

Functionally organized kitchenette с барной стойкой

Such solutions are needed in those cases when in a small studio apartment there is no place to house a large food block, and at the same time there are single people living in it, or a young family.

Functionally organized corner kitchenette

This is an excellent option for modern active residents of megacities, but it is useful to everyone to familiarize with them. Suddenly, you will like any technical novelty, implemented in such a project?