Wooden ceiling in the interior +75 photo

Wooden ceiling in the interior

The wooden ceiling in the interior is an actual and stylish solution. The wood is easy to process, which makes it possible to implement any unusual design ideas. The ceiling covering from a tree can be deliberately simple and even rude, and can amaze with its luxury and refinement. Material, taking into account the shape, color and style of specific finishing elements, will be appropriate in both classical and modern and even in a futuristic interior. Therefore, the wooden ceiling today is again at the peak of its popularity. But this is not the only reason for its relevance.

The natural ability of the material to absorb excess moisture and give it back during the dry period ensures the maintenance of an optimal microclimate. No less attractive characteristics of wood is its ability to heat and sound insulation. And due to the long service life, the wooden covering is more advantageous than most known finishes.

Ceiling under the tree in the kitchen

Types of wooden ceilings

The variety of materials for the construction of ceiling coverings from wood is impressive. Let's enumerate the main types of finishing of this category, presented:

Wooden panelsA variety of rack and sheet set elements. Luxurious and strict, for any interiors and financial possibilities.
ClapboardDemocratic and universal material, which is suitable for simple economic buildings - bathhouses, well houses, dowers and for cozy offices, parade or living rooms.
Facing slabsFinishing of simple and reliable materials, presented in different designs.
PlywoodA cost-effective coating that opens up wide possibilities for its use in a wide variety of premises.
Wooden wallpaperCovered with a layer of wood, they retain all of its properties.

Ceiling from the uneven bars in the bedroom Cozy living room design  Spacious living room with wooden ceiling  Kitchen with bright lighting  Beautiful ceiling in the kitchen  Wooden ceiling in the hallway

Wooden panels

The main advantage of the panels is the ease of installation. With this work it is quite possible to cope with your own hands. Individual fragments are attached to the crate by nails or kleimers, or fixed directly to the ceiling with glue. If necessary, the elements of the ceiling are easily removed. It does not need to dismantle the whole cover.

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The form of products is diverse. They are produced in the form of racks, sheets and square fittings. Panels allow you to perfectly disguise wiring. Therefore, all kinds of lighting scenarios are allowed. Also, there is no difficulty in installing in the wooden ceiling absolutely any fixtures.

Laminate on the ceiling in the bedroom Ceiling made of wooden slats  Bars on the ceiling in the kitchen  White wooden ceiling  Wooden ceiling in the bathroom  Backlight on a wooden ceiling

According to the production method, two main groups of wood panels are distinguished. These are the products:

  • from an array of valuable breeds. For manufacturing use wood of an oak, a maple, a beech, an alder. To emphasize the natural beauty of a natural board, the panels are treated with special mastics. They make natural fibers brighter and more distinct, thanks to which the natural texture of the tree is more clearly drawn and becomes more picturesque and spectacular;
  • from several layers connected together. The upper decorative layer is made of valuable species, and the lower ones are made from coniferous trees.

The ceiling is made of wood in the hall Living room in a wooden house  Bright decor of a wooden bedroom  Dark wooden ceiling in the hall  Contrast ceiling in the living room  The ceiling of the slats in the kitchen

Ceilings in the living rooms of elite houses are often decorated with luxurious panels with beautiful embossing and gilded carvings. They are covered with compositions that impart an expressive glossy glow and overflow.


The most common area of ​​application of the material is the decoration of paired, terraces, balconies, country houses. But there is nothing to prevent it from making a ceiling covering in the apartment - if it is required by the designer's idea. Initially, the raw board can be impregnated with the stain of the desired color, painted or simply varnished to preserve the natural pattern of the wood fibers.

White wooden ceiling

There are several categories of vagonki - depending on its quality:

Class "Extra"For their execution, the most expensive wood is selected. The presence of dark spots and knots on the surface of finished products of this category is not allowed.
Class "A"There may be a small number of knots. The surface of the board should be smooth and even without cracks and potholes.
Class "B"The surface is characterized by the presence of knots, small cracks and depressions, which are eliminated by shpatlevaniya in the production process.
Class "C"Finished products with minor defects - chipped depressions, cracks and knots.

Kitchen with a gray wooden ceiling Wide beams on the ceiling  Bedroom with wooden ceiling  Designer ceiling made of wood  Kitchen in gray tones  Plywood ceiling with lighting in the bedroom

To avoid problems with installation, it is very important when choosing a lining to carefully inspect the pile-and-groove joints for integrity.

Facing plates

Products are formed by combining crushed wood with an adhesive component.

Product variants:

ChipboardPlates formed from sawdust and glue composition.
DBPIt differs from the previous species by the presence of plant fibers in the structure.
MDFThe material is made from the smallest sawdust, connected by a lingine.

Wooden ceiling in the attic


Determined with the material for the ceiling coating, it rarely comes to mind to use for this purpose plywood. And completely in vain. With the help of this material, you can create a beautiful, and most importantly unusual and exclusive ceiling.

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Plywood – материал, состоящий из нескольких слоев шпона, каждый из которых накладывается перпендикулярно предыдущему. Вначале изготавливается сердцевина из хвойных пород. В последствии на нее с двух сторон наклеивается шпон из клена, березы или ольхи. Для элитного сорта используют бук.

Bedroom with wooden ceiling Imitation of a wooden ceiling  Wooden beams in the living room  A painted white ceiling in the living room  Wooden Living Room Decor  Ceiling of light wood

The material differs according to the following indices:

  • the number of layers can be different. They produce three, five-layer, as well as multi-layered material;
  • on materials of manufacturing;
  • for moisture resistance - standard, with increased protection against moisture, laminated with a high level of stability;
  • Type of processing - with ground surface and untreated.

Room decor with slats

Unshiftered elements are perfect for a holiday house or outbuilding. If you plan to use plywood for finishing the corridor ceiling in a private house or a living room of a mansion, it is worth giving preference to polished plates of elite class. Bright and unique decoration of the room will be picturesque panels with colorful ornaments.

Ceiling from shelves with illumination

Wooden wallpaper

Help to recreate the house a special atmosphere of natural coziness. There are several types of materials in this category. They are divided into groups depending on the feedstock and the way it is processed.

Varieties of wallpaper with a wooden surface:

  • The panels are made of narrow wooden slats, the thickness of which does not exceed 2 cm. Their cost depends on the value of the wood used;
  • Veneered - a thin layer of natural wood 3 mm thick, pasted on a paper base. Can have a carved and inlaid decorative surface;

Bedroom in the attic

  • Cork - a coating of crushed bark cork is applied to paper. In order to protect the material from odors and chemicals, the top is opened with a thin layer of wax. The wallpaper is produced in the form of slabs and rolls of 10 m. Roll products have no impregnation and can be painted in any color;
  • Materials from thermally treated wood. The technological process provides raw materials with improved qualities - its resistance to fire, mechanical damage, moisture increases. Wallpaper TMD are classified as washable. At their manufacture various breeds of trees are used. For finished products characterized by a marble color.

Ceiling from dark wood Living room in classic style  Luxurious wooden ceiling  Ceiling of wood in the bathroom  Veranda with wooden ceiling  Light ceiling in wood

Rolled materials on a paper or non-woven substrate are a worthy alternative to expensive compositing elements. They are fixed with glue directly to the ceiling. Do not need to build a crate and spend money on additional materials.

The base on which the wallpaper will be glued should be smooth, so if there are large drops and deep cracks on the ceiling, they must be removed with plaster.

Wooden beams on the ceiling Mansard design  Blue wooden ceiling in the room  Veranda with wooden ceiling  High ceilings in the bedroom  Dining room with wooden ceiling

Ceiling quill

The final "chord" for the arrangement of the wooden ceiling is undoubtedly a fillet. This is the name of the ceiling skirting board, which carries several functions at once. He helps:

  • hide irregularities and defects in the places of connection of the main cover with the wall;
  • create an elegant frame. The fillet outlines the outline of the ceiling, placing it in a spectacular frame, like a picture and giving it a completed and expressive look;
  • close the cracks, hide the wiring and peeking elements of the crate.
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White kitchen decor with wooden ceiling Bedroom with a design for a tree  Original design of the living room  Living room with wooden ceiling and chandeliers  Dark wood on the ceiling  Bright decor living room with wooden ceiling

For each interior solution, you can select the appropriate baguettes. For the classics - pompous - gilded, carved, for the modern version - laconic, aged, not catchy.

Falsh beams

Wooden hollow beams give the room a special flavor. They bring the village simplicity and cosiness of a country house into city apartments. Thanks to them, several design tasks can be solved at once:

  • visually "push" the ceiling;
  • "Pull" the room in the direction of the beams;
  • zoning the room;
  • create clearly contrasting lines with the background of the ceiling, in harmony with the plinth, platbands and other elements of the situation;
  • Place in the cavities wiring, fix the fixtures and develop a non-trivial lighting scenario.

Ceiling decoration with wooden beams Reiki on the ceiling  Laminate on the ceiling in the bedroom  Ceiling decoration with beams  Luxurious ceiling in the living room with fireplace  Bright bedroom in a private house

The diverse shape of the hollow beams makes it ideal to mask pipes and cables.

When manufacturing false beams of natural wood with their own hands, it should be noted that during the shrinkage process, the seam connecting individual racks can disperse and become noticeable.

Spacious kitchen with wooden ceiling

Tree colors

Choosing the color of the wooden ceiling should be guided by the overall color scheme of the room. The coating should fit in the interior and look harmonious in it. Finishing in dark shades is appropriate for good lighting in a room with high ceilings. In the reverse situation, it is better to choose light materials that visually push back the overlap, make it airy and unobtrusive.

Ceiling for wood Beams made of wood in the kitchen  Decor of the room with wooden slats  Wooden ceiling in a private house  Decorating the ceiling with wood in the living room  Gray wooden ceiling in the kitchen

Determining the color should be taken into account that when exposed to sunlight, the wooden elements may darken.

LED lighting on a wooden ceiling

Which styles are appropriate?

Wooden decoration for the ceiling is ideal for houses that are made in a rustic spirit, no less relevant to the classics. But it is for country styles, "Hunter's House" and chalets that such ceilings are an integral and indispensable element. In the first two rough, rough textures are welcomed, giving the entire ensemble the most natural appearance.

Stylish decor of the ceiling under the tree

A large number of beams under the roof, is typical for the style of the chalet, which absorbed the features of a rustic Swiss house. But if desired, wooden elements can be harmoniously inscribed in almost every room. Everything depends on the specific materials and imagination of the author of the design.

The ceilings made of wood give an unusual cosiness and originality to any home. In combination with the appropriate decor elements, this coating will look great.