Wood wallpapers: types, advantages and disadvantages +50

Wallpaper for a tree in the interior

Now unobtrusive luxury has become fashionable. It is not conspicuous, but it certainly speaks about the status of the owners of the house. To achieve this effect, you do not need to spend a lot of money on repairs, you can get by with a minimum. Even imitation, if done qualitatively, will look stylish and elegant. The boom for natural materials began right after the mad potpourri of the eighties. Two decades after such a shake-up bad taste, which briefly became a canon, it was required that the interiors of the houses began to be decorated with a minimum of furniture and decorative elements, and stone, metal and wood returned to the finishing materials. True plastic still occasionally slips in the decoration of the rooms. Without it, it is already difficult to do, it is enough to recall the modern PVC double-glazed windows, with which no wooden frames are comparable in functionality. The basis of finishing is made of natural materials, because ekostyle keeps the brand. The tree on the walls has always looked rich and colorful, but the available rocks are not so durable, and the rare ones are noticeably higher. In addition, pine and birch have gradually become boring, and after all the soul sometimes demands exotics, which is not so easy to get. If you want to see a tree on your walls, then the wallpaper with its imitation is what you need. Consider this material under different foreshortenings and identify all its shortcomings and advantages.

Among the analogues, such wallpapers benefit from environmental friendliness of plastic imitating wood, and confidently bypass the usual lining on cheapness. In addition, the wood trim can be used in a private house, but it is quite problematic to translate such a project into reality in an apartment. Especially small "boxes" in Khrushchev can not boast of an abundance of free space. Finishing "eats" extra centimeters.

Beams on the ceiling in the bedroom  A table in the form of a chest near the sofa  Skin on the floor near the bed  Armchair against the wall  Flowers on the wall

Features of the application in the interior

Before you go for the purchase of finishing materials, you need to determine the required characteristics. They directly depend on the room in which they will be used. If it is a question of a bedroom or a nursery, it is better to give preference to wallpaper, based on natural, processed wood. Also suitable cork sheets or the simplest paper version. The truth of the latter is not worth gluing in the nursery, because the material has a short service life, but it is easily replaced by another one (in case the walls are painted with a marker). In the kitchen or in the hallway choose a solid wallpaper, which have increased resistance to mechanical damage and withstand high humidity conditions, temperature differences. Preference is given to materials from wood waste with a special laminated coating.

Interior of a bedroom with wallpaper under a tree Pot with flower on the floor  Skunk to the chests  Pictures on the walls of the living room  Lilac sofa on the couch  The deer on the wall


Conditionally, all the wallpaper that imitates a tree can be divided into two groups:

  • On a thin base, most often paper or non-woven fabric;
  • Two-layer, "front" side of which is made of dense materials.

The latter, in turn, do not classify several more types:

  • Veneers;
  • Cork;
  • Panels, tiles and plaques from waste of natural wood;
  • Bamboo.

Each of the types has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Tree branches and wallpaper under the tree at the head of the bed

Wallpaper with an imitation of a tree

Wallpapers with imitation wood are often used to decorate one wall in a room. On this surface, the accent is made, which is supplemented by other elements of ecostyle. The room, completely pasted with such a budget option, looks harmonious only in cases where the wallpaper texture changes and alternates. "Solid" option is suitable for the background design of summer cottages or country houses, which imitate an absolute ecology and preserve the proximity to careless, rustic style. Wallpaper with a pattern for a tree is made of paper or non-woven fabric, as well as multi-layered modern materials. They may be:

  • Acrylic;
  • Vinyl;
  • Fiberglass;
  • Textile.
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Wallpaper with an imitation of a tree в интерьере

To increase strength, the surface is laminated, and such wallpaper is used in rooms with a special microclimate. Textiles repeats not only the pattern, but also the relief of the wood, but the material is whimsical and will require special care. Separately worth noting wallpapers. They can imitate not only the texture of the material, but also depict tightly fitted boards, slats, spills, or various pieces of wood with traces of nails and paint. The last aged version is suitable for premises in vintage and rustic styles.

Lamps on the wall in the dining room Skull over the sofa  Chandeliers over the table  TV on the wall  White chest of drawers in the interior  Rocking chair in the living room

Wallpaper with veneer

Veneer with German translates as "chip". The wood is processed on a special machine, which cuts it into thin sheets of 1-3 mm thick. According to the technology of production, the material is classified into three types:

  • Crushed;
  • Sawed;
  • Sliced.

Wallpaper with veneer в интерьере

Veneer sheets often trim the surface of furniture and floor coverings. In appearance, they are also divided into three types:

NaturalThe most environmentally friendly type. Its colors are limited to shades of brown.
Fan-lineThis veneer is double processed. Shredded sheets of softwood are pressed into blocks, which are then cut into sheets again. With this technology, the finished material has a complex pattern.
Colored VeneerIt is obtained by staining the natural material.

Lamp at the table

The wallpaper consists of two layers: the bottom paper or non-woven, and the top one is a veneer sheet. The finishing material is made, as a rule, from valuable types of wood:

  • Beech;
  • Oak;
  • Wenge;
  • Zebrano.

Wallpapers have high sound and heat insulation properties. They pass moisture, which allows them to be used in combination with artificial materials, thereby reducing the level of negative impact of the latter.

Suspended chandeliers in the bedroom

Cork decoration materials

Cork is a part of the tree bark, occupying second place in ease among solids. The material received its name from the tree of the same name, which has the thickest layer and is rapidly growing. The bark is cut from the cork oak without harm to the tree, after a certain period it is restored. Wallpapers are of two types:

  • Rolling shutters;
  • Leafy.

For both species, the bark is carefully ground into chips, which is then pressed. For sheet wallpaper, the resulting mass is ground from the front and covered with a special lacquer. Often this material is made single-layered. In the roll version, the crushed stopper is applied a thin layer on a paper substrate, and on top, it is sometimes covered with wax. The material is a beautiful sandy shade with dark impregnations. Separately, you can order wallpaper with a complex pattern, original colors or even with an abstract picture that is made up of the texture of the tree. Cork has a high elasticity, which does not affect its strength.

Cork wallpaper in the interior

The paper base of the roll wallpaper can be made of self-adhesive paper. This material is suitable for smooth walls without defects.

Bard chair in the room  Home theater with corner sofa  The palm in the interior  Clock on the kitchen wall  Sideboard in the corner of the room

Bamboo Wallpaper

Бамбук одно из самых быстрорастущих растений на планете. Стебли эффектно смотрятся особенно в интерьере с восточными мотивами. Бамбук активно используют не только для отделки, но и в качестве декора. Живые растения или «деревца счастья» размещают даже в ванных комнатах, так как они любят повышенную влажность. Bamboo Wallpaper классифицируют на два типа:

  • From the inner layers of plant stems;
  • From the outside.

The first stages of processing for both species are the same. First, the stems are dried, and then kept in a room with a special temperature regime and humidity level. After that, the wood (although with respect to the plant it is quite correct to call it that way) is cut into thin strips, which are pasted onto the base of the fabric. Wallpaper from the outer layers, as a rule, have a more colorful picture. They are stronger than the second species and are more resistant to ultraviolet radiation, since this part of the plant is adapted to a constant struggle with environmental conditions. Wallpaper from the inside of the bamboo is smoother, because they are necessarily polished. The color of this material is monophonic, closer to dark shades of brown. Such wallpaper is covered with special substances that prevent burnout.

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Bamboo Wallpaper в интерьере

Bamboo in the interior should not get carried away. Due to the characteristic structure of a large amount of material in the room can "ripple in the eyes." For this reason, wallpaper is recommended to trim either only one wall, or even part of it. Of the deficiencies noted sensitivity to temperature, the material can be weakened and just fall off the fabric backbone. But bamboo wallpaper, provided you use a special coating, you can finish the wall not only inside the house, but also outside. Wood is ecological and has a bactericidal effect: it prevents the reproduction of harmful microorganisms. Unfortunately, the joints of the canvas after gluing will be noticeable to the naked eye and this aesthetic defect can not be corrected. Bamboo will last a long time, it is resistant to mechanical damage and it is easy to clean.

Roller blinds on windows  Spears on the wall  Pictures with lotuses above the chest of drawers  Lamps on the wall at the headboard  Chandelier with candles in the interior of the bedroom

Plates of sawdust and shavings coated with a solid wood

Plates from sawdust and shavings are a material that is produced from industrial waste, but it has all the advantages of wood and is free from its drawbacks. The composition of products includes absolutely safe for human resins and mineral binders. Special treatment, which is subjected to slabs, allows you to forget about rotting and cracking. Material without coating for whole wood is widely used for rough finishing. A special top layer, which provides a beautiful aesthetic appearance, makes the plates more noble. It is made of paper with a characteristic pattern, which is covered with a protective film. Such a decoration does not bend even the rooms, decorated in the elite loft and modern style. In more expensive versions, the slabs over the film are covered with a special composition that imitates the relief. Also, the material is necessarily impregnated with antiseptics and solutions that render it impervious to moisture and fire. For this reason, the coating is used for wall finishing in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Among the shortcomings, a low vapor permeability is noted. The walls will not breathe and the room will have to be ventilated periodically. Such "wallpaper" is made in different formats from small tiles and to large sheets, which can be "in one fell swoop" to finish the walls in a spacious room.

Plates under the tree in the interior

Drawing on paper basis can repeat not only the texture of wood, but also stone, brick and other natural materials.

Interior with white furniture  Backlit bed  Decorative fireplace in the living room  Aquariums in the interior  Bedroom with TV set on the wall

Advantages and disadvantages

Wallpaper for a tree in the interior имеют ряд достоинств, которые ощутимо перевешивают немногочисленные недостатки. Их создают, как правило, стараясь максимально «подогнать» имитацию под оригинал не только внешне. Технология производства обоев допускает использование исключительно натуральных дополнительных компонентов, связующих веществ и растворов для покрытия. Bamboo Wallpaper, к примеру, наклеивают на стену только с использованием органического клея. Пробка, шпон, опилки и стружка обладают хорошей теплоизоляцией. Они специально были доработаны, ради повышенной невосприимчивости к механическим повреждениям и износу. С натуральным деревом придется постоянно беспокоиться о подгнивании, возникновении трещин на иссохшей поверхности, деформации и появлении паразитов, которые будут коварно подъедать и разрушать материал изнутри. Здесь же о всех этих неприятностях можно забыть. В комнатах установится хорошая шумоизоляция, которая заглушит соседей и звуки улицы. Опилки и стружку пропитывают специальными растворами, которые безвредны для людей, но повышают прочность и характеристики материалов. Главным минусом таких обоев может стать только плохая паропроницаемость. Это не относится к бамбуку, но характерно для остальных материалов, поэтому комнаты придется постоянно проветривать, чтобы выгнать застоявшийся воздух. Некоторые к минусам относят и цену. У имитационных материалов самого высокого качества с использованием натурального сырья, стоимость конечно высока, но все равно выигрывает у оригинальной древесины. И наконец с такими обоями легко сделать ремонт своими руками, технология их закрепления на стене не потребует от вас особых навыков.

Interior of the living room in loft style with wallpaper under the tree


Texture обоев под дерево может полностью повторять оригинальный узор или создавать целые сложные абстрактные картины из многочисленных черточек и линий. Вариаций множество: от витиеватых рисунков можжевеловой древесины и до пятнистого тиса. В авторских коллекциях воспроизводят сложные рисунки редких пород: венге, анингерия, бубинго, гонкало, лаурел. Хотя такие обои могут имитировать не только обычную древесину. Их текстура повторяет корабельную обшивку, спилы стволов с годовыми кольцами, доски разных размеров, подогнанные друг под друга. Цветовая гамма не ограничивается оттенками коричневого, хотя для приверженцев экостиля приходится выбирать только из натуральных тонов. Градация наиболее популярных вариантов выглядит следующим образом:

  • Light gold;
  • The color of mahogany;
  • Sepia;
  • Black color of ebony wood with an admixture of gray tones;
  • White birch shade with yellow;
  • Color of sandstone;
  • Honey tinge;
  • Oak dark brown;
  • Caramel;
  • Exotic purple amaranth color.
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Wallpapers for a tree in the office

Wallpaper under the tree gives a unique opportunity to decorate the house by imitating expensive and rare species of wood without significant costs. Although no one has canceled the experiments, and some fans of bold design solutions trim the walls with extreme shades: green, pink, blue, blue.

Lamps on the wall in the living room  Pillows on the floor  White corner with dining table  Closet in the bedroom  Built-in lamps in the living room

In the interior of rooms

In the bedroom "a piece of wood" is placed on the wall, which rests on the head of the bed. As a rule, this side is highlighted with color, light and decor. The wallpaper is also pasted with two stripes, which are combined with other materials of calm colors. The tree here will add extra coziness, and it will become easy and pleasant for the owners to fall asleep. On the wallpaper in the bedroom and the children's room is not worth saving. These are the very premises where a person is most vulnerable to various kinds of toxins and harmful substances that can produce low-quality materials. In the nursery, too, one corner is sufficient, which is convenient to designate the working area. The design of a spacious living room with a fireplace can not do without a piece of naturalness. Particularly suitable for a guest from the north is a Scandinavian style and to imitate a Russian country house with a national flavor. It is convenient with the help of such wallpaper to zonirovat area on the section in the combined premises. In small halls the space can be expanded due to the gray wood pattern of the boards placed horizontally. They will be like pulling out a room and visually making it wider, likewise coming with too low ceilings that correct the decoration of the walls that aspire to the sky.

Interior of the room with wallpaper under the tree

In the bathroom and in the kitchen the microclimate is very similar. In both of these rooms, quiet intervals alternate with "stress" for the interior: temperature changes, rising and lowering of humidity. Wallpaper for the kitchen and the bathroom must be selected special. Their coating should be heavy-duty and withstand the above loads without harming the material and additional wear. The view of the hallway, pasted with wood wallpaper, immediately from the doorway will tell the guests that there are lovers of nature in the house with good taste. For this room, usually choose light shades of brown, because the dimensions of the hallway leave much to be desired, and the natural light here almost does not fall. These colors will cause a sense of extra space, and the walls seem to begin to breathe. The wallpaper under the tree will not be lost in modern, provence and fusion. In the best traditions of modern design, they decorate only one side. In general, in any room "continuous" finishes should be avoided, otherwise it will become indoors in excess. This rule can only be neglected in rooms where the walls actually act as an inconspicuous background, which is mostly covered by interior objects. In other cases, try to combine, if not materials, then at least their colors and texture.

Poster on the wall in the bedroom


Repair using imitation wood wallpaper allows you to do it yourself without recruiting specialists to install a lining or a gusvar block. The main advantage of this material is its versatility: it can easily be combined with artificial and natural surfaces of various textures and colors. In any room, imitation wood will bring additional warmth. And sometimes even a few "bands" are enough for decorative purposes only. From the point of view of psychology, the tree relieves the moral burden and helps a person to relax. Its natural colors and shades contribute to rest and peace. No wonder the most important symbols in different cultures were the tree of life, knowledge, love. This image embodies the person's life in eternity, so a piece of material makes the house so natural and cozy.