Anteroom in a classic style

Design of the hallway in the classical style

The very first premise, where the hosts fall, the guests of the house, is the hall. Here they take off, store their outer clothing, shoes, brush their hair, apply makeup before going out. The original design of the hallway in the classical style has always been popular - it is "timeless", despite the abundance of modern solutions. This direction is very diverse - from the very ancient antiquity to the "Soviet" low-key interior of the mid-twentieth century.

When designing the hall, you need to consider:

  • there is everything you need - a hanger, a mirror, a shelf for shoes, etc .;
  • functionality - ease of tearing-undressing;
  • The room usually does not have windows, therefore it is important to think over the options for artificial lighting;
  • it should not be excessively cluttered;
  • in the autumn-winter period it is useful to use decorative mud-retaining mats;
  • Corridor equip in the same style as the rest of the apartment.

Interior of the hallway in the classical style

In the presence of windows, they are draped with spectacular curtains, tapestries, which must certainly look expensive, made from natural fabrics. In parallel with them, transparent curtains of organza are used.

Mirrors over tables  Arch in the interior  Photo within the framework on the wall  Vase on the table  Armchair in the hallway

Features of the design of the hallway in the classical style

The classical design direction of the dress means bright, pastel colors. Bright accents are available in a small amount on draperies, in the decoration of furniture, paintings on the walls. All colors are preferable warm. Symmetry is another important feature of the style. If possible, it should be adhered to as much as possible: ornaments, architectural elements, decorative sculptures, furniture to place symmetrically.

Decoration of the hallway in the classical style

Modern technologies have spawned the neoclassic style - elements of antiquity in it are combined with geometric forms, clear silhouettes, stucco - with modern materials of decoration, paintings in gilded frames - with mother-of-pearl inlay.

Wreath at the door  Multilevel ceiling in the interior  Picture over comodom  Lamp above the mirror  Vase with flowers in the corner

Materials and methods of finishing

Finishing materials are preferable natural or qualitative imitation of them - natural wood, veneer, light marble, white wallpaper with complex texture, ornaments from artificial stone in several places. If the room is spacious enough, it can be zoned using different colors and textures of walls, floor, ceiling. Zoning is carried out with the maximum observance of the rules of symmetry. In a two-level apartment from the hall to the second floor leads a wooden staircase with carved rails, often it is carpeted. Under the stairs is a wardrobe or an entire wardrobe, separated from the hallway by a mirror, a screen.

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Wallpaper on the walls of the hallway in the classical style Umbrella on the hanger  The cage on the chests  Lepnina na podolke  Painting over the sofa  Patterns on the floor


Floorы сочетают по цвету со стенами, потолком. Паркет «елочкой» или рядами, хорошо обработанная половая доска, мозаика из различных пород древесины, мрамор, гранит – лучшие решения для роскошной классики. Такие покрытия дороги по цене, но очень долговечны. Для более дешевых вариантов используют ламинат, преимущественно светлый – белый, желтый, розово-охристый, бледно-коричневый. Напольная плитка укладывается «шахматкой» или в виде различных узоров с центральной, зеркальной симметрией. На полу зачастую располагаются скульптуры «под античность», каменные вазы, дорожки, ковры с цветочными узорами. Наличие подиумов здесь весьма приветствуется.

Light floor in the hallway in the classical style Mirror wardrobe in the interior  An ottoman in the hallway  Skirting on the ceiling  Chandelier with candles in the interior  Mirror tiles on the wall


Materials for the design of vertical surfaces are used differently - paint, wallpaper, MDF wall panels. In "expensive" interiors use natural wood, varnished, inlaid from veneer, upholstery of walls with luxurious fabrics with fine patterns, natural stone. The obligatory element is a mirror, often framed by carving, gypsum or polyurethane pilasters. If space allows, a fireplace is created on one of the walls - it can be a shelf located in the center of the hallway, from below with a decorative stone the image of the hearth with a bowl is laid out, a carved or brick false fireplace is mounted. Also, it can be in a niche, creating a unique cozy atmosphere.

Light walls in the hallway in the classical style Tables on the sides of the sofa  Drawings of birds on the wall  Banquet in the corner  Floor chandeliers in the interior  Vase on the table


Ceilings in the classical hallway are decorated with plaster moldings, including gilded, its plastic imitation, volumetric skirting boards, ceiling tiles. All elements on this plane must be symmetrical. In a long corridor, two or three or more identical luminaires hang at equal distances from each other along the middle line of the ceiling. Good looking multi-level suspended ceilings, strictly white, almond, beige shades. If the chandelier in the room is one, its base is decorated with a volumetric rosette of stucco molding, imitation of polyurethane. A lot of spotlights are made out of smaller rosettes.

Anteroom in a classical style with a multi-level ceiling Table near the wall  Wooden cabinet in the interior  Panels on the walls  Patterns on the doors  Lamp above the table

Color Solutions

The interior of classicism is decorated mainly with light, warm tones. Textile materials are present in the hall as floor carpets, paths, curtains, small nap cloth covers on the furniture for sitting. They are preferable to take a couple of tones darker than the walls, the floor. Intricate floral ornaments, fantasy patterns will add to the design of nobility. Green color is present exclusively in the form of "living" plants in vases or their imitation from tissue, polymers. The red-brown classic interior is replete with wooden lacquered details. Gilding, bronzing, decorative "aging" of objects is used quite often. Suitable in this style are dark blue, deep green, chestnut, slate, coffee, gray-coal color.

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Interior of the living room in classic style in light colors  Golden wallpaper on the walls  Watch on the wall by the door  Chest of drawers in the hallway  Columns in the interior

Furnishing is preferred white, beige, dark chocolate. Dark objects contrast with the light walls, floors made of natural wood, stone. Mosaic patterns on the floor can also be contrasting - black and red squares on a white background, golden-orange curls on a dark brown.

Ceramic tiles on the floor

Sharp contrasts in interiors such as "classic" should be almost not - the room is made in quiet, discreet tones, with the observance of a unified system.

Stained-glass windows on the ceiling  Lamps above the picture  Mirror on the floor  Cabinet with a hanger in the interior  The combination of white doors and blue walls


The front lighting is of great importance. Light should be enough to easily dress, get dressed, tidy up your hair, if necessary, apply makeup. The amount of light doubles in the presence of a large wall mirror, in which the light sources are reflected. The make-up mirror with LED light bulbs along the contour looks original and modern - its shape, design, should be selected especially carefully, otherwise this element will be completely "beat out" of the general style.

Lighting прихожей в классическом стиле

The volumetric crystal chandelier will become an expensive "highlight" of a large square room. The main thing is to fix it strictly in the center. Additional lighting is located on the perimeter of the ceiling of the hall - it looks especially good if it is multi-level. In the presence of a sconce, stylized for candelabra with candles, it should also correspond to the general style.

Any kind of floor light for a classic hallway is not recommended.

Flower on the floor in the corner  Angel on the chests  Table with lamp in the corner  A banquet at the mirror  Hanger above the chest of drawers

Selection and arrangement of furniture

Pile the corridor with furniture, especially if it is narrow, small, not worth it - there should be only the most necessary. If elderly people live in the apartment, then little children are placed in the hallway, a sofa, a chair, a puff - to wear, to remove street footwear for these categories of the population standing is problematic.

Of the furnishings you need:

  • dressing room for clothes, shoes - it is sometimes replaced with an open coat rack;
  • shelves of different configurations;
  • mirror - preferably in full growth, with a highlight directly above it;
  • chest of drawers, bedside table for storing small items;
  • a compact sofa, an armchair or several chairs.

Furniture in the hallway in the classical style  Illumination above the mirror  Lamps on pedestals  Different types of wallpaper in the interior  Decorative plates on the wall

Furniture is selected by natural colors, it often has curly legs. The ideal material is an array of pine, cherry, maple, ash, oak, walnut, red, ebony. Soft parts are made of leather, its substitutes, patterned fabrics, mainly natural shades, velvet, velor. This decoration looks very representative. A pair of light chairs, woven from rattan, emphasize the naturalness, reviving the strict interior, bringing the ethnic element.

Orchids on the bedside tables

Many manufacturers sell furniture for the parade immediately sets. In this set includes a long high cabinet, where they hang up outer clothing, put on shoes. There are also a lot of boxes, shelves for different things - gloves, umbrellas, hats. The mirror can be located on the inside, outside surface of the cabinet door. A soft corner is built in or placed separately.

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Floorосатые обои в прихожей  Stands with vases on the floor at the door  A table and a sofa in the hallway  Linoleum on the floor  Beige color in the interior

Decorative details

Original decorative accessories are also given attention. Fretwork, columns, curly door handles, "bronze" switches, leather upholstery of the door create a special atmosphere of the nostalgic past. Pictures, photographs on the walls in the classical interior are not welcome, but if they are, they should be the same in size, placed strictly symmetrically. Most often these are reproductions of masterpieces by famous artists.

Decor in the hallway in the classical style

Carved elements of furniture, facing the walls, ceiling, give the room a complete look. Wooden, clay, bone, bronze, porcelain figurines "under antiques" on the shelves emphasize the classic style. Openwork carving can be decorated with a partition separating the hallway from the living room. Decorative hooks, which hang an umbrella, key, hat and other must match the style of the hall. Matte white or dark glass in the interior doors perfectly matches with frosted plafonds on chandeliers, sconces.

Lamps at the arch  Chest of drawers opposite the cabinet  White furniture in the interior  Photo on the table  Decorative plaster on the walls

Small hallway in classical style

A close vestibule is also capable of being beautiful, stylish, unique, although the classic in this front looks very modest. To a small room seemed as spacious as possible, it is decorated in light colors, decorating one or two vertical surfaces with large mirrors. The abundance of glass, light, a minimum of extra items will help visually expand the corridor.

The depth of cabinets here is preferable not more than 40-45 cm, they can have sliding mirror doors, if the chosen direction is neoclassicism. Upholstered furniture should also be small, necessarily selected in one manner. The small front is designed to be easy to clean so that dirt from the street does not run into the apartment. The floor covering is better to choose light, and from the stucco on the ceiling, walls should be discarded altogether.

Small hallway in classical style

This version of classicism, like Baroque, for a small area is not suitable - it is always executed with a "royal" scale, having a huge amount of voluminous decor. Use the same baroque elements is not forbidden - a mirror with a florid pattern on the gilt frame, a velvet-covered banquet, a small crystal chandelier. From the Empire style you can borrow a floor carpet with fringe, and rococo is used in cases where it is impossible to observe symmetry.

White cabinet in the interior  Boxes under the hanger  Seat with shelves for shoes  The combination of gray walls and white doors  Hanger above the banquet


The traditional style of decorating the corridor and other rooms of the modern apartment will remain relevant for many more years. The space of design fantasy here is huge. Modest decoration in light colors is perfect for a small hallway, more scale, expensive, variegated - spacious. The project of original design can be developed by everyone, making repairs by one's own hands. If this is problematic, specialists will come to the aid who will not only represent the premises in the "three de", but also will select suitable materials, furnishings, decorative components, in accordance with the wishes of the customer and the available budget.