Bedroom design with dressing room- embodiments

Bedroom design with wardrobe

A special room for storing clothes, an innovation of modern house-building, regulates the life of a person, making it much easier to clean. When designing a bedroom design with a dressing room, professionals rely on practicality and simplicity. The advantages of the arrangement of this room are obvious - from the bedroom the three-dimensional wardrobes are removed, the suits are freely hung and carefully stored. And although this part of the house is considered secondary, it is used constantly. It's there in the evening you take off the dress in front of the shower and sleep. In the morning everything happens the other way around - water procedures, wardrobe, and you are completely ready to meet a new day.

Separate dressing room make an area of ​​more than 6 square meters. m. Closed option is possible when from the night rest area the falsh panel fences off the corner, wall, niche or alcove. With a careful calculation, even the corner room will be quite roomy. If it is not possible to install a full door, use curtains, Japanese curtains sliding in the same plane, a compartment door decorated with a mirror, a picture or a stained glass window. The project is interesting when part of the room is separated by a partition to the ceiling, a bed adjoins it with a headboard, and there are passageways to the compartment for things at the sides.

Open cloakroom in the bedroom

The interior of the bedroom with a wardrobe is optimal when designing a Scandinavian interior design, or small bedrooms with a minimum of furniture. Along the wall there are racks, they are mounted with bars, open shelves. Such a construction takes up little space, but it does the job well. It can be beaten as a gallery exhibit, theatrical stage, i.e. to focus on the demonstration of content. This technique is acceptable if you are able to maintain an ideal order, when clothes are hung in categories, sets, colors. In this case, the open area will be an ornament of the interior, and separately hanging designer backpack, umbrella-cane or hat - an art object, a strong decorating accent. Plus this version - airing things, minus - they are more dust settles.

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Cloakroom behind curtain in the bedroom

Any wardrobe is a utilitarian room, its function is the storage of things. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure sufficient air circulation, in order to avoid dampness, a stale odor.

Especially actual ventilation when designing a closet near the bathroom, tk. The constant penetration of moist, warm air currents can ruin articles made of wool and fur.

Wardrobe in the bedroom with separate entrance


We will take an interest, what place inside? Developing the project, designers tie shelves, cabinets, chests of drawers, hung with lifting mechanisms (elevators), net baskets, retractable boxes with boxes, where small items are stored, adjustable brackets, special shoe holders. In the manufacture of these elements, light metal, natural wood, wood board materials and even plastic are used.

Large wardrobe in the bedroom

The design for storage, the location of its components are calculated not only from the point of view of beauty, but taking into account ergonomic norms, in terms of parameters, the most convenient average person. With a high or small growth, these figures can be changed, the data are given in centimeters.

Wardrobe room in the bedroom separated by a curtain

  • The height of the brackets of long things (coats, dresses, raincoats) - 175-180
  • Height of brackets for short things (shirts, skirts) 100-130
  • The width of the shoe racks is 80-100, the depth is according to the size of the foot
  • Distance between shelves - at least 30
  • Baskets for bed linen 50-60
  • Depth of shelves for knitwear - 40
  • Depth of cabinets for outdoor clothing - 60
  • Drawers (storage of belts, ties, neck scarves) - 10-12
  • Drawers (storage of underwear) - 20-25

The entrance to the dressing room merges with the wall in the bedroom

The main rules for creating a dressing room: a) it is convenient to go from the bedroom b) the incoming is provided with a good overview. Therefore, place on the main side (right or left) of things that you wear more often, and seasonal, rarely used away.

Cloakroom behind the glass in the bedroom

Several tricks that make the dressing room more convenient

Storage storage, first of all, should be practical, not requiring special efforts at cleaning. But it is better to realize it as an attractive, cozy room, in which one wants to be. When designing a design project, try adding additional elements:

  1. To get objects from the upper shelves of the far compartment, a ladder is useful, then this process will take only a few seconds.
  2. Top of the walls give under the exhibition bags, especially if the mistress of the house - a lover to buy a new handbag for each dress.
  3. A large dressing room, where there is natural light, is quite rare, there will be a toilet table and a chair to comfortably choose the outfit appropriate for the occasion.

Inside, or opposite the door, it is desirable to provide a large mirror in order to assess the appearance before going out.

Built-in wardrobe in the wall

  1. Between the cabinets, arrange a bench, attaching a shoehorn next to it. To change shoes in front shoes is preferable to sitting, jumping on one leg is dangerous for health.
  2. Think over the surface, where, undressing, you can leave little things (keys, scarf, jewelry).
  3. To make the air light, and clothes unobtrusively fragrant, place on the shelves, in covers with outer clothing a few aromatic sachets. Verbena, lavender, citrus will fill the atmosphere with a pleasant smell, and, in addition, will play the role of anti-moth agents.
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