The bright expressiveness of the "red nest" - a stunning

Interior of the apartment-transformer

This time we have expressive work for the transformer room. Great idea for a small room. A bright red-orange color will emphasize the individuality of the owner or mistress. The motto would be to take the phrase "Impossible is possible!", Especially when it comes to uniting the areas of sleep, work and self-care.

Movable wall, serving as a shelf for books, if desired, the owner can open or hide his sleeper.

The bed itself is located quite high from the floor, but it has the advantage of large drawers - an excellent solution for storing clothes or bed linen.

Mobile wall with shelves

The contrasting combination of bright colors with white balances each other, highlighting what can be shown, and hiding a fairly intimate rest area. Furnishing with a glossy surface gives the atmosphere a special taste.

Movable wall opening the sleeper Wall transformer Mobile wall-transformer Expanded bed-transformer

It is worth paying special attention to the modern interior of the bathroom adjacent to the bedroom: pacifying dark gray matt colors are particularly calm and noble.

Bathroom Interior Design Bathroom Interior Design Layout of the apartment