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Different types of curtains in the kitchen

Provence is one of the most interesting styles in the interior, which harmoniously combines natural natural shades, simple decoration items, modern furniture, household items. Such diversity and identity of style appeared not without reason. Provence in the interior of the kitchen and other rooms originated in the south of France, received the same name with the region. This amazing land was famous for its stunning nature, as well as climate, lavender fields, azure coasts, which for years were sung by vagabond musicians. Travelers, as well as writers from mouth to mouth, conveyed admiration for this hospitable region, where completely non-rich people lived with taste and beauty. Despite the poor situation, the interior of the village houses was filled with light and comfort. All objects of kitchen utensils or decorative elements were not only practical, but they were often made with their own hands, why their value increased at times.

White wallpaper with blue patterns in the kitchen

Among the main features of Provence, we can note the following:

  1. White and beige shades of walls, ceiling of the room. The climate of this region is quite hot, with most of the time of the year the sun shines, causing all colors to burn out.
  2. Bright lighting in the kitchen, regardless of the time of day. As a rule, rural houses had large windows. If there is not enough sunlight, additional lighting should be installed.
  3. Selecting furniture to create a style, you need to choose it from a light tree. The body surface can not be lacquered, it must have roughness, as well as artificial chips.
  4. Simple lighting devices, without any glamor or sophistication. In some cases, you can use decorated chandeliers with forged ornaments.
  5. Dried herbarium of flowers, bundles of garlic, onions, fragrant plants, spices - all this is located in the mind and exudes its fragrance.
  6. Kitchenware is not put on cabinets, but is hung on special devices. Clay pots are a real highlight of the village decor.

Green furniture in combination with beige curtains and tiles Wooden cabinet with dishes opposite the table  Yellow walls and white furniture in the kitchen  Soft color palette in the kitchen  Still life on the wall by the table  Unusual chandelier above the table

Color palette

The modern interior of the kitchen in the style of Provence suggests the presence of light pastel tones, which most accurately reflect the atmosphere of rural life amidst clean nature, as well as the bright sun. However, the color palette has its own rules of combinations, which must be taken into account.

  1. Pastel, cream, beige, vanilla colors are the dominant and background colors.
  2. Olive, blue, lilac, green colors are used in light shades.
  3. As a rule, the main color is selected for decoration, and then it is supplemented with other colors in the decorations, furniture, kitchen objects and so on.
  4. In parallel with the shades of natural vegetation, a marine theme is used, where the dominant colors are delicate blue and beige shades.
  5. Very often white color is combined with green shades. This tandem creates not just a soft home comfort, but demonstrates the purity, freshness and not the routine of the room where the whole family gathers at the dinner table.
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Light cuisine in the style of Provence

Attention is important! In the Provence style, as a rule, combinations of two or three colors are used, which are dominant, while the lightest shades are used. More saturated colors can be present in accessories, patterns, furniture. In the entire composition, the basis is natural colors, without bright contrasts and transitions.

Among the beautifully combined basic positions of the color palette, the following can be noted:

  1. Delicate beige and olive. These colors, as a rule, are background, in them paint the walls and ceiling. However, despite their advantage in the environment, kitchen items, utensils can also be olive or beige.
  2. Light blue and sand. This combination is close to the sea theme, where the surface of the sea is visible and the beach is sandy. Here the flight of creative imagination is quite high. Sand color can paint the walls, and lockers, a dining table, curtains on the windows define blue and blue tones.
  3. Pistachio in combination with white color visually increases the space in the room. Many housewives simply dream of cooking, laying a table in a snow-white kitchen, and the presence of a pistachio-colored interior in furniture is complemented by some modern sophistication in the whole atmosphere.
  4. White and sand colors are often used to create a small kitchen design. This kitchen looks elegant, as well as cozy at the same time.
  5. Only white is also used in the style of Provence. However, it is necessary to use kitchen utensils of other colors, textured curtains, decorative elements made of wood. Otherwise, it is possible to visually turn the kitchen into a hospital room.

Chandeliers in the form of antique lamps above the table Light curtains in the kitchen  Soft kitchen interior  Shelves with dishes and a picture on the kitchen wall  Pictures above the chest of drawers  Landscape on the kitchen wall

Than finish walls

The first stage in creating the Provencal style in the interior of the kitchen is the decoration of surfaces, namely the walls. For its finishing, the following materials are used:

  1. Decorative plaster;
  2. Different breeds of light and dark wood;
  3. Brickwork;
  4. Solid logs;
  5. Natural and decorative stone;
  6. Textured fabric;
  7. Ceramic tile;
  8. Liquid and paper wallpaper.

Tiles on the walls of the kitchen

All these materials can be combined with each other, but you need to consider in which room this style is created. If this is an urban apartment, then it is not advisable to use solid logs or masonry for finishing the walls. This interior kitchen is more suitable for a country house. And the apartment will perfectly look liquid wallpaper on the walls, plaster of different colors and any kinds of ceramic tiles. An exception are the various inserts, as well as the scenery on the wall. For example, above the kitchen stove you can lay out a beautiful composition of stone, with the addition of marine elements. For various scenery on the windows often use textured fabric.

Painting on the wall by the table Original chandelier in the dining room  Furniture decorated in the old days in the kitchen  Decorative plates on the wall  Furniture and wall decorated for old boards  Kitchen with brick decor

Finishing the ceiling

The original variant of the Provence style is distinguished by the lack of a ceiling in the kitchen. So this is simply the free space of the attic, where overlap beams are visible. Quite often, such houses were built in the countryside and in this style there is such an option of the interior. It should be noted that in order to create such an original variant, it is necessary to build a house specially for certain drawings. Therefore, in our time, designers simply decorate the ceiling with falshalkami if its height allows it. In a room with a low ceiling, it is better not to conduct such experiments, otherwise it will visually hang over the person, attract attention all the time with its visual weight. For the finishing of the ceiling, the following materials are used:

  1. Tree;
  2. Decorative plaster;
  3. Liquid wallpaper with textured additives;
  4. Pottery mosaic;
  5. Metal.
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To create this style, you can not use modern artificial materials in the surface finish. For example, the stretch ceiling does not reflect the interior of the countryside, as well as plastic panels on the walls. Therefore, there is no need to try to use cheap artificial materials, everything should be natural not only in terms of properties, but in appearance.

Wooden beams on the ceiling Oven in the kitchen  Panel on the ceiling  Kitchen opposite the living room  White table with wooden cover  Chandelier with candles above the table

Materials for finishing the floor

Most often, wood or stone is used for finishing the floor. At the same time, modern technologies allow the use of matt tiles, marble, linoleum, carpet or stone savage. It should be noted that the floor paved with stone or ceramic tiles with the characteristic properties of the stone is more suitable for a private country house. In a city apartment such material will not be appropriate, and it is quite difficult to carry out this work in an apartment. For a small kitchen, wooden parquet with a characteristic pattern of all light colors, linoleum with a textured pattern of wood or a small ceramic tile is perfect. However, getting a tile for finishing the floor does not need to choose a material with a glossy surface. It should be roughened, completely matte. Otherwise, the shiny floors in the kitchen will block the French rustic interior of furniture and accessories. It will not be possible to display the original atmosphere of simplicity, warmth, comfort at home.

Wooden floor in the kitchen Round window above the plate  Blue furniture in combination with white walls  Original chandeliers above the table  Tile in gray-white square on kitchen floor  Wall with shelves near the table

Kitchen furniture

The task of furniture of this style is to create a rural atmosphere, recreate the past, simplicity and coziness in the house. Some connoisseurs can buy real antiques - antique furniture with hands at auction. However, it will be very expensive, so it is better to buy a modern version for antiquity, which is made for special projects.

Blue furniture and brown countertop

All Provence style furniture has certain basic characteristics:

  1. Tables, cupboards, chairs and other pieces of furniture are made only from natural wood.
  2. The hue should be predominantly light wood, except for some small elements.
  3. It is very actual to use painted wooden furniture, it most accurately reflects the interior of the rural man in the street.
  4. The presence of a large number of shelves and open boxes in the cabinets. Chairs with high backs.
  5. Absence of hidden and complex mechanisms inside the furniture. No transformers and hidden drawers. Everything should be simple, transparent.
  6. Fittings for furniture are also made of wood or matte materials like copper.
  7. The color of the kitchen unit is monophonic, bright contrasts, transitions are not welcome.
  8. Modern furniture, made for rural antiquity, is quite actual. It can be artificially depicted cracks, fraying, peeling paint, various chips.

Chic kitchen furniture Furniture with patterns in the kitchen  The original chandelier above the table  Kitchen with white and green furniture  Gray furniture in combination with a zone of natural wood  Blue furniture in the kitchen

Application of textiles in the interior

The variety of textiles of this old style can not leave indifferent true lovers of beauty. The main feature of curtains, curtains, tablecloths is a patterned ornament and all sorts of ruffles, buffets, drapery. Even on chairs can be decorated with drapery. Transparent and colorful curtains can be everywhere - on windows, cabinets, bedside tables. Especially on the furniture where there are no doors. There is always a tablecloth with patterns on the table, napkins are carefully placed in the cups, and small towels hang on the hooks. The use of textile materials also has its main features:

  1. In the design of textiles, mainly natural fabrics are used - cotton, linen, chintz. It is allowed to design fabrics with mixed artificial fibers.
  2. Shades of fabrics should be combined with the background color of the kitchen or with furniture. For example, chair covers with their color.
  3. Not a clearly expressed figure. These can be strips, floral ornament or wave lines.
  4. All small elements of kitchen decor are placed in a conspicuous place. Typically, these are small towels, potholders, napkins and much more.
  5. For curtains on furniture use thick fabrics.

Pictures above the chest of drawers Chairs and curtains of the same design  White and blue kitchen interior  Bright kitchen interior  Round mirror on the wall opposite the table  A tree in a pot at the table

Correct lighting in the interior

For the south of France is characterized by a warm climate, where the bright sun shines from morning until evening. That is why the village houses are so bright, because the sun did not leave a place for flowers, they were all burned by daylight penetrating through large windows. The lighting of the Provence style should be as bright as possible, so that the furnishings and rustic coziness are fully displayed. To do this, use a large chandelier on the suspensions in the center of the room, as well as various lamps on the walls. Lighting is applied in predominantly yellow or white colors to make the furnishings look warm. It is quite actual with this style to use completely different fixtures in format. This suggests that often women in the countryside acquire items quite accidentally or at a good price, so in the interior of the kitchen can be completely different elements of decor and utensils. Also, as lighting, you can use candles on forged candlesticks, which was very often encountered in the setting of this style.

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Chandeliers of different shapes in the kitchen The buffalo's head in the interior of the kitchen  Original chandeliers above the table  Kitchen with original interior  Room with kitchen and dining areas  Fruit on the table

Elements of decor

The modern Provence kitchen interior implies the presence of a large number of decor elements. At first glance, you might think that all items are simply collected in one room and arranged in places. However, each detail not only has its place, but has a certain meaning for the owner of the house:

  1. Wooden figures in the form of chickens and males are popular elements of the decor of Provence;
  2. Bundles of bunches of onions, garlic, as well as fragrant herbs are not only the decor, but also a wonderful fragrant therapy for the inhabitants of the house;
  3. Clay pots and painted dishes;
  4. Herbarium in vases from natural dried flowers;
  5. Candlesticks and cup holders;
  6. Small cushions with floral ornament;
  7. Packets with spices and aromatic seasonings;
  8. Pictures with a picture of a natural landscape;
  9. Wicker baskets for bread, jars for cereals or seasonings;
  10. Figures depicting birds and animals.

Armchair with a table near the dresser Pictures on the walls of the kitchen  Shelf and clock above the table  Chandelier in the form of an old lantern  Shelf with clock and flowers in the kitchen  Tableware on a chandelier above the table

Tableware and household items

The design of the kitchen Provence means the practical placement of kitchen accessories, as well as utensils in the public domain for use. As a rule, for cooking in a certain part of the room is a separate table top, on which the dough, meat and other raw materials are cut. All the necessary accessories are hung over the desk. On the special holder are hanging jugs, cups, pots with handles, frying pans, various buckets. In the cabinets there is a dish made of clay and porcelain, while it is not closed with doors, but can be simply hung curtains with ruffles. Objects of kitchen ware often differ from each other in appearance and texture. For example, dinner plates can be made of porcelain, but of different shapes and sizes. Wooden spoons are added to them. Color shades are also different, but there are no bright contrasts. All dishes have a natural origin, a natural color. Most often kitchen utensils are made of porcelain, wood, metal or clay. Pitchers or vases with chips are not thrown away, but used as decorations with flowers on windows or cabinets.

Cupboard Crockery with patterns  Cupboard with pink dishes  Jug and dishes with the same pattern  Crockery with animals in the chest of drawers  Colorful dishes in the closet

Main elements

If the city apartment has a small kitchen, and you want to recreate the original style of Provence as much as possible, you must first locate the main elements of this style.

  1. To begin with, the working area in the kitchen is determined. It is here that the table top should be placed in wood or with stone decorations.
  2. Above the tabletop, a free space is formed, where most of the kitchen items and dishes are placed on the suspensions.
  3. The dining table is located at the window or near the wall with lockers.
  4. Space above the slab is laid out of stone or tiles with similar characteristics.
  5. Plumbing should not be chrome and shiny. It is best to use options from brass.
  6. Elements of decor размещаются в последнюю очередь. При экономии пространства лучше выбирать практичные и тематические вещицы, которые будут не просто пылиться, а пригодятся в быту.

Thus, you can not only save space in the kitchen, but also maximally lively, original to convey the atmosphere and spirit of the French interior.