Doors for the dressing room: 30 photos and description of

Having appreciated the true convenience of having a special niche for saving things, many people are thinking about choosing the doors for the dressing room so that they not only fulfill their direct purpose, separating this space, but they could also decorate and complement the design of the room. In fact, there are quite a lot of such doors, as, in fact, materials for their manufacture. Each model is good in its own way. In this article, we will look in detail at what kind of doors there are for the dressing room (photos in this will help the best). We will also mention the subtleties of various designs and materials, as well as their positive aspects and possible shortcomings.

Sliding doors for the dressing room: a variety of types and materials

Sliding doors for a dressing room are quite common. Such a seemingly uncomplicated design can save a lot of space. Owners of private houses with this issue are less likely to encounter, since the area allows not to think about the value of free centimeters, and for those who live in small apartments still dating from Soviet times, the issue of saving space is important enough. Doors for a wardrobe with a sliding mechanism allow you to not think about the possible discomfort when moving with open doors. The very concept of sliding doors is quite generalized and includes a variety of mechanisms for the specific operation of which distinguish such models as door-coupe, folding, louvered, recoiling, and techno-construction. Let's talk about them in more detail.

doors for a wardrobedoors for a wardrobedoors for a wardrobe комнатызеркальные раздвижные doors for a wardrobeраздвижные doors for a wardrobe

Doors-compartments for the dressing room

This model is the most popular and is found in many modern interiors. There are one or more guides (on the ceiling and floor surfaces) with roller mechanisms connected to the doors. Rollers allow the doors to move freely in parallel to each other. Such doors in the dressing room are perfect for a small entrance width. They are also able to harmoniously integrate into the interior of any room, thanks to the presence of a wide variety of decorative elements used in such designs and a wide color palette. In modern design, the doors are often equipped with mirrors, which has its advantages. Mirror doors-compartments for the dressing room are not only able to make a "twist" in the style of the room, but also visually significantly expand it.

зеркальные doors for a wardrobemirrored door coupe for the dressing room

And, of course, the presence of mirrors in the dressing room is an indisputable convenience. Trying out this or that outfit, there is no need to move from one room to another. It is worth noting that at the present time, when creating mirror doors, shockproof glass is used, so fears of accidentally breaking the structure are in vain. Also in the form of "stuffing" doors can be used laminated chipboard panels in various colors, plastic, glass and veneered MDF, and the profile (frame) is constructed from aluminum.

door coupe for dressing roomdoor coupe for dressing room фотоdoor coupe for dressing room фото

Folding door for dressing room

In this design, only the upper guides are provided, which are fixed to the ceiling surface or to the wall above the opening. On them is located the whole mechanism with rollers, and the folds of the doors are equipped with door hinges. This type of folding doors for the wardrobe can keep the floor covering intact, since its design does not concern. Another advantage is a less noise effect when moving the leaflets.

Among the folding models there are two types - "door-book" and "door accordion". The main difference is in the number of cloths (slats). If the "book" is characterized by the presence of two, in rare cases, four paintings, then in the "accordion" they can be up to ten. The material for lamellas can be wood, MDF or chipboard. Often, folding structures are equipped with mirrors and glass inserts, as well as stained glass.

door accordion for the dressing roomfolding door for dressing roomfolding door for dressing roomfolding door for dressing room

Blinds for the dressing room

С механизмом работы жалюзи наверняка знаком каждый. Он применяется на протяжении десятилетий благодаря своей прочности и длительным сроком эксплуатации. Blinds for the dressing room, изготовленные из дерева, имеют небольшие миллиметровые отверстия, которые обеспечивают проветривание, предотвращают скопление влаги и затхлости воздуха в помещении.

This model fits well into the interior of the room, decorated in the style of Provence and for the dressing room in a small room. The palette of colors offered by the manufacturer is very diverse, and materials for this design, in addition to wood, can serve as bamboo, metal, plastic, etc. When installing such doors for the dressing room, you should pay attention to the smoothness of the openable flaps, then not to face the problem of their creaking .

жалюзийные doors for a wardrobeжалюзийные doors for a wardrobeжалюзийные doors for a wardrobe

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Recoiling (radius) designs: photos of different shapes

This uncomplicated design has its own peculiarity - the doors can move not only along a straight line, but also along a trajectory having a bend. Such doors for the dressing room, as seen in the photo, occupy sufficient space, so they are installed, mainly in spacious rooms. But, if curved lines require a design, they can be mounted in small rooms.

The secret of moving the doors along the curve is the presence of special rollers that can move both along and around their axis. This mechanism is not very simple, so the installation of doors should be handled by specialists.

For the construction, materials such as aluminum (frame) are used, which, in fact, makes it possible to make radial doors of any shape, as well as wood, metal, glass or plastic, and their combinations for doors. Buying ready radial doors for a dressing room is rather risky, they are mostly made to order with precise measurements and calculations of the level of bending or convexity.

door accordion for the dressing roomdoors for a wardrobeоткатные радиусные doors for a wardrobe


There is one more variety of sliding systems - techno-constructions. They are, in fact, the same door-compartment. The difference is that all the fixings are only in the ceiling part - the lower rails are missing, which excludes the possibility of tripping or stepping on the mount (especially important for families where there are children). The original techno-doors for the dressing room (in the photo you can see their design) have a relatively low cost with a high level of strength and comfort.

Having considered various models of sliding systems with their positive properties, I would like to say a little about the shortcomings that are also present. First of all, this is the presence of cracks, which do not ensure absolute isolation of the premises from extraneous odors (although this can be their advantage, since there is a constant airing of the room). Sliding doors for the dressing room are somewhat noisy - in the process of opening the leaflets there is a characteristic rustle. Do not be silent about the fact that such systems have a fairly high cost.

door accordion for the dressing roomdoors for a wardrobeTechno designs for the dressing room

Swing doors: classic version

Swing doors for the dressing room are made in different interpretations, namely: shield (lined solid panel); Frame, decorated with tinted windows and various inserts, including the original stained-glass windows; combined - shield sheet with decorated inserts and using elements such as sheathing and tying; an array of natural wood (oak, cherry, etc.) and, finally, glass structures that are not practical, but are in demand in certain design projects. Swing doors for the dressing room are one- or two-leaved. For a narrow small room it is better to choose a model with one leaf, and for a spacious room - with two.

The swing door system is a classic that has existed for centuries and does not go out of fashion. Doors for a wardrobe of similar design have a great advantage in the silent and reliable operation of machinery, as well as the durability of the structure. The main drawback is the mandatory availability of free space for unhindered opening of the doors.

door accordion for the dressing roomdoors for a wardrobedoors for a wardrobe комнатыраспашные doors for a wardrobe комнаты

Roto-doors for the dressing room: photos of original and practical models

This design is fundamentally different from all previous models. It has high strength and durability of the design. Thanks to a simple mechanism, the door can rotate around its axis, opening in different directions. Of course, the originality of its performance will not leave indifferent fans of non-standard solutions. This model is used in decorating rooms in modern styles, such as loft, high-tech, fusion and others, and it will be completely inappropriate in the classical style. But it must be taken into account that the roto-door for the dressing room has a significant drawback - it requires a sufficient space around itself, both inside the dressing room and on the outside for a free turn.

doors for a wardrobedoors for a wardrobe комнатырото doors for a wardrobe

In conclusion, I would like to note that the doors for the dressing room have long ceased to be just a convenient part of the design that closes the storage for things from prying eyes. These days they become elements of the interior, which can be diversely decorated, focusing on the chosen style of the interior. Even the smallest ornament can make the ordinary doors for the dressing room unique and effective.